Joe Zawinul R.I.P

VIENNA, Austria (AP)? Jazz legend Joe Zawinul, who soared to fame?
> as one
> of the creators of jazz fusion and performed and recorded with?
> Miles Davis,
> died early Tuesday, a hospital official said. He was 75.
> Zawinul had been hospitalized since last month. A spokeswoman for?
> Vienna’s
> Wilhelmina Clinic confirmed his death without giving details.
> Zawinul won widespread acclaim for his keyboard work on chart-
> topping Davis
> albums such as “In A Silent Way” and “Bitches Brew,” and was a leading
> force behind the so-called “Electric Jazz” movement.
> In 1970, Zawinul founded the band Weather Report and produced a?
> series of
> albums including “Heavy Weather,” “Black Market” and “I Sing the Body
> Electric.” After that band’s breakup, he founded the Zawinul?
> Syndicate in 1987.
> Zawinul is credited with bringing the electric piano and?
> synthesizer into
> the jazz mainstream.
> This past spring, he toured Europe to mark the 20th anniversary of the
> Zawinul Syndicate. He sought medical attention when the tour ended,?
> the
> Viennese Hospital Association said in a statement last month.


Και είχε έρθει πέρυσι για συναυλία και δεν είχα καταφέρει να πάω ρε γμτ! Ε, ρε κάτι τζαμαρίσματα που θα γίνονται τώρα με miles και jaco παρέα…

Ουτε o Jaco ουτε ο Joe πεθαναν … ΘΑ ΖΟΥΝ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ !