Lista me cds 5 euros to ena


aborted-engineering the dead

accept-restless and wild

agressor-medieval rites digipack

altar-red harvest

annihilator-carnival diablos

artillery-deadly relics best(demos)

artillery-fear of tomorrow + terror squad

at the gates-slaughter of the soul

at the gates-suicidal final art best digipack

at the gates-the red in the sky is ours

at the gates-with fear i kiss the burning darkness

aura noir-deep tracks of hell best

aura noir-increased damnation

autopsy-torn from the grave best digipack

benediction-organized chaos

bolt thrower-the 4th crusade

bolt thrower-warmaster

broken hope-grotesque blessings digipack

caliban-a small boy and a grey heaven

cannibal corpse-core obsessed

cannibal corpse-eaten back to life

cannibal corpse-live cannibalism live

cannibal corpse-the beeding


carcass-symphonies of sickness

carcass-wake up and smell… best

carnal forge-firedemon

carnal forge-please…die

carnivora-carnivore re-isuue

carnivore-retaliation re-issue

celtic frost-to mega therion re-issue

children of bodom-follow the reaper

children of bodom-hatebreeder digipack

children of bodom-something wild

corefest-soul survivor

crandle of filth-from the crandle to enslave mlp digipack

crowbar-sonic excess in its purest form

crowbar-time heals nothing

dark angel-leave scars


death-live in L.A live

deep purple-fireball 25th aniversary edition

defaced creation-serenity in chaos

defleshed-abrah kadavrah digipack



destruction-all hell breaks loose

dew scented-inwards

dies irae-immolated

dismember-hate campaign

dismember-like an ever flowning stream digipack re-issue


dying fetus-destroy the opposition

edge of sanity-evolution

egde of sanity-infernal

entombed-morning star

entombed-same difference

entombed-uprising digipack

evildead-the underworld

exmortem-berzerker legions

fear factory-obsulete

fight-small deadly place

flotsam and jetsam-unnatural selection


garden of shadows-oracle moon


god dethroned-the grand grimoire

god forbit-determination

gorguts-from wisdom to hate

hallows eve-death and insanity

hallows eve-monument

hate plow-everybody dies

hate plow-the only law is survival

heaven shall burn-whatever it may take

hellhammer-apocalyptic raids 1900ad re-issue

holy terror-terror and submission + mind wars

hypcrisy-penetralia didipack re-issue

hypocrisy-osculum obscenum digipack re-issue

incubus-beyond the unknown + serpent temtation digipack

infernal majesty-none shall defy

infernal majesty-unholier than thu

judas priest-demolition digipack

judas priest-jugulator

judas priest-unleased in the east live


king diamond-the dark side mlp

konkhra-come down cold

konkhra-sexual affective disorder

konkhra-spit or swallow

konkhra-weed out the weak digipack

krabathor-cool mortification + only our death is real

krabathor-unfortunately dead

kreator-coma of souls

krisium-ageless venomous

krisium-the conquerors of armageddon

lock up-hate breeds suffering

lock up-pleasures pave sewers

machine head-burn my eyes

martyr-murder x,the and of the game

maveloment creation-envenomed

maveloment creation-joe black best

maveloment creation-retribution

maveloment creation-the fine art of murder

maveloment cretion-the ten commandments

megadeth-the world need a hero


meshuggah-contradictions collapse + none(mini lp) digipack

meshuggah-destroy erase improve

meshuggah-rare trax best


monstrosity-enslaving the masses 2cd (1 live + demos)

monstrosity-in dark purity digipack

morbid angel-altar of madness

morbid angel-blessed are the sick

morbid angel-covenant

morbid angel-dominaton

motley crue-dr feelwood re-issue

motley crue-motley crue re-issue

murder squad-unsane,insane and mentally deranged

my own victim-no voice no rights no freedom

my own victim-the weapon

napalm death-fear,emptiness,despair

napalm death-harmony corruption

napalm death-in tongues we speak split mlp

napalm death-inside the torn apart

napalm death-utopia banished

napalm death-words from the exit wound

nuclear assault-game over + the plague (mlp)

nuclear assault-handle with care

obituary-dead live

onslaught-the force

opprobrium-discerning forces

overkill-coverkill diaskeues

overkill-from the underground and below

overkill-fuck you and some best(live + overkill mlp)


overkill-i hear black


overkill-the killing kind


overkill-wrecking your neck live

pantera-official live live

pantera-reinventing the steal

pissing razors-fields of disbelief

possessed-beyond the gates + eyes of horror re-issue

postmortem-screams of blackness

powerdog-back to attack


razor-violent restitution

riot-fire down under re-issue

ritual carnage-every nerve alive

rory gallagher-photo finish re-issue

rumble militia-stop violence and madness

runemagick-enter the realm of death

runemagick-resurrection in blood

sabbath-headless cross


sacramentum-the coming of chaos

sacramentum-thy black destiny

sadus-elements of anger

sepultura-nation digipack


sinister-aggressive measures

sinister-bastard saints mlp digipack

sinister-creative kilings

sinister-diabolical summoning + cross the styx digipack


six feet under-pure carnage digipack +1 song

slayer-decade of agression 2cd live



sodom-code red 2cd (+1 tribute)

sodom-get what you deserve

sodom-in the sign of evil + obsessed by cruelty


sodom-masquerade in blood

sodom-persecution mania

SOD-speak english or die

soilwork-a predators portrait

soilwork-steelbath suicide

soilwork-the chainheart machine

solitude aeturnus-adagio

soulburn-feeding on angels

soulfly-primitive digipack


suffocation-breeding the spawn

suffocation-effigy of the forgotten

suffocation-human waste

suffocation-pierced from within

tankard-disco destroyer

tankard-kings of beer

terror 2000-slaugherhouse supremacy

terrorizer-world downfall

testament-souls of black

testament-the best off best

thanatos-angelic encounters

thanatos-emerging from the netherworlds

thanatos-realm of ecstasy

the forsaken-manifest of hate

the haunted-the haunted

the organization-savour the flavour

udo-holy digipack

unleashed-eastern blood,hail to polland live digipack


vader-future of the past tribute

vader-kindom mlp


vader-reborn in chaos best 2 demos

vader-reign forever war

vader-the darkest age,live 93 live

vader-the ultimate incantation

wardog-a sound beating

warrant-the enforcer + first strike

whiplash-messages in blood best demos

whiplash-power and pain + ticket to mayhem

whiplash-sit stand kneel prey

whiplash-thrashback digipack

soulburn-feeding on angels
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