M.ILL.ION ? ?Kingsize?

M.ILL.ION ? ?Kingsize?
(Majestic Rock)
Running Time : 50:43

Well, Majestic, spoiled us, by re releasing re-masters of the bands back catalogue. And now we get KINGSIZE. How does this measure in comparison with the previous releases ? Its bigger, better, louder, sexier, it gives you a wood in the morning. I said when the EP was released, that if the record was as good, as the ep suggested, I ?d need a new pair of underwear. Please feel free to send me a pair, to the address that can be found in the site.
Did you like, EUROPE ? Dalton etc, all those super cool Scandi bands. Did you feel that the new Europe was patchy and too modern ? Well this is your bad bad medicine?
?Eyes of a king?, is a solid opener, but doesn?t quite give you a good indication of what?s gonna happen a couple of songs later. ?Backdoor Queen? is a little rock n roll anthem, very enjoyable, but never quite breaks into a full blown anthem. ?Room number 3? is a brooding sinister, real story, retold as a song. Check out the interview, to find out what it?s all about. It?s a very interesting mid tempo song, with a cool refrain. ?Rock n roll Nation? is a rousing arena sing along, with a couple of nice short keyboard leads. Next on, is ?On and On?, those who got the EP, know what this is all about. Hands down the best song on the record. An uber cool anthem, with a super cool chorus. IT had me throwing shapes in my bedroom. Well when that happens you know, you?re getting your money?s worth. You only pray that people are not watching from across your window. ?Forbidden fruit? is a ballad, and thank god that they did not decide to call it ?Garden of Eden?, we already had enough of Heaven and Eden, with the WAYSTED album. It?s very sweet, melodic, somebody has set my hair on fire? you get the picture again. Nice strings and everything. Fuck, if they sold this with a TAKE THAT logo on the cover, it would have probably been a number1. Zombies, is a lamenting rocker, about drug addiction I think, nice chorus, lots of keys and a mean riff. Fight you forever, is a nice average rocker. Neither too good or bad. Killing the Messenger however, is probably the second best song on the album, a mid paced crunchy rocker, questioning the practice of the mass media and governments, that strong arm people into senseless wars, without solid proof, only to satisfy some greedy corporations and their ulterior motives. You can call them leftist, or whatever, if you think it will make any difference, but I ?m happy that a band, even one that would usually be indulging into partying, can write a meaningful allegory of a song. Who said that musicians should depress their ideas and feelings? Well some Fascist. ?Prison of Power? is a stompy rocker, about the modern life, hysteria, and commercialization ? the yuppie culture. Very catchy chorus, but I could have done without the reference to ?German/Jappo businessmen practices, aka golden showers ?. And to conclude this beautiful record we got ?Those eyes?. Another speedy, high octane rocker, that?s part Europe with a little hint of Deep Purple. The band is firing on all six. This is an epitome of their sound. All I can say is buy or die. If you die, please can I inherit your entire fortune, an amusing clock and your stack of French porn ? What do you mean, no ?!

Excellent !