Farflung - A Wound In Eternity

οτι κ να πω αμα δεν το ακουσετε…8O

hawkwind meets floyd meets monster magnet meets γαμα τα

αμα δε με πιστευετε διαβαστε κ αυτο εδω


απο το dopes to infinity ειχε να με καψει δισκος ετσι.επος.

αυτοί είναι πολύ ωραίοι, έχω ακούσει καποια σκόρπια κομματια τους.

η λέξη κλειδί είναι Ηawkwind:!:

ταξιδιάρικο το άκουσμα, το χω περασμένο στο mp3 εδώ και κάμποσες μέρες και το χρησιμοποιώ σαν ηρεμιστικό όταν είμαι στο τρένο κυρίως :stuck_out_tongue:

ο γνωστός, υπερβολικός awake :lol:. 15 χρονάκια είχε να σε κάψει δίσκος έτσι? :stuck_out_tongue:

εννοω στο συγκεκριμενο ειδος (space monster magnet like)

αλλα ειμαι κ λιγο υπερβολικος οπως συνηθως αφου με ξερεις :stuck_out_tongue:

δε θα πω τίποτα, το εξώφυλλο μιλάει απο μόνο του

bump στη καμμενη εξβγηινη δισκαρα

Farflung - A Wound In Eternity (Meteor City Records)

By: Zach Browne

When a band?s CD cover art appears to be a representation of Mars being zapped by whatever came out of the Emperor?s fingers in The Return of the Jedi, the listener should know that he?s about to take a trip, and he?d better pack an open mind.

Farflung is a band that proudly brandishes its affection for space-rock pioneers Hawkwind as well as modern-day space freaks, Monster Magnet. The former is found in its lyrics and song titles, for example, ?Silver Shrooms,? and the latter is heard in the numerous chugging riffs all over the album. One example is the opener, ?Unborn Planet.? A track that fades in quietly and over a period of over five minutes picks up steam like a train going up a hill, slowly and steadily. In fact, just about all of A Wound in Eternity?s eight tracks are on the longer side of the spectrum.

A Wound in Eternity?s is full of dynamic tempo changes as well as a very well-utilized synthesizer by Tommy Grenas, who doubles as Farflung?s lead vocalist. I am not a particularly big fan of the use in synthesizers in metal, but Grenas uses it almost exclusively as a method to add to the pulsing rhythm so the guitars, played by Michael Esther and Ryan Kirk, and even the bass have more room to stretch. The synthesizer really adds to the overall ambience of the album as it lends more credence to the theme that the soundscape is as limitless as space itself.

While it would be safe to categorize Farflung as a psychedelic band with a harder edge, the fact that it is willing to stretch out into the far reaches of the musical galaxy prevents them from being labeled too specifically. ?Endless Drifting Wreck? is highlighted with several ethereal guitar passages that pay homage to The Edge?s achievements on Achtung Baby. It is a truly worthwhile listen as the familiarity of those tones get placed in an entirely new setting - a planet that The Edge, despite his unquestioned greatness, has never visited.

Farflung has brought an album to us Earthlings that is a delight both to the eyes due to its futuristic yet familiar cover art and more importantly to the ears due to its richness of rhythms that allows the unorthodox metal guitar playing the opportunity to add something different to the space-rock genre. I?m not sure if Farflung is a great place to live, but I am sure that it?s a trippy place to visit.

πω πω πω 8O

FARFLUNG A Wound In Eternity (Meteor City)

It a bit weird we’ve never listed any records by LA space rockers Farflung. They’ve been plugging away for almost 12 years, and A Wound In Eternity is in fact record number 12. At least one or two of us here have some old FF records in our collection, regardless, it’s finally time to right this very wrong.
Self proclaimed the heaviest and trippiest FF record yet, A Wound In Eternity is indeed both trippy and heavy, due possibly to the recent addition of various new members, their sound as always borrows heavily from Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, the usual heavies, but with their own distinct twist, and listening to this now, we’re feeling a definite glam vibe, a bit of garagey-stomp, really catchy and hooky, but just the tone and the arrangement is sort of reminiscent of classic seventies glam, albeit super charged and a bit more drugged up and spaced out. Which is probably why we hear so much Monster Magnet in FF’s sound, they have a similar over the top glamrock meets space metal crunch.
Chunky riffs, propulsive rhythms, dramatic vocals, all wound up into a set-the-controls-for-the-heart-of-the-sun stoner psych space rock blowout. The tracks often burn slow, sometimes pounding away, other times drifting lazily through space, but most of them culminate in huge drone-y psychedelic freakout outros, everything wrapped in swirls of FX, the guitars blossoming like supernovas, the drums growing more and more chaotic. A few tracks have a definite Circle vibe going on too, the group locked into super mesmerizing looped hypnorock grooves, but even then, the band eventually looses themselves from gravity, drifting into the stratosphere, only to burn out in a blaze of blinding, deafening distorted effects drenched buzz…


παρα παρα παρα παρα παρα παρα πολυ ωραια συνεντευξη τους.

θελω το διπλο βινυλιο τωραααααααααααααααααααααααααααααα

Το ξανακούω τώρα το δισκάκι… Ενταξει, από τα κορυφαία της προηγούμενης χρονιάς.
Έχω την εντύπωση πάντως ότι είναι πιο κοντά στους Hawkwind απ’ ότι στους Monster Magnet απλά έχουν και μερικά πολύ δυνατά στόουνερ περάσματα.