Hello,everyone! I am a Chinese Rock Fan!

I am a Chinese rock fan and I love rock music.
I am very glad to find this forum and I like communicating with everyone.
In China, there are many talent bands, and everyone can find their love style.
I wanna know the Greece rock music because I have known that Greece is a beautiful country and has very long history and great myth. And I love the thing that I had never heard before. I love different sounds.
Can you introduce some Greece bands to me? And if you want, I can give you some information about Chinese rock music.

Hello my friend!We’re glad you’ve found this forum too,have a pleasant staying here.Yeah,we have nice beaches and long history,but we prefer women we have big breasts.There are a lot of guys here who could introduce you to some great Greek bands,as I am not the biggest specialist in this field,so stay tuned!Is it everything ok in China with the aridity there is?

Hi!!!Finally our forum has become internatioanal.Give us more info about the bands you like:)

Oh,I forgot,overall the most popular and well-known internationally Greek bands are Firewind and Rotting Crist,so start from them.For less known bands wait for someone else to inform you:DYeah,and tell us what are the genres you prefer,so we could suggest you the respective bands and artists!

Hello there!!
Ni hao ma? Wo xuexi hanyu, zanmen neng shuo zhongwen!!! :p8)

Ωπα ωπα!Πανε ρε στο δικο σου introduce και πες οτι ξερεις και κινεζικα,τι μας λες για αιρονμειδενς και πρασινα αλογα;:stuck_out_tongue:

I am so glad to receive your replies.
My favorite genre is thrash and death metal, and I love Metallica’s reconds before 1991. And Morbid Angel and The Kalmah are the bonds I love ,too. By the way, I love Sonic Youth.
My girlfriend loves Punk and brit-pop.
The aridity in China is very serious, and the government declare the Red Alert,some of small reservoirs have no water.However, my city has enough water to use.
Do you use emule? If so I can offer some Chinese rock to you to download.

Ε σκέφτηκα ότι δε θα ενδιέφερε και κανέναν :stuck_out_tongue: Αλλά τώρα που βρήκα να τα χρησιμοποιήσω… :lol:

Then Rotting Christ is the best for you.
Firewind is power metal,as Innerwish(another greek band).
Also check Anorimoi:D

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Εισαι αντιτουριστικος ρε:p


I beg your pardon?:-s

Ρε τον πουστη,πως το χω το British ο θεουλης!:D:p

Γαμω, θελω να κανω πρακτις τα τζαπανεζικα μου.Κατσε να του το πω.Ειναι και σε πολεμο αυτοι,θα με ξεχεσει.

Welcome Stefanchen! It’s a pleasure to find that there are people from the other side of the world that read our daily bullshit posts. :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I am a worshiper of the country on your right(as you look the map), also known as JAPAN.:stuck_out_tongue: [/SIZE]

Hey there stefanchen.

First of all, you are not allowed to post download links about official releases, as it is illegal. You can send links by private messages if you wish to, though.

Moreover, according to your musical taste, I’d suggest that you took a listen to Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Nightfall.
If you are into a more progressive approach, don’t hesitate to check out Wastefall, Poem, Fragile Vastness, Sleepin Pillow or even some of our legendary 70s rock bands: Socrates Drunk The Conium, Aphrodite’s Child.

I think myspace offers the opportuniy to listen to all of those bands -and it’s for free.

Oh, I do not know p2p in Greece is illegal, in China, it is very common and it is free. We can download everything in the net free and it is lawful. Thank you to tell me that.
And can I stick the picture?

Ρε μπας και ειναι κανα κινεζος μαγαζατορας στην Ευριπίδου?:lol:

Τσιν τσαν τσον τσανγκ τσουνγκ.

Also hi from me!!! Do you know Savatage and Monster Magnet?

yes, they are both great bands.

I LOVE YOU!!! :oops: