KISS party Texas club 15/05/2007

KISS party στις 15/05/2007 (ημέρα Τρίτη) στο TEXAS (

Θα προσπαθήσουμε να είναι το καλύτερο party ever και να ξεπεράσουμε τα 150 άτομα του Wizard της 21/12/06.

Γενικά στοιχεία:

  1. Acoustic live show
  2. Κλήρωση official merchandise
  3. Τεράστιο ανέκδοτο οπτικό και ακουστικό υλικό
    κλπ κλπ…

Λεπτομερειες θα υπαρχουν συνεχως.


Εννοείται ότι δεν ξεχνιόμαστε! :smiley:

Το live event της βραδυάς θα το εκτελέσουν οι

  • The Ivory Tower και
  • Luv Sux
    Επίσης, θα γίνουν 2-3 ειδικές εκτελέσεις κομματιών από άλλους φίλους της μπάντας.
    Θα είναι με ηλεκτρακουστικές κιθάρες και χωρίς τύμπανα (για τεχνικούς λόγους), αλλά θα έχει ιδιαίτερο χαρακτήρα.

Επίσης, θα γίνει κλήρωση οfficial merchandise και οι παρευρισκόμενες κυρίες θα έχουν ειδική κλήρωση γιατί θα υπάρχουν sexy δώρα μόνον για αυτές…

Σπάνιο οπτικοακουστικό υλικό και ίσως μία τεραστίων διαστάσεων έκπληξη. :bow2: :papas: [-o<

Οριστική αφίσα…τυπώνεται σήμερα.

Αναφορές άλλων για την μπάντα.

Alice Cooper (in 1974): “They’re a good band. All these guys need is a gimmick.”

Ozzy Osbourne: “I knew they were going to make it big when they were a support band for Black Sabbath, and they asked us to take down the Union Jack flag while touring with us. That showed they had balls. Since then, we have become good friends and I admire them immensely.”

Mike McCready (Pearl Jam): “I started playing because of KISS. I was eleven. I had the KISS lunch box, everything. They were the biggest band in the world.”

Dicky Barrett (The Mighty Mighty Bostones): “We thought Detroit Rock City was the coolest KISS song of all time. Destroyer was the third album I ever owned, back when it came out. I joined the KISS Army. They gave you a patch, a postcard and a real sense of belonging.”

Adam Horovitz (The Beastie Boys): “My first date I ever went on, I saw KISS at The Garden in fifth grade and I knew I’d see some action from my date…”

Dave Snake Sabo (Skid Row): “I didn’t even think about being a musician until I was about 13. That’s when I discovered KISS and it was all over. It changed my life and I thank them every day.”

Dean Delen (Stone Temple Pilots): “I remember bouncing around my bedroom playing along to KISS Alive! on an old tennis racquet… I lived for their music.”

Vinnie Paul (Pantera): “I’d skip school, stay home and dress up like fucking Ace and put on KISS records. My dad got me my first guitar. It was a Gibson like Ace’s and he was always behind me.”

Garth Brooks: “My biggest influence through junior high was KISS… I had all of their eight-track tapes in high school, and that was my thing.”

Lars Ulrich (Metallica): “Out of all the bands, I’m the one who back in 1977 would sit outside KISS’ hotel room in Copenhagen to get an autograph.”

Ted Nugent: “KISS and its members represent rock ‘n’ roll irreverence at its best, with make-up or without.”

Bob Seger: “I did about 70 shows with them. Their fans, the KISS Army, were chanting KISS, KISS, KISS! The band came back and apologized later. They were great.”

Kim Thayall (Soundgarden): “KISS were the reason I started playing guitar. If it wasn’t for them, I’m sure I wouldn’ be playing and doing what I’m doing today.”

Scott Ian (Anthrax): “Years ago, I considered Gene Simmons an idol. Now I consider him a friend. Good luck play Parasite.”

Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme): “You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world: KISS infected me and every other kid in junior high!”

Joey Ramone (The Ramones): "I remember back in ‘73 when I used to hang out at the Coventry in Queens, I saw KISS in the early stages. I saw them grow. Gene would wear a black skull and crossbones t-shirt, and the band used dry ice. They gave a big concert at the Coventry to announce their signing to Casablanca Records. The band came out on stage with all this new equipment together. It was the loudest show I had ever experienced at the time. It was great! A few years later, my brother, who was friends with the designer of the KISS dolls, got us free tickets to see the band at Nassau Coliseum. This was around the time of Destroyer, which - along with the band’ first LP - is my favourite KISS album. My brother and I had good seats, near the front. It was a real freak show walking in because everyone in the audience was dressed like a different member of KISS. It was amusing. I remember the stage explosions were so intense it was like getting a bad sunburn. I was definitely a fan of KISS in those early days. Detroit Rock City is one of my favorite all time KISS songs.

Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue): “When I first saw KISS, I stood in line for six hours at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington. I was sitting in the front row and when they took the stage, I knew that I wanted to have a band that was nothing less than what I saw. The theatre bug bit me. Rock ‘n’ roll from then on had to have an element of theatre to excite me.”

Jason Newsted (ex Metallica): “One day in junior high school somebody brought the first KISS album. That pretty much changed things for me. My fourteenth birthday I asked for a bass guitar. I wanted to be Gene Simmons.”

Brett Michaels (Poison): “What can I say except that KISS is and always will be one of the most entertaining and exciting bands that ever happened to rock ‘n’ roll. KISS has definitely left their mark in rock ‘n’ roll history and I consider them one of my major influences.”

Patrick Badger (Extreme): “The God Of Thunder inspired me to pick up the bass and make my own thunder. Thank you Gene!”

Charlie Benante (Anthrax): “I first saw KISS in 1976 - I was very young, so I went with my cousin. I was so excited because I caught one of Ace Frehley’s guitar picks. It was broken, but I didn’t care. It was at Nassau Coliseum in New York. They ruled that night. After that, I went to see them every time they played for years. People sometimes said that the members in the band couldn’t play their instruments, but that’s bullshit. When the make-up came off, the only thing that happened was it meant Halloween is over.”

Mark Slaughter (Slaughter): “KISS is one of the most theatrical bands if not the most theatrical band ever. They’ve been successful for years, after many personnel changes which proves that the longevity of good rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay. After touring with them, we realized why they are the kings they are.”

Rodney Sheppard (Sugar Ray): “KISS was the single reason I wanted to get into this business. Their songs were very catchy and at such an early age for me they were very impressionable and that ended up being the single driving force why I wanted to play guitar and be in a band.”

The Clown (Slipknot): “They are the reason why I play music. They are my love.”

Brian May (Queen):“I like KISS a lot. Queen were often compared to KISS at the time. We were sort of counterparts. They were the American version and we were the English version.”

Corey Glover (Living Colour): “KISS is living proof that rock ‘n’ roll will never die.”

Lenny Kravitz: “I grew up on all kinds of music, soul, R & B, blues. But it was KISS who were the first group which made me think I want to be onstage doing this. They were so larger than life and so underrated and just got shit on because of their whole theatrical thing. Ace Frehley is a great guitar player.”

Roger Daltrey (The Who): “I say this with regret, I never actualy saw any of KISS’ live shows. But I loved them. I thought that KISS really had the right attitude. They never ever took themselves too seriously and they made some f*****g good music.”

Johnny Ramone (The Ramones): “KISS is one of the most exciting and entertaining rock bands of the past 30 years.”

Noddy Holder (Slade): “To me, they were the perfect American band because they took what was best about British music and Americanized it. And they certainly took the image of the glam rock thing that was happening in England. I knew KISS were very influenced by Slade. It was a great compliment for a band like KISS to mention us as an influence. They took everything that was good about Slade and took it to the farthest extreme. Like Slade, KISS did anthem songs but in an American way.”

Brian Eschbach (The Black Dahlia Murder): “I could go on forever talking about KISS, but if there is only one thing to say, it is that KISS revolutionized live performance. KISS is one of the best bands I have ever seen live.”

Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys): “KISS is an interesting band indeed. I like their energy.”

Paul Westerberg (The Replacements): “They were the band that I was ashamed to like but I would go in my room and play 'em and love 'em. Destroyer had to like but I would go in my room and play 'em and love 'em. Destroyer had some great stuff on it.”

Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company) “I think KISS is absolutely amazing.They’re very unique.”

Little Steven: “Even though KISS’ whole dressing-up thing was a gimmick, musically they’re just a terrific rock ‘n’ roll band.”

John Fannon (New England) “Everyone would probably agree that KISS’ place in rock ‘n’ roll history has ben paved by their concept and their big theatrical show. But to me if their music didn’t impact people they wouldn’t still be playing in arenas. If you don’t have good music and you’re not a great band, you’re not going to last as long as they did. Only the great bands can have the success that they’ve had for so long.”

Julian Lennon: “One of the first albums I bought in America was KISS Alive! I listened to that nonstop way back then. When you saw this whole act that was going on with the flames and the blood and the enormity of it, it was impressive.”

Προβλεπεται μεγας χαμός και πανικός…αφου σίγουρα θα παρεβρεθούν τα πιο sexy ,rock girls in Athens…Σεισμός -σεισμός…των KIss Army ο στρατος:) :slight_smile:
Οι φωτογραφιες του πάρτυ ,αυτού , θα γίνουν ανταπόκριση απο Aμερική ,μέχρι Αυστραλία και Japan…φορεστε το καλύτερο σας χαμόγελο ,πάρτε τις φίλες σας και τα λεμε στα pits…