Hard rock des se xamhles times2-5 euros

[ Hard ‘n’ Heavy CDs ]
1998 (GR)
Comments/Notes: Η ΠΤΗΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΙΚΑΡΟΥ(98,WIPEOUT,GR).Ο 1ος δίσκος από το ροκ συγκρότημα της Θεσσαλονίκης. 24σέλιδο βιβλιαράκ
5 euros

A Tree Witout Roots - The Devil Came, CD, Post Rock
??? (USA)
Comments/Notes: This is for people who like rock. And roll, too. Mainly of the folk/90’s persuasion. People have compared them to Murder By Death, Sonic Youth, and some other country/folk/rock bands. So, you should probably do it. Limited to 1,000 !4 euros

A Tribute To Bon Jovi - Tribute 10 Track Cd By Bon Jordu, CD, Hard Rock
2000 (SWE) 3 euros

A Tribute To U2 - Pride, CD, Post Rock
2001 (VAR) 4 euros

Adrian Gale - Re-programmed, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2002 (USA) 5 euros

Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits, CD, Hard Rock
1970 (USA) 4 euros

Berurier Noir - La Bataille De Pali Kao, CD, Post Rock
1998 (FR)4 euros

Big Brother And The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills + 4 Bonus, CD, Post Rock
1968 (USA)4 euros

Blindside - About A Burning Fire, CD, Post Rock
2008 (SWE) 3 euros
Comments/Notes: emo rock

Cain & Abel - Cain & Abel, CD, Hard Rock
1996 (USA)5 euros

Casey Hayes - The Iron Year, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: aor like HUGO…DIGIPACK EDITION.5 euros

Circus Of Power - Magic And Madness -used Cd, CD, Hard Rock
1993 (USA)3 euros

Contagious - Red White & Slightly Blue, CD, Hard Rock
2000 (UK)4 euros

Contagious - The Calling, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (UK)4 euros

Crack Up - Buttoxin’ Bloom, CD, Hard Rock
2002 (D)
Comments/Notes: The latest album by the once death n� roll German act sees the band upping their sound with a more modern, hard rock flare, but still standing firm with their death n� roll groove at times.5 euros

Crowforce - S/t., CD, Hard Rock
1992 (A)4 euros

Dame Fortune - The Secret Art, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2009 (USA)

Darksound - Irresponsible Optimism., CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2007 (SP)
Comments/Notes: DARKSOUND-IRRESPONSIBLE OPTIMISM.SPAIN. πέντε ισπανοί ντεμπουτάρουν έχουν έχοντας στη θέση τους τα σύγχρονα hard rock στοιχεία, αλλά μαζί βγάζουν προς τα έξω και τις προφανείς μέχρι παρεξήγησης επιρροές τους. Με τα Tool κλισέ ανά χείρας 4 euros

David Bowie - Hours…, CD, Hard Rock
1999 (UK)
Comments/Notes: great cover 3 dimensional—3 euros

Deus - Pocket Revolution, CD, Post Rock
2005 (BEL) 3 euros

Doc Holiday - A Better Road, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (UK) 5 euros
[ Price: 14 ? ]

Dogs N Bones - Dirty Fucki’ Loud, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2006 (I)
Comments/Notes: PRODUCED BY DARRIO MOLLO–5 euros

Doktor Kinchev I Gruppa Stil’ - Nervnaya Noch’, CD, Post Rock
1984 (RUS)
Comments/Notes: DOKTOR KINCHEV I GRUPPA STIL’ “Nervnaya Noch’” 1984 - rock, pre-ALISA–4 euros

Driven - Self Inflicted, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2001 (USA)
Comments/Notes: used cd–4 euros

Eric Martin - Pure, CD, Hard Rock
2003 (USA)

Evidence - Truth From A Lie, CD, Hard Rock
2000 (POR)5 euros

Foreigner - Records, CD, Hard Rock
1977+ (USA) 5 euros

Gate 27 - Distant View, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2008 (D)
Comments/Notes: The basic influence of gate27 is the hard rock music of the mid 80ies. Bands like Moertley Crue, Ratt, Judas Priest, AC/DC and many others. To bring it to one point : We try to write rock-hits. But the most important thing is to go bejond these influences and find an own sound and an own style. This is the first CD of gate27 and the first step on this way. 5 euros

Grand Funk - Closer To Home + 4 Bonus, CD, Hard Rock
1970 (USA)–5 euros

Guns N ’ Roses - The Spaghetti Incident?, CD, Hard Rock
1993 (USA)5 euros
[ Price: 10 ? ]

Hinge - , CD, Hard Rock
1994 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Accidental Meeting Of Minds 5 euros

Homo Sapiens - Dreams And Nightmares, CD, Post Rock
1997 (GR)
Comments/Notes: Two years after the release of their 7", their first full-length record was released. They have been around since early '90s. Their songs are well-worked compositions with a hard sound and with plenty of influences from the whole rock’n’roll spectrum. ONEIRO / H VITRINA TIS AGAPIS / ANOITE SOU LEO / TO FOS … AFTO POU DEN ANTEHIS / DANIKI SINTROFIA / LATHI / TSARKA / TIPOTA / ANTHROPINI IPARKSI / HAMENA FEGGARIA / EFIALTIS–5 euros
[ Price: 12 ? ]

Jesse Damon - Nothin’ Else Matters, CD, Hard Rock
2004 (USA)5 euros

Jesse Damon - The Band That Rocks, CD, Hard Rock
2003 (USA) 5 euros

Johannes Berthold - Narrenturm, Cd, CD, Post Rock
200? (D) 3 euros

John Mayal - Mailorder Mystics, CD, Post Rock
199? (USA)
Comments/Notes: cd single used–2 euros

King Bird - Sunshine, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (BR)
Comments/Notes: KING BIRD - SUNSHINE [HARD ROCK] New CD of this outstanding quality band. For fans like deep purple etc 6b euros

Kiss - Kiss, CD, Hard Rock
1974 (USA)
Comments/Notes: KISS � Kiss � 1974 US early pressing 5 euros

Lafordova - Circus Of The Damned, CD, Hard Rock
1999 (NL) 4 euros

Lambs - Finis Fidei, CD, Hard Rock 4 euros
2003 (FIN)

Lars Eric Mattson - Obsession, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
1998 (NOR) 5 euros
Lenny Kravitz - Circus, CD, Hard Rock
1995 (USA) 3 euros

Les Garcons Bouchers - Ecoute Petit Fr�re, CD, Post Rock
1995 (FR)4 euros

Les Vrp - Remords Et Tristes Pets, CD, Post Rock
1989 (FR)4 euros

Loaded - Dark Days-digipack, CD, Hard Rock
2002 (USA)
Comments/Notes: with guns n roses members5 euros

Love Dictator - Love Dictator, CD, Hard Rock
2007 (D)
Comments/Notes: Band: Randy Rude - vocals Tommy Teaser - guitar Adam D’Angelo - bass Rob Ferdula - drums Review: Germany’s Love Dictator is a little different than your average run of the mill new-wave sleaze band. They look like glam rockers, but there is nothing poppy or mainstream about these four guys. They named themselves after a line in a Zodiac Mindwarp song, so that should give you some insight into what they are trying to accomplish here. Vocally Love Dictator reminds me of a cross between Motorhead and southern rockers Molly Hatchet, while the music itself has the punk influence of Motorhead meets the glam of Hanoi Rocks. Which I guess isn’t surprising considering part of the band came together at a Hanoi gig and even the song “Bourbon Lane” has a lot in common with Hanoi’s cover of “Up Around The Bend”. On two of the tracks Love Dictator treads too far into punk territory for my liking, but the band has so much energy (not to mention a killer vocal scream/growl) you can’t help but admire what they are trying to do. “Love Dictator”, the aforementioned “Bourbon Lane” and “The Sex Queen Of Rock’N’Roll” are all fine examples of pissed-off sleaze metal. Love Dictator may be a bit raw at the moment (they’ve only been together since 2005), but these guys could evolve their band into something great. All the necessary ingredients are here, now they just Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2007. 3 euros

Marillion - Season?s End, CD, Progressive Rock
1989 (UK)5 euros

Meldrum - Loaded Mental Cannon, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (SWE)5 euros

Misfits - Evillive, CD, Hard Rock
1996 (USA) 5 euros

Murat Net - Selamicesque Blues Cd, CD, Hard Rock
2007 (TUR) 5 euros

N8 - Reality?fate, CD, Hard Rock
1999 (USA)5 euros

Natural Born Loser - Cold Days & Whisky, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (SUI)5 euros

Nitzinger - Going Back To Texas, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2001 (USA)5 euros

Nozzle - Winter, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (UK) 4 euros

Open Up - Feat. Morton Holm, CD, Hard Rock
2003 (SWE)5 euros

Ophelia’s Garden - Love Eternal, CD, Post Rock
2000 (GR)
Comments/Notes: They were formed in 1994 from 2 ex-members of “SERVANTS OF MEFISTOFELIS” The same year they release a demo tape and over next 2 years they record their first album titled “BLOOD WEDDING” released at the end of 1997 by PHYSIS RECORDS. After a few selected performances, member changes and participations in compilations, they record their 2nd record “LOVE ETERNAL” which was finally released at the end of 2000. Their songs are full of atmospheric melodies, pop sounds with exceptional female and male vocals which express their fears, their own selves, their internal agony and their love for life.5 euros

Patti Smith Group - Easter, CD, Post Rock
1978 (USA)4 euros

Peter Stevens Band - Taken By The Light, CD, Hard Rock
200? (USA)5 euros

Pitchshifter - Psi, CD, Post Rock
2002 (UK)3 euros

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts Double Cd, CD, Post Rock
2003 (USA)4 euros

Prisoner - Ii, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (USA)
Comments/Notes: the band of tommy denander5 euros
Roberto Priori - Yawned Flight, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (I)5 euros

Scudiero - Walking Through Mirror, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
1999 (SWE)5 euros

Sicknote - Rudenia, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2005 (FIN)4 euros

Sonic X - Sonic X, CD, Hard Rock
2004 (CAN)5 euros

Southern Rock All Stars - Crazy Again, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (USA)
Comments/Notes: members of blackfoot,molly hatchet etc 5 euros

Southern Rock All Stars - Danger Road, CD, Hard Rock
2001 (USA)5 euros

Spant�x - Damage Twist Rock�n�roll, CD, Post Rock
2004 (FR)5 euros

Speedfreaks - Survive, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Stephan Tremblay - Vocals Carl Steinhagen - Guitar Chris Ortiz - Bass Dan DuChaine - Drums Influences Motorhead Black Flag The Ramones The SPEEDFREAKS were part of the early Milwaukee basement punk/hardcore scene. Forming in the Summer of 1984 and staying active throughout the next six years. The band self-released ‘FREAKSHOW’ in 1988 and quietly ceased to be in the Summer of 1992. Fast forward to Spring 2007, SPEEDFREAKS reunite to party with old and new friends. January 2009, after nearly two years of gigs, SPEEDFREAKS release the full-length album ‘SURVIVE’.5 euros

Spirit - S’ Efruit Mourir, CD, Hard Rock
2006 (FR)4 euros

Sporadic - Une Epoque Formidable, CD, Hard Rock
2004 (FR)
Comments/Notes: SPORADIC � Une Epoque Formidable � 2004 Rock limite Hard 5 euros

Star Rats - Broken Halo, CD, Hard Rock
2004 (SWE)5 euros

Stranglers - The Masters, CD, Post Rock
1998 (USA) 3 euros

Substitutes - The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, CD, Hard Rock
2005 (USA)
Comments/Notes: special deluxe digi edition SUBSTITUTES � �The Exploding Plastic Inevitable� CD �05 (Private, US) � By the name of this band, one might think they�d come off sounding like The Who. Now, I like The Who, by and large, so had this been the case it would not have made me an unhappy man. However, what emanated from the speakers of the proverbial Ray-Blaster when this disc was cranked made me a good deal more than not unhappy. It took me past phlegmatic, rushed me into the HOV lane right by jovial & dumped me smack dab in the middle of a two lane blacktop with the destination orgasmatron! This, my friends is rawk. Pure and simple, what we have here is a 4-piece band, wizened by late nights in bars and infused with the spirit of a bottle broken over the corner of a pool table. It�s 2 guitarists (Joel Proto & Mike McShane) who have worshipped at the altar of Robbo & Scott & who I am sure have played, at least once in their lives, with a cigarette stuck on the tuning peg. It�s a bass player/vocalist named Britt who has seen the seamier side of life & writes about it with a poetic flair that belies the fact that he isn�t about 11 albums into a veteran career. It�s a drummer (Paul Royland) who could look Phil Rudd in the eye & not blink. And, as we always get to this point, faithful readers, it�s about songs. If you can sing along with the chorus to �Down On My Lady,� �Flower� or �God Is Cocaine� & not get goosebumps, you need to go back to your mommy or your Staind CD�s. In retrospect, this should have probably been in my Top 10 for 2005 and maybe in the upper half. For certain, order this sucker now. review by metalrealm.com 5 euros

T Clemente Band - Illussions Digipack Edition, CD, Hard Rock
2010 (USA)
Comments/Notes: first class -private release–extraordinaire melodic hard rock–supoer voclas --great guirtars --great package 5 euros

The Allman Brother’s Band - The Best Of Live, CD, Hard Rock
1998 (USA) 5 euros
[ Price: 7 ? ]

The Deadly Romantics - Do U Wanna Rnr, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (USA) 5 euros
The Dirt - Down N’ Dirty, CD, Hard Rock
205 (D)
Comments/Notes: Sleaze N’Glam Rock meets Kick Ass Rock’N’Roll a la Bang Tango, L.A. Guns, Love/Hate …4 euros

The Man From The Moon - Rocket Attack, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: THE MAN FROM THE MOON - ROCKET ATTACK - �TMFTM� has come up with a creative and exciting Progressive/symphonic/melodic Rock album. He takes us on an inspirational musical journey and adventure thru many different moods. In focus as always is of course some amazing guitar work. With many philosophical messages and insights the songs deal with the way the Man from the Moon sees the world and his own life.5 euros

The Men They Couldn?t Hang - The Charry Red Jukebox, CD, Post Rock
2003 (USA)
Comments/Notes: MIX OF ROCK,PUNK,COUNTRY AND FOLK. 4 euros

The Millions - Million Dollar Rock, CD, Hard Rock
2003 (USA)5 euros

The Morning Of - The World As We Know It, CD, Post Rock
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: emo rock 3 euros

The Pax Cecilia - Blesssed Are The Bonds, CD, Post Rock
2007 (USA)
Comments/Notes: great stuff super edition on paper box with digi edition + posterCombining ambient metal with various flavors of post-hardcore, indie rock and classical instruments5 euros

The Troggs - The Best, CD, Post Rock
1993 (USA)
Comments/Notes: used cd 2 euros

The Underwater - Forces, CD, Post Rock
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: emo3 euros

Tri Lava - Oddball In The Corner Pocket-experimental Instrumental Rock, CD, Post Rock
2007 (USA)3 euros

Vick Le Car’s - Blue Moon, CD, Hard Rock
2000 (USA)5 euros

Vicolo Inferno - Hells Alley, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2005 (I) 4 euros

Vigor - Great Dreams, CD, Hard Rock
2006 (A) 5 euros

Zz Top - The Best, CD, Hard Rock
1977 (USA)5 euros

[ Heavy/Epic/Power/Progressive/Neoclassical CDs ]

Adastra - Death Or Domination, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2008 (FIN)6

After Forever - Monolith Of Doubt, CD, Heavy Metal
2002 (BEL)
Comments/Notes: limited edition mini cd 2 euros

Alias Eye - Field Of Names, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (D)5EUROS
[ Price: 13 ? ]

Alkateya - Lycanthropy, CD, Epic/Power Metal

All Too Human - Entropy+2 Bonus, CD, Power Metal
2004 (USA)5 EUROS

Andrea Castelli - Planet Time, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2001 (I)5 EUROS

Arachnes - Metamorphosis, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2000 (I)
Comments/Notes: special digi4 EUROS

Astra - Through Life And Beyond, CD, Progressive Metal
2006 (I)
Comments/Notes: digipack prog metal the dream theater style4 EUROS

Astral Travellers - The Truth Beyond, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (NL)
Comments/Notes: fine prog like dream theater-porcupine tree 6 EUROS
[ Price: 12 ? ]

Athaxia - El Fin De La Inocencia, CD, Power Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Debut album from this Puerto Rican thrash/power+classic '80s metal 5 EUROS

Aura - A Different View, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
2008 (I)5 EUROS

Axiom - A Mean To An End, CD, Progressive Metal
2008 (USA) 5 EUROS

Aztec Jade - Concrete Eden, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2002 (USA)
Comments/Notes: like queensrych 5 EUROS

Baliset - A Time For Rust-digipack Private Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: private cd a prog mix of fates warning -queensrych -empire era and vaudxvil 7 EUROS

Battle Ram - Smash The Gates, CD, Epic Metal
2009 (IT)7 EUROS

Bejelit - Age Of Wars, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2006 (IT) 5 EUROS

Betoken - Dead Soul Insomnia, CD, Heavy Metal
2006 (I)5 EUROS

Black Fate - Deliverance Of Soul, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
2009 (USA) 8 EUROS

Blade (ex Denial Price) - Lifetime, CD, Epic Metal
2007 (GR)
Comments/Notes: R� �dition D�mo 1992 n�322/500 Epic Heavy Metal 6 EUROS

Blaze - Tenth Dimension, CD, Heavy Metal
2004 (UK) 5 EUROS

Blood Thirsty Demons - Let The War Begin, CD, Heavy Metal
2005 (I)
Comments/Notes: with paul chain!!!5 EUROS

Blood Thirsty Demons - Mortal Remains, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2007 (I)5 EUROS

Born In Winter - Waiting In The Dark, CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (USA)5 EUROS

Broadmoor - Portrais Mini Cd.2005, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2005 (DEN)

Broadmoor - By The Water, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
2008 (DEN)

Bulwark - Variance, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (SUI)5 EUROS

Cessation Of Life - Path Of Totality, CD, Power Metal
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: US Speed / Thrash Metal with loads of POWER!5 EUROS

Chromeshift - Ripples In Time, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2003 (DEN)5 EUROS

Clepsydra - In Other Sunsets, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (I)5 EUROS

Coldseed - Nothing But A Loser/democracy Lesson, CD, Heavy Metal
2006 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: including members of soilwork,savage circus,ex-blind guardian 2 EUROS

Consortium Project Ii - Continuum In Extremis, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (NL)
Comments/Notes: o card edition 5 EUROS

Crush (alberto Diaz Del Castillo) - Auditiva Cosmica, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2009 (MEX)
Comments/Notes: Crush (Alberto Diaz del Castillo) is an instrumental guitarist from Mexico, who began work on the tracks that comprise Auditiva Cosmica back in 2005, combining digital sounds generated via computer and his electric guitar, creating a dynamic and positive musical style and sound. Auditiva Cosmica blends dance, elctronic and rock rhytms with rock guitar melodies, featuring eight instrumental tracks in a progressive and hard rock vein. All instruments, guitar, production and arrangements were performed by Crush alone, except for keyboards by Osvaldo Flores on the last track, Rock N Beat. Flores also engineered and mixed the CD.5 EUROS

Dark Mirror - Portrait Of Evil, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (USA)5 EUROS

Dark Mirror - Visions Of Pain Cd, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: DARK MIRROR Visions of pain CD US Power Metal (Reissue w/ 4 bonus songs from the EP)5 EUROS

Dawn Patrol - Before The Dawn, CD, Heavy Metal
2008 (CRO) 4 EUROS

Dead Calm - No Way Out, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Limited Edition 1000 Hand numbered CDs) Dead Calm from Ottawa, Canada released back in 1991 a limited -in 1000 copies only- LP tape called �No Way Out� including 9 tracks of magnificent Power / Prog Metal in the vein of old Queensryche / Lethal / Hittman. The musical trademarks of Dead Calm are with no doubt the unbelievable vocals (ala Tate / Malicoat), the powerful riffing and the brilliant guitar leads that are enforcing their music with a special touch of strange and beautiful steel. The original multi-track master tapes have been lost forever as they were destroyed by a fire on the band�s studio. Fortunately the one and ONLY stereo master tape that was used by the band back in 1991 to duplicate the album was saved and was digitally transferred into CD on one of Canada�s finest studios. The digital product was re-mastered from the scratch by Arkeyn Steel Records mastering main man Mr. Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studios. 43 minutes of complex, catchy and melodic steel touch by the magic Canadian Metal spirit. Presented under completely new artwork �by Kostas Athanasoglou-, full lyrics and inner notes. Finally this album is released the way it deserved. Here we got an unbelievable musical experience for sure not to be missed. Tracklist: 1. Thief In The Night 5:50 2. Journey�s End 6:43 3. Chemical Warfare 3:29 4. Love Or War 4:19 5. Mary�s Black Sun 5:09 6. First Step 4:09 7. Holding On 4:56 8. Mother Earth 3:23 9. No Way Out 2:57—8 EUROS
Demon - Spaced Out Monkey, CD, Heavy Metal
2001 (UK)5 EUROS

Destroyer / Violated - Outbreak Of Metal Vol2, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (UK)
Comments/Notes: Destroyer 01 - Rip your Brain 02 - Silent Hunter 03 - Bang your Head 04 - Metal Addiction 05 - Trip to Hell 06 - Eye of the Storm (Sweet Savage cover) Violated 07 - Out of Focus 08 - No Chance in Hell 09 - Lack of Empathy 10 - Vengeance of Time 11 - Only Death Awaits 12 - Living Hell (Demo)5 EUROS

Downhell - Karma Ep(2009), CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (KOR)
Comments/Notes: private release with mike terrana on drums!! 5 EUROS

Dynahead - Antigen, CD, Power Metal
2009 (BR)
Comments/Notes: digipack edition5 EUROS

Elegy - Principles Of Pain, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (NL)
Comments/Notes: the best ever cd of the band 5 EUROS

Elvenpath - Spyrol, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2008 (D) 5 EUROS

Elvenpath - Gateways, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2003 (D) 5 EUROS

Empyrios - And The Rest Is Silence Digipack Edition, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2006 (I)
Comments/Notes: like symphony x 5 EUROS
[ Price: 13 ? ]

Ethoriah - The Loudest Truth, CD, Heavy Metal
1995 (D)

Evil Wings - Kite, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
i (2001) 5 EUROS

Evil Wings - Colours Of The New World, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
1999 (I) 5 EUROS

Feanor - Invencible, CD, Epic Metal
2005 (ARG)
Comments/Notes: FEANOR ( 2005 ) Invencible. Epic heavy metal. ( Argentina ) 5 EUROS

Fierce Atmospheres - 3 Long Track Official Cd, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: ex nsty savage members a review of Behind the Veil in Greece: FIERCE ATMOSPHERES might have just now released their first sampler, but it is not a new band and its members are definitely experienced musicians and veterans in the heavy metal scene. So, I have to admit that they didn’t surprise me when it comes to skillful playing and the maturity of their sound. I have to admit that I have big expectations from such veterans and I have high standards for what I want to listen and FIERCE ATMOSPHERES didn’t disappoint me at all. Musically they are moving in the vague genre that we used to call U.S. power metal, but they also have elements from the progressive and classic metal sound with some bits of 70’s hard rock also thrown in. The 3 compositions that they offer us here (2 songs and 1 instrumental) are characterized by the maturity on the songwriting part and by their rich sound that each time you listen to you discover something new. The only thing that needs improvement is the sound (not that it is bad and especially the 80’s metal fans will enjoy it), but if you want to attract the interest of a label in our days you surely must have a clear and polished sound. I have no doubt that FIERCE ATMOSPHERES is a band that can succeed in the demanding metal scene of our days and above all they have all these elements that a power/progressive metal fan needs to listen to from a band. 5 EUROS

Fredrik Klingwall - The Resilience, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2008 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: 13 tracks of dark and haunting neoclassical music. Composer Fredrik Klingwall continues his journey through the horror and dissonance, could this be the perfect soundtrack to your nightmares?5 EUROS

Fueled By Metal - Metal Compilation, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (VAR)
Comments/Notes: FUELED BY METAL Compilation (SPEED METAL, Very Metal Prod,5 EUROS

Further Dimension - The Monolith Effect, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2010 (FR)5 EUROS

Gabriele Bellini - Evolution, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2008 (IT)5 EUROS

Giussepe Silvestri - La Rosa Del Deserto, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2008 (I)
Comments/Notes: GIUSEPPE SILVESTRI-la rosa del deserto,fantastic melodic neoclassical techincal prog cd, this italian guitar wizard ,made a magnificent album from italy, HEAR A FEW SAMPLES AT: http://www.myspace.com/silvestrigius 5 EUROS

Hatred - Dark Trauma, CD, Power Metal
2003 (GR)
Comments/Notes: digipack edition 3 EUROS

Headbanger - Ready To Strike, CD, Thrash Metal
2009 (POL)
Comments/Notes: heavy thrash5 EUROS

Heaven’s Fire - The Outside, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2000 (CAN)5 EUROS

Hellenic Forces - Cd Vol 3, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (GR)
Comments/Notes: Hellenic Forces ?zine just released the 3rd CD Compilation including 15 Hellenic Bands, such as: Battleroar, Wishdoom, Nemesis, Inner Axis, Everdome, The Silent Rage, Heart Attack, Hand of God, Last Chance, Stormbringer, Atria Mortis, Brain Fade, Power Crue, Witchcurse, Shadow Veil 5 EUROS

Iron Maiden - Thewicker Man, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2000 (UK) 3 EUROS

Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind, CD, Epic/Power Metal
1983 (UK)5 EUROS

John B - Row, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2008 (GR)
Comments/Notes: melodic instrumental guitaristic cd from hellas, sounds very technical and melodic, john b is HYBRID GR’s guitar mastermind and ex-WOLFCRY! HEAR A FEW SAMPLES AT: http://www.myspace.com/johnbhybrid + sticker + flyer+ metal pin5 EUROS
Kabal - Kabal+ 3 Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (I)
Comments/Notes: private release 5 EUROS

Kilmara - Hunting Dreams, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (SP)
Comments/Notes: self released cd.great stuff!!!5 EUROS

Last Warning - Through Out Time, CD, Progressive/Power Metal
2008 (I)

Low Budget Orchestra - The Second Best, CD, Progressive Rock
2008 (FIN)
Comments/Notes: digipack edition instrumental prog rock 3 EUROS

Luigi Rinaldi - Undisciplined Robotic Ensemble, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2009 (I)3 EUROS

Machine Men - Machine Men, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2002 (FIN) 5 EUROS
Michael Harris - Sketches From The Thought Chamber, CD, Heavy Metal
2001 (USA) 5 EUROS

Mike Dimarellis Artical - Fantasy, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2004 (GR)5 EUROS
[ Price: 12 ? ]

Mindland - Final Frontier, CD, Heavy Metal
1999 (GR)5 EUROS
[ Price: 10 ? ]

Minsk Security - Rebornation, CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (SUI)
Comments/Notes: Raw heavy / thrash metal with powerful clean and strained voices–4 EUROS
[ Price: 14 ? ]

Mister Kite - Box Of Fear, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2004 (DEN)4 EUROS

Mourning Sun - Multiverse, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
1996 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: progressive death metal5 EUROS

Nacho Mur - Personal Myth, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2006 (SP) 5 EUROS
Narcoze - Genoma, CD, Heavy Metal
2003 (BR)5 EUROS
[ Price: 14 ? ]

Neocracy - Red Circles, CD, Progressive Metal
2005 (D)

Neonfly - Clever Disguise, CD, Heavy Metal
2008 (UK)
Comments/Notes: with guest from tony mills5 EUROS

Neotruth - 32’ 42’’ Short Infinity, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2000 (RUS)4 EUROS

Nhorizon - Skydancers, CD, Power Metal
2009 (IT)7 EUROS

Niels Vejlyt - The Predator, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2006 (DEN)
Comments/Notes: the guitarist of infinite overture neoclassical cd project on predator-instrumental 5 EUROS

Onward - Neverending Sun+ 3 Bonus, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2002 (USA)
Comments/Notes: recorded material never released on cd5 EUROS

Ozzy Ozbourne - Live And Loud Double Cd, CD, Heavy Metal
1991 (USA) 6 EUROS

P�t�re & The Porcus Chicus Orchestra - P�t�re & The Porcus Chicus Orchestra, CD, Progressive Metal
2007 (FR)
Comments/Notes: P�t�re & the Porcus Chicus Orchestra is a solo project made by Thomas Lombard after his departure from Heavy Metal band “Dreaggan”. At the beginning, he just composed some titles, for fun. But time after time, his friend, Zaza, sound engineer, propose to record it. Then, the project is officialy started. Thomas, as known as P�t�re, write, compose and play all the album, but he decided to invite his friend to participate : some vocals, some guitars, bass… We can say that the Porcus Chicus music is a sort of experimental Metal : heavy fucking metal riff with some strange influences, like tibetan voices, flamenco guitars and other disco vibes… The french metal press is welcoming the album and now you can find it on iTunes, Deezer.com, Virgin… P�t�re idols are bands like Mercyful Fate, Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Ultra Vomit, Serj Tankian, Judas Priest, but it’s very difficult to compare the Porcus Chicus Orchestra.5 EUROS
Prklz - Deuce, CD, Progressive Metal
1995 (D)6 EUROS

Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Remastrered + Bonus, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
1988 (USA)5 EUROS

Quennsryche - Operation:mindcrime Used Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
1988 (USA)5 EUROS

Rad Waith - Progresiv’ Concept, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2007 (FR)

Rage Featuring Lingua Mortis Orchestra Sounds - Ghosts Limited Digipack+ Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal
1999 (D)5 EUROS

Raging Storm - Raging Storm, CD, Epic Metal
2001 (GR)5 EUROS

Rakoth - Jabberworks (digipack), CD, Pagan Black Metal
1997 (RUSS)
Comments/Notes: folk metal5 EUROS
Re-activate - Prevailing The Unkind Domination Cd+7 Bonus, CD, Power Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: RE-ACTIVATE - Prevailing The Unkind Domination CD Melo Thrash Metal with some Power Metal influences. Like the mighty EVILDEAD meets the unforgotten MYSTIK. Containing as Bonus the follow-up UNKIND. Artwork by Stripe (e.g. W.A.S.P., Quiet Riot, Anvil, Count Raven) Featuring Ken Elkington (Thrash Forward, Defiance) Rod Hainsworth (Faustus) Joe Hammersmith (Fautus)
6 ? ]

Redrum - Power Corrupts+ 7 Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (USA)
Comments/Notes: re release + bonus 5 EUROS

Resistance - Bang Your, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2008 (FR)5 EUROS

Ride The Sky - New Protection Carton Paper Edition+ Bonus Track, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2007 (D)5 EUROS

Rosae Crucis - Fede Potere Vendetta, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (I)
Comments/Notes: + bonus

Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo, CD, Epic Metal
2008 (IT)8 ? ]

Sabotage - Rumore Nel Vento, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2008 (IT)8? ]

Satanic Rites - No Use Crying Cdrerelease, CD, Heavy Metal
2010 (UK)8 ? ]

Satanic Rites - Which Way The Wind Blows Cd+ Bonus, CD, Heavy Metal
2010 (UK 8? ]

Schandmaul - Wahre Helden, CD, Heavy Metal
1999 (D)
Comments/Notes: stuff like skyclad and folk metal plus female vocals
5 ? ]

Schandmaul - Von Spitzbuben Und Anderen Halunken (digipack), CD, Epic Metal
2001 (D)
Comments/Notes: digipack like skyclad style plus female vocals
5 ? ]

Schandmaul - Narrenkonig-digipack Edition, CD, Heavy Metal
2002 (D)
Comments/Notes: folk metal with female vocals close to skyclad!!
5 ? ]

Scudiero - Walking Through Mirrors, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
1999 (SWE)
[ 5 ? ]

Seventh Sin - Seventh Sin, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (CAN)
Comments/Notes: private rare extraordinaire mini ep like judas priest!!!
[5 ? ]

Shadows Of Steel - Heroes Mcd, CD, Heavy Metal
2000 (IT)
[ 4 ? ]

Shining Steel - Heavy Metal Shock, CD, Epic Metal
2010 (FR)
[ 5 ? ]

Shock Troopers - Blades And Rods, CD, Thrash Metal
2010 (IT)
[ 6 ? ]

Sibelius - Rebellion, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental
2008 (VEN)
Comments/Notes: Sibelius is a Venezuelan Project created in 2004. Its principal basis being structured on a classical tendency, better known as neo-classical music. Sibelius is founded by Guitar Player Philipp K. Scheer Fournais, whose main vision is grouping a diversity of musicians to participate in its formation by the interaction of diverse techniques and styles, thereby obtaining paramount musical results. The primary objective of getting musicians together from all over the world has been maintained since the beginning. From recordings, to compositions, including live performances. The innovative style of Sibelius is to combine the classical with the modern and not modern with classical, therefore becoming one of the first agroupations to perform this special technique. Thanks to this combination, the audience may therefore appreciate a totally unique musical style. This Project also offers and promises style variations within itself. �The audience shall not always appreciate the same tonalities or inclinations because music, just like feelings, cannot always be held under control. A musician does not always put forth what he should, but what he feels. That is what this marvelous and freedom loving world of musical composition is all about��Philipp Scheer
[5 ? ]

Skyclad - Another Fine Mess, CD, Heavy Metal
2001 (UK)
[ 5 ? ]

Sonic Debris - Velvet Thorns, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2000 (NOR)
Comments/Notes: Rock/Metal with a progressive edge. Described in the reviews as a mix between U2 / Rush / King Crimson / Dream Theater / Simple Minds.
[5? ]

Sorrowful Winds - The Age Of Dreams Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (GR)
[ 5 ? ]

Squealer - The Prophecy, CD, Epic/Power Metal
1999 (D)
[ Price:5? ]

Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike - We Will Rise, CD, Heavy Metal
2002 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: lead guitarist of hammerfall
[4 ? ]

T.pontet - Xplorery, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2007 (FR)
[ 5? ]

The David Neil Cline Band - A Piece Of History/the Best Of (german Import), CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (USA)
Comments/Notes: This CD was the result of a licensing deal between Gazochtahagen Records and Rock It UP Records in Germany. It contains four songs from David Neil Cline’s previous albums including two bonus tracks. Most of the songs were re-mixed and re-mastered just for this CD.
[ 5 ? ]

The Upset Victory - Between The Wall And The Worldsthat Sleep, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: mix of hard n heavy, prog stuff,passionate production and refresh music!!!
[3? ]

Timescape - Strange, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2000 (FIN)
[ 5 ? ]

Timo Tolki - Saana Warrior Of The Light Part1, CD, Heavy Metal
2008 (FIN)
[ Price:5? ]

Toby Knapp - Misanthropy Divine + Bonus, CD, Epic/Power Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: featuring dean stenberg -into eternity-on vocals
[ Price: 6 ? ]

Vanexa - 1979/1980 (cd, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal
2010 (IT)
[ 6 ? ]

Vastator - Hell Only Knows, CD, Heavy Metal
2008 (CHIL)
Comments/Notes: Hell Only Knows VASTATOR’s third album entitled “Hell Only Knows” - Dark & Malicious HEAVY METAL with really incredible vocals ! This european version has a different bonus from the south-american one as well as a different artwork !!!
[ Price:5 ? ]

Vindicator / Metal Witch - Outbreak Of Metal Vol1, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Vindicator 01 - The Dog Beneath The Skin 02 - Shock Trauma 03 - Humanarchy 04 - Old And Decrepit (Instrumental) 05 - I Hate People (The Anti-Nowhere League cover) 06 - U.S.S.A. (Indestroy cover) Metal Witch 07 - Believe in the Power of Rock 08 - The Count has Risen from the Grave 09 - Valley of the Kings 10 - The Curse of the Wolf 11 - Ready to Burn 12 - Kiss my Ass (Live)
[ Price:5 ? ]

Wolverine - The Window Purpose+ Special Case Edition, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (SWED)
Comments/Notes: like Dream Theater and Shadow Gallery.the label doesnot exist anymore.
[ Price:8 ? ]

Wolverine - Fervent Dream Super Digipack Edition+ 2 Bonus, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (D)
[ Price:8 ? ]

X-piral - Hunters, CD, Heavy Metal
2007 (GR)
[ Price: 5? ]

Zanister - Fear No Man, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2001 (USA)
[ Price: 5 ? ]

telos ta kiss-kiss
kai misfits

Contagious - The Calling, CD,4 euros
Bejelit - Age Of Wars, CD, Heavy/Epic Metal5 EUROS

[ Thrash/Black/Death/Grind/Hardcore CDs ]
#nato - Kill The Fox To Foil The Plan, CD, Hardcore2007 (UK)—2 euros

  • Heulend Horn - The Saga Of The Draugr, CD, Black Metal 5 euros

3way Grindcore Knockout Round 2 - (hen / Splitter / Endless Demise) Cd, CD, Grind/Death Metalswe-5 euros

A Traitor Like Judas - Nightmare Inc, CD, Thrash Meta2005 (SWE) 4 euros

A Tribute To Von - Various, CD, Black Metal2007 (USA)—5 euros

Absence Of The Sacred - Atrocities That Birthed Abominations Cd, CD, Death/Black Metal

Absurd - Raubritter/grimmige Volksmusic, CD, Pagan Black Metal
2004 (D)re release plus new artwork 5 euros

Absurdus - No Heaven In Sight, CD, Death Metal
1998 (FIN)
Comments/Notes: Finnish death metal band Absurdus was formed in Helsinki in late 1992, comprising singer/guitarist Aki Martinkauppi, guitarists Juha Moilanen and Vicious Simil�, bassist Taneli Nyholm and drummer Matti Roiha. Recording their first demo Under the Never Setting Sun the following year, Absurdus issued another demo, Flames, in 1994; finally landing at Candlelight Records, they resurfaced in 1998 with the full-length No Heaven in Sight. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide …5 euros
[ Price: 14 ? ]

Acrid Semblance - From The Oblivion, CD, Death Metal2007 (INDI)4 euro

Act Of Fate - Despise Of Light, CD, Death Metal
2008 (POL)
Comments/Notes: ACT OF FATE ? Despise of light ? german death metal in vein Grave, Pestilence or Dismember. Killer!!! - LAST COPIES4 euros

Age Of Agony - War,hate,blasphemy, CD, Death Metal
2006 (HUN)
Comments/Notes: Finally the long awaited CD-version of the debut album of the masters of WAR Death Metal in the Carpathians: AGE OF AGONY is out now! Death Metal as it must be played: in a Hateful,Blasphemous, WARlike way with Dark and Rotting atmosphere. Here’s no place for stupid 'core elements, ultra-complex/mega-technical parts with social lyrics! This is True Blasphemous Death Metal WAR with Brutal and Raw, but good sound, Hateful DeathGrowling/vomit and total Ugliness! This may even be one of the best HungAryan Death Metal releases! Age OF AGONY will show You what True Death Metal is really about! These 9 tracks in almost 45 minutes of True Death Metal Warfare are a must for every Death Metal fanatix, the ohers can fuck themselves! WAR, HATE, BLASPHEMY! TRACKLIST: 1. Grey 2. Age of Innocence 3. Eternal 4. XIII Century 5. On Bloody Pathways 6. Via Dei 7. Answer 8. The Prime 9. Winter (I Die With You) 5 euros

Agorphy - Ruptura+ Bonus Demos, CD, Grind/Death Metal
2002 (BRComments/Notes: Grindcore Death metal[4 ? ]

Akhkharu - Noctirnal Impiety, CD, Black Metal
2007 (USA)[ Price: 5? ]

Alastis - Unity, CD, Death Metal
2001 (CH)[ Price: 5 ? ]

Allegiance Of The Profane Pack - Split, CD, Black Metal
Comments/Notes: NMBR-006: ALLEGIANCE OF THE PROFANE PACK - Split “Three way split featuring four tracks of pounding blackened death metal by RUINA (Ukraine), three tracks of anti-christian hymns from TUNDRA (Italy) and three tracks of blackened death metal war songs by OPERATION WINTER MIST (Canada).” - Limited to 1000 Copies - Booklet: 12 pages - Format: CD
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Altvater - Chroniken, CD, Pagan Black Metal
2009 (D)Mighty Epic Pagan Metal from Saxony
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Amortez - Anno Diabolica, CD, Death/Black Metal
2008 (CZ)
Comments/Notes: AMORTEZ ? Anno Diabolica ? Debut album Czech band, technical and melodic fast black/death with diabolical sound and atmosphere in vien Graveworm…
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Ampάtator / Baphomets Horns - Satanic Forcefucked Annihilation, CD, Black Metal
2007 (USA)
Comments/Notes: Violent & sickening US Black Metal gang rape. NOT for weak ears!!! 1000 copies. ::SOLD OUT:: by the label avaliable here5 ? ]

Ancestor / Unlight Domain - Split Cd, CD, Black/Thrash Metal
2006 (CUBA)5 ? ]

Ancient - The Halls Of Eternity, CD, Black Metal
1999 (BEL)
Comments/Notes: used cd
[ Price: 9 ? ]

And The Saga Continues… - You Cant Stop The 3rd —private Release, CD, Grind/Death Metal
2008 (CAN)5 ? ]

Anticipate - Killing For A Living, CD, Grind/Death Metal
1998-05 (POL)27 songs /demos/studio tacks and covers5 ? ]

Antipathy - Removal…, CD, Hardcore
2008 (FR)5? ]

Archgoat - Whore Of Bethlehem, CD, Black Metal
2006 (FIN) The infamous return album from the old Black Metal5

Ares Kingdom - Return To Dust :, CD, Death/Thrash Metal
2006 (USA) 8 tracks, over 42 minutes of crushing infernal, thrashing death metal.5

Artes Negras - Let There Be Death…, CD, Black/Thrash Metal5 euros

Askuror/vargshelske - Split Cd, CD, Black Metal
2005 (D): ASKUROR/VARGSHELSKE-SPLIT Split cd 2005 Released by Nordsturm Productions, both bands are from Germany. This is melodic depressive blackmetal in the vein of Abyssic Hate.5 euros

Asmegin - Hin Vordende, CD, Pagan Black Metal2003 (NO) 5 ? ]

Autophagia - Postmortem Human Offal, CD, Grind/Death Metal2003 (GR)5? ]

Avsky - Mass Destruction, CD, Black Metal
200? (SWE)
Comments/Notes: Avsky “Mass Destruction” CD (now on moribund recs)The debut CD by Sweden’s AVSKY is now available. Torturous and desperate Black Metal. You can actually feel yourself hopelessly gasping for air, feeling your breath being stolen from your carcass of flesh. 9 tracks of suicidal, anti-life black art that thrives on your slow suffering into oblivion, revealing to all what is bleak and loathsome to the world! Influenced by BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, HELLHAMMER, ROOT, SABBAT, CRAFT, TRELLDOM, BEHERIT, GRAVELAND and BATHORY.5 euros

kingbird cd telos


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