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Reflection - Syre of the storm (7inch dark side rec.)
speedkills - compilation
Gamma ray - Heading for tommorow
OBITUARY - Blackest day (clear vinyl)
CANNIBAL CORPSE - vile (sealed)
RHAPSODY - symphony of enchanted lands(picture,numbered)
BANSHEE - Cry In The Night
Faithful Breath - Gold & Glory
Helloween - Pink Bubbles go Ape
Metal Church - same
Vendetta - go and live…
Budgie - In for the kill
Iron maiden - same
Apocrypha - the forgoten scroll
apocrypha - The eyes of time
Metallca - an album for all (picture bootleg)
Hammerfall - Glory to the brave - Legacy Of Kings
Chastain - voice of the cult
Napalm death - time waits for no slave + cd with 2 extra songs


Captain Beyond - Same
Wino - Live At roadburn
Wino - Adrift (New Sealed)
Accept - Objection overuled
Pantera - Vulgar display of power
s.o.d. - live at budokan
ignorance - positively shocking
released anger - violent instincks
whats the buzz - sametitled
the spacious mind - the mind of a brother
oliver wakeman - mother’s ruin
future sound of london - isdn
orb - orbus terrarum
brian eno - discreet music
tangerine dream - underwater sunlight
-//- - dream mixes one
-//- - the hollywood years vol.1
-//- - Thief
-//- - Inferno (dante alighieri’s la divina commedia)
edgar froese - aqua
-//- - beyond the storm (2cd)
frank o’ connor - tir na nog
celtic moods - celtic compilation
mandragora - Polen
Prince - Rainbow Children
Acid Death - Random’s Manifest
Kodo - Live at acropolis
Emma Shaplin - Carmine Meo
Pick & Mix - Deletium Sample (double cd)
Archives of space - space rock comp. (farflung,amon duul II,e.t.c.)
Running Wild - Victory (new sealed)
Dream Theater - Train of thought
jazz - compilation (2cd)
Alan parsons project - Amonia Avenue


Manilla road - red shirt skull (bought from their show in 2003)
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales
Ross the Boss - new metal leader (long sleeve) (new) (bought from their show)