Friday 10 May: White Light from the mouth of Infinity @ Dark Sun Club

In the White Light of upcoming gigs (Spiritual Front, Swans etc),
Dark Sun Resident George Drivas and (un)usual suspect Curehead
present a swinging innerverse of post-punk/dark/goth/
apocalyptic soundscapes.
A sonic territory that we need not remember,
because we never forgot; that we need not revisit,
because we never deserted; that we need not reclaim,
because we never abandoned.
The pretext and the pretense of ‘ephemeral affection’
does not become us; we dwell within the realm of the Dark Sun.

-Friday 10 May 2013, after 23:00,
-at Dark Sun Club,
-Thivon 42, Peristeri. Entrance: 5 euros (incl. beer/wine/redbull).