Insane court new video crusted metal blackened hardcore

 INSANE COURT is a Crusted Metal,Blackened Hardcore power trio from Greece. The term Crusted Metal,Blackened Hardcore(CMBH) refers to a blend of extreme Metal Music such as  Thrash,Death  and Black metal along with Crust Punk and Hardcore. The birth year of the band was back in 2005 in Thessaloniki Greece. They have released The self financed  Demo-ep ?Smash Down and Resist? in 2006 and the full length album ?oil Sucking Animal? in 2010 via Casket records.  Both two releases had an overwhelming reaction from the press in Greece ( both of them where albums of the month in the Greek underground) and the fans , but at that point the band was trying to find their music character so those two releases have nothing to do with the CMBH path that they follow now. After many  live gigs and  many line up changes The band has ready the new full length album?Spectacular Black? for a late 2013/early 2014 release.