Friday 21 Dec: End of the World @ Dark Sun

Apocalyptic Folk / Dark / Cold Wave / Post-Industrial sounds for the END OF THE WORLD.

Every myth has its own prediction of the end of the world. According to some, Friday 21 December 2012 marks the end of the world ? as we know it, at least. Every armageddon is combined, in all myths and legends, with an apocalypse, so that each end will reveal all the secrets of the former things and produce a new beginning. Inspired by, and defiant of, this upcoming deadline, Resident George Drivas and lipstick-guest Curehead invite you to indulge in an atmospheric soundscape, appropriate of the occasion.

00:00-02:00: George Drivas sets the mood with a tribute to Death in June, Current 93 and Coil.

02.00-07.00: Taking turns, George Drivas and Curehead present the Soundtrack for the End of the world.

At Dark Sun Club, Thivon 42, Peristeri. (Access from Ag. Antonios or Aigaleo metro stations).

Entrance: 5 euros (beer or wine or redbull).