Metal lp και cd

Burzum - belus limited ασπρα βινυλια σφραγισμενο
ΝΙghtwish - nemo (gatefold 10’’)
Gravewurm - ancient storm of war
sentenced - funeral
acdc - live 2lp
vow wow - cyclone japan obi
faithful breath - skol
anacrusis - reason
narnia - awakening
queensryche - rage for order
realm - endless war
aggressor - neverending destiny
intruder -a higher form of killing
helstar - a distant thunder
midas touch - presage of disaster


The whores of babylon - metropolis
metallica - load
december - praying,hoping,nothing
screaming shadows - in the name of god
sargatanas - knights of the southern cross
laaz rockit - no stranger to danger
janes addiction - nothing shocking
sepultura - roots (limited digipack 1st press)
temple of blood - overlord
F.E.A.R - toxic toyz
Wotan - carmina barbarica
Hawkwind - master of the universe
Eldritch - headquake

ola mazi 120 eyro