Kenourio IOMMI with Glenn Hughes! (pali!)

heh… to KENOURIo album Iommi+Hughes 8a ne se ligo kero gegonos, ke apoti fenete apo tin sinedef3i tou glenn sto, 8a ne poli heavy!!
:twisted: :twisted:
oriste ena apospasma:

"Kevin: You played me the upcoming, not-yet-released Iommi-Hughes record today. I have to say that for a heavy metal record, it is just fucking huge.

Glenn: We finished it about a month ago with Kenny Aronoff. It is a mammoth, spectacle extravaganza record. It is a huge, huge album. It is classic rock and modern rock with Tony?s guitar sound and Big Daddy?s soulful overtones. It was written in Birmingham in October. Tony and I wrote about 18 songs. We realized we were missing something and we realized it so we brought in Kenny Aronoff. We didn?t want a session guy, instead we wanted someone who would play with us in a live setting. When we started playing with Kenny we knew we had what we wanted. The album was recorded between December 3rd and December the 20th at Monnow Valley in Wales. I think it really is a mammoth record.

Kevin: Will you and Iommi be doing anything live?

Glenn: Tony and I will tour the album properly when we get the right release date and the right tour in front of us. This album is too big to ignore.

Kevin: When is the release date for the album?

Glenn: I have heard the press will be flown into New York and London and have a listening party. It is a big record and when the fans hear it then they will understand why I am making such a big deal out of it. It makes a big statement."

gia to ipolipo tis sinedef3is:

isws ginomai kakkws … alla egrapses 3 seires oles oles gia to kainourgio cd …

to apospasma tis sinenntefksis ti to itheles den katalava … aplws kane ena copy/paste to link kai grapse diavaste kai to interviw gia to kainourgio cd …

signomi… pano ston en8ousiasmo mou toi kana!:frowning:

Πάντως το cd είναι εξαιρετικό και γενικότερα ότι βγάζει ο τεράστιος Glenn Hughes εδώ και χρόνια… Περιμένω πως και πως ν’ αγοράσω το νέο προσωπικό του, αν και ξέρω ότι κάποιες κουφάλες εδώ μέσα το έχουν ήδη… ΧΕΧΕΧΕ

afou to cd akoma na vgi!! :roll:

Sorry ρε παιδιά, αν΄μιλάμε για το καινούριο Cd του Iommy με τον Ηughes έχει κυκλοφορήσει εδώ και τουλάχιστον 2 εβδομάδες! Και εξαιτίας της συζήτησης που έχει γίνει γύρω απ’αυτό πήγα και το αγόρασα ενώ δεν είμαι ιδιαίτερος Fαn. Μετά απ’αυτήν την αγορά…εξακολουθώ να μην είμαι fan!!! Καλοδουλεμένο, αλλά δεν έχει κάτι να πει. Μόνο κάποια riffs του Iommy πάνε σε ξεσηκώσουν αλλά έρχεται η φωνή του Hughes (που σε ορισμένα σημεία μοιάζει “ξεκούρδιστη”) και τα χαλάει όλα! Γούστα είναι αυτά!!

Ο bigdude εννοεί το προσωπικό του Glenn Hughes, με τον Chad Smith των θεών Red Hot Chili Peppers…



bravo! afto ennousa!!:stuck_out_tongue: to kenourio pou 8a kanoun ke tour!:stuck_out_tongue: