Hello from newbie

Hello everyone
I am new to the forum and this is my first post dedicating this to the Introduction Forum as per the forum rules. Before introducing myself, i would just like to thanks the Administrator of this forum for giving me opportunity to join this community. I decided to join and its a wonderful place to be. I’m not very talkative but i always do my best to get in a conversation.Thanks.

Holy shit this forum IS getting inernational.

Είναι δυνατόν; Τρίτη φορά σε περίοδο μερικών ημερών; Mας κοροϊδεύουν, νομίζω.

Welcome to the best forum known to man kind.

Some favourite bands of yours?

Welcome to our forum

fucking international!!!

welcome to the forum!
αιτουμαι την μετονομασια μου σε squallGr!

Welcome to our forum…we have a lot of international members here,the most important of them being GodsmackGR and some american girl who you can have sex with.

ρε κοιτα το username


Welcome to our cozy forum buddy! What are your interests???

Rocking goes international8)8)

welcome to our forum ! have a good time here and dont forget to judge on every user so that you can become talk of the town :stuck_out_tongue:

πήραν χαμπάρι τη λιγούρα μας κ στο εξωτερικό !

I have no idea who these guys are and how i got in this forum. I swear…


i was so fucking true!

You used to listen to Manowar?

Welcome to our house of tol…ermm…to our beautiful forum!Are you related in any way to Eddie?

[SPOILER]Eddie the fucken Gun

[SPOILER]the shampoo maybe?




Don’t worry he usualy says these kinda’ things when he’s masturbatin’


There is alot of money,Ares…

I dunno if you have noticed it, but we are, etsi, a beautiful atmosphere.