Hello me... Meet the real me..!

…and my misfits way of life!!!
It was back in 1982 when i got my first rock album!! ‘till then i used to spent my pocket money buying tapes and lps from the front of our recordstore in our neighbourhood!! ‘Duran Duran’ ‘Michael Jackson’ ‘Spandau Ballet’ ‘The Go-Go’s’ ‘Depeche Mode’ ‘The Stranglers’ ‘Bryan Ferry’ ‘Eric Clapton’ ‘Men at Work’ ‘Dire Straits’ ‘Shakin’ Stevens’ were my favourite artists and then from a page of a music magazine i saw a cover that made me something and i went and bought it!
That was ‘Abominog’ from Uriah Heep my first Rock Album! yeah! and then i got ‘Firefly’ from them too and ‘Shadow play’ from Rory Gallagher and a cousin gave me a cassete with a song called ‘Blackout’ and another one called ‘Holiday’ in it … I didn’t know the name of the band but i started listening to it -hundred and hundred of times- until the tape broke down!!! every time i was listening i couldn’t believe that you can find so many emotions in a simple song!!!
That tape changed my life! I’m a Rock Fan since then and i don’t know what i would be if i didn’t listen to that tape!

                                                                                        I am Defender

Hey there, welcome! Since you are writing in english, may i presume that you are not greek like the rest of us in this forum? Or is it just that you enjoy writing like that? 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell us a bit about yourself - although the most important part, that of your music preferences, has been told already! First of all, where are you from?

(if you don’t understand greek you won’t find it easy in here though!)

(να περιμένω απάντηση στα ελληνικά άραγε??)

edit: χαχα, είσαι Έλληνας τελικά. Είπα και γω, μπήκε κανάς φίλος του daz απο US στο φόρουμ!

Welcome.When the house is rocking(.gr) don’t bother knocking just come on in!
Have fun in here.Φαινεται απο τα λαθη ρε ελλανορ! [-X

Άντε καλώς μας ήρθες κι εσύ!

Why hello thar.

Sorry Ellanor if i gave you wrong impression!! i’m using these kind of writing 'cause it’s easier for me!!
You see i’m used to write in greeklish, my keyboard is in english and since you don’t allow to write in greeklish
i prefer to write in english and don’t mind if i make some mistakes… Deathster might correct me [-X

We love English in this forum! The best language for me!

And there’s a thread in the off topic section, that you can vote which foreign language you prefer to speak/write to!

Welcome to Rocking.gr Defender!8)

τι εννοείς το πληκτρολόγιο σου είναι στα αγγλικά; Δε γράφει πάνω σε κάθε γράμμα ποιο ελληνικό γράμμα του αντιστοιχεί ή δεν έχεις εγκαταστήσει ελληνικές γραμματοσειρές;

Σόνυ και καλά να με κάνεις να γράψω στα Ελληνικά ρε Karvou!
Αναφέρω ποιό πάνω ότι το πληκτρολόγιο μου είναι στα αγγλικά!
Εσύ τι καταλαβαίνεις τώρα? …ορίστε για να γράψω τα παραπάνω έκανα 10 λεπτά!!!
ουφ! κουράστηκα! πάω ν’αλλάξω φανέλα:!::roll:

Χα χα, δηλαδή επειδή απαγορεύεται να γράφεις greeklish και βαριέσαι να γράφεις στα ελληνικά, έγραφες στα αγγλικά; :bow:

Δερβένακες του ροκινγκ αφήστε τον κόσμο να εκφραστεί :!:

:yahoo: το’πιασες.:yahoo:

Και γαμω τις δικαιολογιες ε. Πως δεν το ειχα σκεφτει :expressionless:

I am sorry but suddenly something happened and I can’t write in greek anymore. So to avoid writing in greeklish I chose the easy way: pure english language!

Welcome defender! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that we should ban greek language too:!:

Dear Freedom of Rock,
thanks for your warm welcome!
Let me ask you something:?: Where exactly is this thread about voting which foreign language we prefer the most? can you help me a little bit more? you see newbe around!

Here you are!


Thanks Freedom:!:
i did my add!

I noticed!

Tell us about your favourite bands etc…

I sincerely hope your introduction here does not mean you’re about to sweat bullets.:stuck_out_tongue:

why not?