Metal/Rock/Hip-Hop CDS/DVDS for sale

Μερικά κομμάτια ακόμα από τη συλλογή μου για πούλημα. Κατέβασα τις τιμές στα περισσότερα. Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται ή έχει κάποια ερώτηση να με ειδοποιήσει. πορώ να στείλω και με αντικαταβολή αν κάποιος είναι μακριά. Τα λέμε. 8)

1)Alien ant farm-Smooth criminal 1.5 euro
2)Creed-Higher 1.5 euro
3)Creed-My own prison 1.5 euro
4)Dandy Warhols-Bohemian like you 1 euro
5)Iron Maiden-Out of the silent planet (limited edition digipack) 2.5 euro -ON HOLD-
6)Limp Bizkit-Take a look around - M.I-2 theme 1.5 euro
7)Linkin Park-One step closer 1.5 euro
8.Metallica-Turn the page 2 euro
9)Metallica-Die, die my darling 2 euro
10)M.O.P-Cold as ice 1 euro
11)The Offspring-The kids aren’t alright 1.5 euro -ON HOLD-
12)Ozzy-Dreamer 2 euro -ON HOLD-
13)Prodigy-Smack my bitch up 1.5 euro
14)Rammstein-Sonne 2 euro -ON HOLD-
15)Sepultura-Attitude (digipack) 2 euro
16)ZZ top-What’s up with that 1.5 euro

1)Metallica-Some kind of monster (2 DVD set) 13 euro
2)Slipknot-Welcome to our neighbourhood (USA version - bonus material) 9 euro -ON HOLD-
3)Slipknot-Welcome to our neighbourhood (VHS) 5 euro
4)Soulfly-The song remains insane 10 euro
5)Korn-Live (2-disc edition) 12 euro

1)Audioslave-Out of exile 6 euro
2)Fear Factory- Digimortal (limited edition digipack) 5.5 euro
3)Guns ‘n’ Roses-G’N’R Lies 4 euro
4)Guns ‘n’ Roses-The Spaghetti incident 3 euro
5)Kill Bill Vol.1 O.S.T 7 euro
6)Korn-Untouchables 6 euro
7)Korn-Take a look in the mirror (limited edition 2-disc digipack) 8 euro
8.Megadeth- Risk+No Risk -Best of- (2 cd UK/France edition) 9 euro
9)Metallica-Master of the puppets 6 euro
10)Metallica-St.anger (2 disc edition- cd+dvd) 5 euro
11)Mudvayne-The beginning of all things to end 6 euro
12)Mudvayne-L.D 50 5 euro
13)New Found glory- Sticks and stones 4 euro
14)”O’ brother where art thou” -soundtrack- 6.5 euro
15)The Offspring-Ignition 6 euro
16)Ozzfest-Live 2nd stage (Live 2000) -2 cd’s- 6 euro
17)Ozzfest-The second millennium (Live-2001) 5 euro
18.Ozzy-Blizzard of Ozz 7 euro
19)Ozzy-Down to earth 6 euro
20)Ozzy-Ozzmosis 5.5 euro
21)Paparoach-Lovehatetragedy (limited edition) 6 euro
22)Paparoach-Infest 5.5 euro
23)Pitchshifter-P.S.I 5.5 euro
24)”The Punisher” soundtrack 6 euro
25)Prodigy-The fat of the land 4 euro
26)Prodigy-The dirtchamber sessions Vol.1 (digipack) 6 euro
27)Queens of the stone age-Songs for the deaf (limited edition) 7 euro
28.Rage-Ghosts (limited edition digipack) 6.5 euro
29)Rage-Soundchaser 7 euro -ON HOLD-
30)Rolling stones-Still Life 1981 (Live) 5.5 euro
31)Scorpions-Unbreakable (limited edition digipac) 5 euro
32)Sepultura-Schizophreneia 6 euro
33)Silverchair-Frogstomp 5.5 euro
34)Slipknot- X-posed (Interview cd) 2.5 euro
35)Soulfly-Dark ages (limited edition digipac) 7.5 euro
36)Soulfly- “3” 4.5 euro
37)System of a Down-Mesmerize (digipack) 8 euro
38.WWF Forceable entry V/A (Drowning pool-Saliva-Rob Zombie etc etc) 6.5 euro
39)Ψόφιοι Κοριοί-Outro 5.5 euro

Nu-metal/ Hip-Hop/ Rap
1)Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill 6 euro
2) " " -Temples of boom 6.5 euro
3) " " -Stoned raiders 4.5 euro
4) " " -Black Sunday 6.5 euro
5) " " -Skull & Bones (cd+single 2-disc edition) 6.5 euro
6) " " -IV 4.5 euro
7)Crazy town-The gift of game 5.5 euro
8. Dr.Dre-2001 6 euro
9)Eminem-The slim Shady Lp 6 euro
10)Eminem-The Marshall Mathers Lp 6 euro
11)Eminem-The Eminem show 6.5 euro
12)Going Through-La Sagrada Familia 4 euro
13)Limp Bizkit-3 dollar bills y’all 5 euro
14)Limp Bizkit-results may vary (cd+dvd limited edition) 5 euro
15)Limp Bizkit-Significant other 5 euro
16)Limp Bizkit-Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water 5 euro
17)WWF Aggression V/A (Snoop Dogg/Method Man/Run-DMC etc, etc) 6 euro

Επίσης ξέχασα να προσθέσω μπορώ να στείλω και με αντικαταβολή αν κάποιος δεν είναι από Βόρεια Ελλάδα.8)

Προστέθηκαν και αυτά τα τρία

Green Day- Insomniac
Aerosmith- Nine lives
Alice in Chains- S/T

6 ευρώ το καθένα.:wink: