If you are a ROCKSTAR WANNABE then this is for you

What could be the bond that ties a loser skater, a bohemian surfer, a criminal American ? style figure and a nerd philosopher with communist beliefs? But of course? all 4 of them are Rockstar Wannabe?s!

?No-Izy Toyz? (No Easy & Noisy Toys) is a newly founded BAND project, which started its course to success on March 2008 and consists of:

Vocals: Kay - http://myspace.com/kaygr
Electric Guitars/Sound Effects/Vocals: STILL TO ANNOUNCE
Electric Bass/Acoustic Guitar: STILL TO ANNOUNCE

  • Strip/Dancing Show: Estranged

[CENTER]?No-Izy Toys? is STILL a BAND PROJECT, in which the production of the comic TV show ?RockStar Wannabe? is trying to find 4 musicians who have the background needed to become Rockstars. [/CENTER]

[li]Spectacular composition abilities and performing,
[/li][li]open concerts experience,
[/li][li]acknowledgment in a national & international level,
[/li][li]inspiring characters whose ways of life follows its own distinct course,
[/li][li]dedication to music and a want to live an extreme life,
[/li][li]good looks and young age (not over 26)

are some of the criteria the production is searching for.

Each one of the characters will be playing as HIMSELF in the 1st Greek production TV-series which will be showing up on global network coverage. The shootings for the pilot of the series will take place in Athens next summer (2009) with the hot Greek sun having the lead role in the crazy and mysterious state bringing the band together.

CHECK “http://www.myspace.com/noeazytoyz”

Executive Producer: Cozy Roy (STUDIO CORE 64)

CALL ASAP: 6948 26 14 70 - FOR MORE INFO

Για όσους δεν κατάλαβαν το παραπάνω - ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΗΣΤΕ ΑΜΕΣΑ!


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