Gigs in Greece

Dear Forum readers!

I know I might not be in the right topic but please forgive me for not understanding greek language.

I am the manager of a band called 7th Angel from Slovenia. It might sound stupid and kind of odd but I am asking you for help.

If you maybe know, 7th Angel should be playing in Greece and have a small tour as well.
The festival was of and so were the other 2 gigs by the promotor.

The problem is here; We need gigs in Greece, no mather if they are stadium, festival, clubs or anything else.

So I am asking all of you if you can help me out with this problem. If you know any promotors or if you are one yourself please help me out by getting the band few gigs in Greece. The band will as well go on confirmed tour in Lebanon.

All of your ideas, contacts are warmly welcome. I give my word that I return the favour.

Please contact for any suggestions and visit website.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

7th Angel Managment

τον λυπαμαι τον καημενο :frowning: … δν ξερει κανεις τπτ ρε?

English please :lol:

i’m not talkin to you man! i m just asking the other members about your… special situation! :lol:


Even that happens. Hope we can work it out.

Aren’t you going to play in Aheloos Rock Festival(it’s adrvertised everywhere)
P.S Τι αγγλικά ξέρω ο άτιμος!(What English i know?)

You really shoudn’t laugh at people with special needs.

hey dude i was laughing cause he was laughing too! i don’t have any prob

in the “συναυλίες” section you could find the dates and the places that each band performs. There are also telephone numbers where you could phone and ask them what can you do! they are not promoters! I don’t know if that could help you but it’s something you can do(call a club and ask if it’s possible to play there)

What kind of music do you play? When are going to come?

7th Angel play rock/hardrock. They are suppose to be on tour in Greece from 30.9 to 12.9.