Friday 17 February @ Mad: Glitter Party - A Fabulous Night of Music and Makeup

[I]Michael Alig (exhibit A, on the right) used to say that “the road of excess leads to the palace of fabulousness”.

Which makes perfect sense. Now we can even prove it.

James Saint James (exhibit B, on the left) used to say that “it doesn’t matter what you look like, I mean, if you have a hunchback, throw some glitter on it, honey, and go out and dance”.

Which is why we choose to do this theme. A Glitter Party where you can throw some glitter or makeup or whatever on our lives’ hunchback and dance ourselves away. It works. No we can even prove it.

Friday 17 February, at Mad Club, Dekelon 12, Gkazi, after 23.00’.

Oh… This is not a “Trash” or “kitsch” event.
We don’t mock the outrageous, we embrace it. We become it.

This is fabulousness, 100% pure. Indulge in it.

And as James said (yeah he has plenty of witty one-liners to boast, and eyeliners too)… “Don’t dream it - be it”[/I]

~~~~~~ 23.00 @ MAD club, Dekelewn 12, Gkazi ~~~~~~~~~

Let there be Glitter