FAUST Live 29/11/09 Στο Κυτταρο

FAUST LIVE 29/11/09 Στο Κυτταρο


ειναι κ κυριακη οτι πρεπει!
θα καψουμε οτι μας εμεινε! :wink:

Considered by many music historians as one of the most important group out of Germany, FAUST were certainly ahead of their time. They took their music to unsuspecting heights somewhere in between CAN, VELVET UNDERGROUND, NEU, LA DUSSELDORF or HENRY COW but also much farther and can be considered as founding fathers of the Industrial Rock. Having made their debut in 71 in Hamburg, FAUST will never stop their groundbreaking and will be always one step ahead of everybody else including the groups above mentioned and are the prime example of Rock In Opposition (RIO) along with HENRY COW.

FAUST is definitely not for the faint-hearted person and can only be recommended in small doses because it is very dangerous for the sanity of the average proghead. DO NOT and I repeat this Do Not feed this to a pregnant woman or a mentally fragile person - although you could give it to Techno Heads - as they would greatly enjoy this.


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