Metal cd's

και τα 24 μαζί 90 ευρώ

Arcturus ? Sideshow Symphonies (Season of Mist, 2005, DIGI) VG+/VG+
Carpe Tenebrum ? Mirrored Hate Painting (Hammerheart, 1999) VG+/VG+
Dragonlord - Rapture Spitfire/2001 NM/NM
Dimension F3H - Reaping The World Winds Hammerheart/2003 VG+/NM
Fear Factory - Transgression NM/NM Roadrunner/2005
Graveland ? Dawn Of Iron Blades (No Colours, 2004) VG+/NM
Horned Almighty - Contaminating the Divine Obscure Abhorrence/2008 NM/NM
Judas Priest ? Jugulator VG+/VG Steamhammer/1997
Kovenant, The - Animatronic (Nuclear Blast/1999) VG+/NM
Misvita - Misanthropic Aura Cryptia/2003 NM/NM
Mystic Circle - Damien (Digipak) Massacre/2002 VG/NM
Mystic Circle - The Great Beast (Digipak) Massacre/2001 NM/NM
Nightfall - I Am Jesus NM/VG+ Black Lotus/2003
Ozzy Osbourne ? Blizzard Of Ozz VG+/VG+ Epic/1995
Ozzy Osbourne ? Ozzmosis VG+/VG+ Epic/1995
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel NM/VG+ Elektra/2000
Slayer ? Diabolus In Musica VG+/VG+ Columbia/1998
Slayer ? God Hates Us All NM/NM American/2001
Theatre Of Tragedy ? Aegis VG+/VG+ Swanlake/1998
The Abyss - The Other Side/Summon The Beast (DIGI) NM/NM Nuclear Blast/2001
The Black League - Ichor VG+/NM Nuclear Blast/2000
Venom - Cast In Stone (2CD) VG+/NM Steamhammer/2007
Therion ? Deggial NM/NM Nuclear Blast/2000
Vetus Obscurum - Blood Revelations Debemur Morti/2009 NM/NM