Forces of Metal - 08/06/12 + 09/06/12

June 8 & 9 2012 E-3 Strand, Eersel, The Netherlands

Περιγραφή : Independent Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Festival, The Full Experience!
Price Range : B δολάρια[/B]
Ιστότοπος :

Μου φαίνεται ότι βρήκα το επόμενο φεστιβάλ που θα πάω. Ολλανδία :drunk:

Προστέθηκαν και οι

Λογικά θα είναι οι headliners…

headliners είναι

This is Joey, Manoel and I are in Amsterdam. We just signed a contract to be the Headliners of Holland’s newest Kick Ass Metal Festival “Forces Of Metal” we will crack the fucking earth and bring Holland back to the Glory Days Of True Metal in the spirit of Dynamo, but Bigger and Better. Hail and Fucking Kill see you in June 2012 !!!