ISIS - Shades of the Swarm

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To celebrate a decade of being a band, ISIS, CONSPIRACY RECORDS and ROBOTIC EMPIRE announce the details for a 10th anniversary box set release. This fall, the Boston-to-Los Angeles transplants will release their entire studio recordings in one deluxe 12 vinyl-LP box set. With an oversized poster insert and cloth-bound, foil-stamped custom box, the band is aiming to make this set something their avid collector fans will be proud to own.

Long-time label associates Conspiracy Records (Belgium) and Robotic Empire (USA) have joined forces to unleash this extravagant release, which will be limited to 600 copies worldwide. 300 will be available through Robotic Empire in the US and 300 will be available through Conspiracy Records in Europe (both versions will be exactly the same). All releases will be housed in newly designed covers with artwork created specifically for this release, which includes the following records:

• Mosquito Control LP
• The Red Sea LP
• Celestial 2xLP
• Sgnl05 LP • Sawblade LP
• Oceanic 2xLP
• Panopticon 2xLP
• In The Absence Of Truth 2xLP

(Mosquito Control, Red Sea, Sgnl05, Oceanic, and Panopticon remastered by James Plotkin)

All records will be on 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl.

τιμη να πω??? 160 ευρω.… το σκεφτομαι σοβαρα ασχετα αν μετα δεν θα εχω να περασω τον μηνα… οι προπαραγγελειες δεν εχουν ανοιξει ακομη παντως .

ινφο :

Θα γαμαει στανταρ το πακετο!

Το πακετο ειναι απιστευτο!Αλλα δεν παιζει φραγκο :?

Για την τιμη που το ειδες;

στο σαιτ της conspiracy records το ειδα, η οποια θα το διανειμει στην ευρωπη (δεν εχει ξεκινησει ακομη η δυνατοτητα προπαραγγελιών)…160 ευρω χωρις ταχυδρομικα, λογικα θα ειναι κανα 20-αρι ταχυδρομικα+ταχυδρομικη ασφαλεια… ετσι η αλλιως πολλα φραγκα τα 160…

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