How about making a band?

Hi guys. My name’s Gerasimos. I live in Ukraine now. In september i’ll be in athens. plannig to live there. I got some good connections and i 'm interested in music… always was. I want to settle a good band with some serious intentions. I am a singer. I can sing almost like Mike Patton of Faith No More, like Brandon Boyd of Incubus. With hard training i’m plannig to reach skills like phil anselmo or Randy Blythe (lamb of god). If anyone is interested write me.
ICQ 314205106

P.S. sorry for the english… i speak greek but not that well

oh come on!!! anyone?!

hey dude!
did u receive my message??
we’re lookin for singer,but we play Hard Rock/Sleaze (Guns n Roses,Skid Row,Motley Crue,WASP…)
are u interested??

Έλα ρε sleazy, Mike Patton τραγουδάει ο άνθρωπος, εσείς θέλετε ένα αλάνι…

so what??
αν ειναι αλανι το παιδι και γουσταρει να τραγουδισει δ παιζει προβλημα.!

Hello Gerasimos,

I’m Kostas and I play guitar. I’m looking for a band like you are and i’m interesting on a serious work!

I’m interesting for this, so when you will come here in Greece sent me an e-mail if you want to, at .

See you pal…