Gene Simmons talks about AC/DC

Which band would you say you are most proud of offering that honor of opening for you?
AC/DC. That’s my favorite band.

What was it about AC/DC?
I saw the boys play at a small club first in London with Bon Scott, and I’ll never forget. They were starving, there were just 100 people in the club, and the lights went out, and even during the blackout, Angus was still going, doing his little dance step, back and forth. I thought, “Boy, these guys really care,” so I cornered Angus, in Los Angeles after a show, and I said, “Do you wanna go grab a bite?” and he says, “Yeah let’s go, mate.” And when he smiled, I noticed he didn’t have any front teeth. Literally. And I took him to a place called Ben Frank’s, and he literally had beans and franks, and he had to chew on the side of his mouth. I thought to myself, “This poor little guy’s got the heart of a lion,” and I said at the table, “You’re going out on tour with us.” And his eyes were just like, “What?” You know, they thought they were forever gonna be in these little hellholes.


To ίδιο ισχύει για Bon Jovi, maiden, judas priest, van halen κλπ κλπ…έτσι άνοιξαν την αγορά της Αμερικής…με τους KISS headliners!