Metal Βινύλια πρός πώληση μεγάλη λίστα

a new generation of rock hard young heavy (savatage, mr big, vicious rumors and more)
abattoir the only safe place SOLD
ac dc if you want blood
ac dc who made who
ace ballroom blitz SOLD
agent steel – mad locust black vinyl
agent steel - mad locust rising (Blue vinyl)
agent steel - skeptics apocalypse SOLD
agent steel omega consiracy blue 350 copies
agent steel unstoppable force
agentz - stick to your guns
akis tourkogioris kagliostro
alias - metal to infinity SOLD
alias (Their Second LP) SOLD
alice cooper hey stupid 12’’ single
Alien – futurophobie SOLD
anathema the silend enigma (broken vinyl)
angel eyes made in heaven
anthrax penicufesin
anthrax state of euphoria
anthrax state of euphoria
antix get up get happy
apocalyplse (horsemen cover)
apocalypse (out of tune records)
armageddon the tears of a king bird
armored saint ep (metal blade)
asiana out on the street
athotorg - 250 copies promaster dieyana
attila rolling thunder SOLD
avalon the 3rd move SOLD
avenger - prayers of steel SOLD
axemaster – Blessing in the skies SOLD
axewitch visions of the past
axia - same
axiom vicious circle (with cover)
axiom vicious circle (with plain white cover)
axton pryte the lab SOLD
baekdosan iii
bangles i ll set you free 12’’ single
bathory destroyer of worlds
bathory twilight of the gods SOLD
bitch the bitch is back
black diamond bending the rules SOLD
black symphony picture disc
black tetra - same
blind guardian nightfall in middle earth (picture disc) SOLD
booby trap - women
brocas helm defenders of the crown 1st edition green vinyl
Bruce Dickinson accident of birth gatefold raw power
burn still going wrong
castle blak babes in toyland
chase watch closely now
child saint SOLD
cinderella heartbreak station SOLD
cinderella night songs picture disc
cities annihilation absolute
co production (french compilation)
Crimson Glory - dream dancer 12"
Crimson Glory – Transcendence (MCA records)
Crimson Glory – Transcendence (roadracer promo)
crimson glory (PAR records) SOLD
Crimson glory (Roadrunner)
Crimson glory (Japan)
crimson glory Lonely 12’‘
Crimson glory picture disc
crimson glory strange and beautiful
crush kingdom of the kings
crystal pride knocked out SOLD
cynic traced in air
dancer in the beginning SOLD
danton way of destiny SOLD
dark knight
dark quarterer 500 copies eat metal
dead end - dead line SOLD
dead end ghost of romance SOLD
death metal (censored cover)
death metal (uncensored cover)
Demon eyes - garde a vue SOLD
demon the unexpected guest
demonaz march of the norse sealed
destruction - overkill
diamond x land of the damned SOLD
diamond x rated rex
dionysus excalibur
dionysus legend of darkness
dissection final genocide sealed
distilerry - distilerry
divorce triangle
drakkard - le mysteres de la vie SOLD
epidemic industrial
exciter long live the loud
exoristoi 19
exoristoi o lytrotis
fantasy - mental powers
fates warning - awaken the guardian picture 500 copies
fates warning - no exit
fates warning - quietus promo
Fates Warning night on brocken (moon cover)
Fates Warning night on brocken (elf forrest cover)
fates warning night on brocken (burning witch cover)
fates warning the spectre within SOLD
fifth angel - pegasus cover
fisc handle with care
flight charm - waiting white lady SOLD
foreign legion
french connection SOLD
from the megavault
Gamma ray - somewhere out in space picture disc SOLD
gamma ray heaven can wait
gamma ray to the metal
georgia satellites keep your hands to your self
georgia satellites same
Greece Attacks SOLD
Green metal new irish heavy metal
gunjah heredity
h bomb - attaque
h bomb- coup de metal
hanoy rocks two steps from the move
haute tension SOLD
heir apparent - graceful inheritance
Helloween doctor stein 12’’
helloween EP
helloween future world picture
helloween i want out 12"
helloween i want out 3000 copies 12"
helloween judas
helloween keeper of the seven keys part 1
helloween keeper of the seven keys part 2
heretic burnt at the stake
high power le violons de satan SOLD
high power same SOLD
hittman - hittman steamhammer
immortal damned in black
in flames sound on a playground fading gatefold 180 gram sealed
iraklis se alous ksmous second edition black cover
iron maiden - best of the beast complete with book SOLD
iron maiden 1st ten years women in uniform 12’‘
iron maiden a real dead one (vinyl only)
iron maiden a real live one (vinyl only)
iron maiden piece of mind
iron tyrants
jesters of destiny fun at the funeral
jesus christ superstar gatefold
judas priest priest live
kaveiros to cavirs reissue
kickin starbound lady SOLD
killer ladykiller (uncensored cover)
killer young blood
killers danger de vie
killers fils de la haine
kiss double platinum award flexi
korpiklaani - karkelo
krokus heart attak
krokus metal rendezvous
la guns collectors edition 1 sealed SOLD
la guns the ballad of jane
legs diamond town bad girl
lizzy borden love you to pieces
lizzy borden master of disquise
lizzy borden visual lies picture
Luca Turilli - ancient forest of elves
Luca Turilli demonheart 1000 copies
Luca turilli kings of the nordic twilight picture disc
luca turilli prophet of the last eclipse
luca turilli prophet of the last eclipse
lust we ll never die blue 100 copies
madam x we reserve the right
madd hatter SOLD
madonna erotica picture
magnum marauder
magnum vintage
malibu barbi
malmsteen collection
manowar battle hymns picture
manowar fighting the world
manowar sign of the hammer
manowar the metal kings greek error pressing (vinyl only)
manowar triumph of steel
mass war law
mastodon blood mountain
mastodon leviathan
matakopas coming out ahead SOLD
medieval sorcery - dark ages
medieval steel the anthology of steel SOLD
megadeth - rust in piece picture disc
megadeth cryptic writings
mell rose slight difference
mental powers fantasy
metal ballads
metal church the dark SOLD
metal clogs (rave on records) SOLD
metal gear (molon lave records)
metal plated
metal queens women in rock
metal to metal
Metal warrior
metallica copenhagen forum
metallica garage days picture
metallica garage days revisited
metallica garage days revisited (picture disc)
metallica harvester of sorrow
metalmorphosis white
militia second coming gray
misfits project 1950 grene vinyl
missio 1
missouri welcome two
mistreated premiere intervention
mistreater swami
mod gross misconduct
mod method of destruction
moon of steel passions
morho maxi 12’’ SOLD
motherload the sanctuary
motley crue - raw tracks japanese
motley crue decade of decadance
motley crue girls girls girls
motley crue live wire
motley crue theater of pain
motley crue wild side you are all i need
music to make your ears hurt
mutiny muted
mystery blue
mystery my rock n roll and my god
mystic circle picture
next home
night 100 , night of the vinyl dead
ninja forgotten shadows
ninja warriors of rock
No substitute for steel SOLD
northwinds sleep with evil SOLD
oral sex SOLD
original sin sin will find you out SOLD
outbreak - master stroke
Outbreak iron guard SOLD
Outbreak metal reich
ozzy just say ozzy
pageant de la riverie
pandora’s box - ko kovon
paradise lost forever failure
paradox product of imagination SOLD
Paul di anno’s battlezone
pendragon window of life
pentagram last rites brown vinyl
pet hate the bride wore red
philadelphia - search and destroy SOLD
queenryche warning
Queensryche – Same (Japan)
Queensryche – Same 206 records
queensryche – same 206 records
Queensryche – Same EMI
queensryche empire 12’'
queensryche i am i 12
queensryche silent lucidity 12
rage execution guaranteed SOLD
rage extended power
rage invisible horizons
rage reign of fear SOLD
rage XIII picture SOLD
rated x matter of taste
rated x rock blooded
raven all for one
raven rock until you drop
ravens - get it in your head
raw silk - silk under the skin SOLD
red warriors lesson 1
redstorm - no exeption of a victim of crime
resurrection tayst of iron reissue
rhapsody sympony of enchanted lands part 2
Rhapsody dawn of victory
rhapsody emerald sword
rhapsody holy thunderforce
rhapsody of fire frozen tears of angels
rhapsody power of the dragonflame
rhapsody rain of a thousand flames
rhapsody symphony of enchanted lands
riot privilege of power
ritual trials of torment 1000 copies blue
Rob Scallon - Anchor 100 copies, red
rock a rouen
rock goddess
rock goddess hell hath no fury
rock in korea
rock in korea live
rosie precious metal
Rotting christ aealo blue
running wild - branded and exiled
sabbrabells dogfight
sabbrabells live
sabbrabells one night magic
sabbrebells sailing on the revenge
sacred child
saint vitus thirsty and miserable
sammy haggard danger zone
samson live - thank you and goodnight
Satanic rights – which way the wind blows SOLD
savage grace master of disguise
Savatage – Sirens (par records) SOLD
savatage fight for the rock picture
savatage gutter ballet SOLD
saxon killing ground 333 copies yellow
saxon live to rock 12’’ + 7”
scarlet rayne theatre humanitariam purple vinyl
scorpions a sting in the tail
scorpions comeblack
scorpions crazy world
scorpions lovedrive
scorpions worldwide live
seismes SOLD
sepultura kairos white sealed
shelder god of vikings SOLD
shok paris steel and starlight
sieges even lifecycle SOLD
silver risc SOLD
sinawe free man
sinawe heavy metal
skid row 18 and life shaped disc
skid row same
slaughter xtroyers free the beast
sodom mortal way of live
Solar eagle sealed (Original)
spectre lady of the night SOLD
st elmo s fire same SOLD
starless silver wings
stars on thrash
Steel angel - and the angels were made from steel
steel assassin from the vault yellow
steeltower night of the dog
steve sylvester death ss humanomalies
stranger sailing out
street child reissue
stryper issiah 53:5
SYE wings of change
taist of iron resurrection reissue
telephone french rock
terra rosa endless basis
the best of metal blade vol 3
the cedal street sluts songs by working girls
the rocky horror picture show
the runaways
the runaways waiting for the night
the stranglers japan
the tigers savage music
titan SOLD
top ardennes
tormentor goddess of love
Toxik think this SOLD
Toxik world circus SOLD
Trademark - Fatal Blues SOLD
transcendence (promo sealed)
trojan march is on Test Press
trojan the march is on
Trop Feross – Resurrection SOLD
twisted siter love is for suckers
us metal vol 1
us metal vol 3
valor fight for your life
vavel same reissue
vavel the second death
villain only time will tell reissue
Warlord – and the Cannons of destruction have begun SOLD
Warlord - Deliver us SOLD
Warlord - lost and lonely days
Warlord - Thy kingdom come
warriors azra orange vinyl
wasp forever free
wild alice
wild child speedlife o mind
Witchhammer - 1487 300 copies, alone records with 7”
wotan carmina barbarica
wytchfynde cloak and dagger
wytchfynde give em hell
wyxmer the syre of 1st press clear vinyl
wyxmer the syre of reissue
x japan - vanishing vision SOLD
x ray tradition breaker
x-caliber - warriors of the night
y&t in rock we trust
young blood first blood
zar from welcome to goodbye blue vinyl
zero g - exciting game

asap silver and gold clear
battering ram power of evil
crimson glory lady of winter
crimson glory lonely
crystal pride silverhawk
death ss lady of babylon black vinyl
death ss lady of babylon red vinyl
def leppard rock of ages
demon liar/wild woman
diafana krina einai pou irtan ola arga
divorce change your ways white vinyl
divorce indian summer purple vinyl
dreamweaver soulsearching
elixir treachery ride like the wind (no cover)
fates warning anarchy divine flexy
fuzz satan’s fans
gamma ray to the metal signed
girl hollywood tease
girlschool race with the devil
granmax white vinyl
guardian angel beyond the twilight
h and h l etendard
hanoi rocks up around the bend
helloween dr stein
helloween if i could fly orange
icare fils de lucifer
icebergs johana
iron maiden number of the beast (no cover)
iron maiden soundhouse tapes pink vinyl
manowar blow your speakers (cover with girls)
metallica the memory remains
metalmorphosis mask of gold
no doubt dont speak picture
notre dame estelles dorves
permafrost premier pas
pretty maids future world flexy
prohibits girl
queensryche silent lucidity
queensryche silent lucidity other version
queensryche warning japan
redstorm / agent steel split
reflection sire of the storm
rosenthal des jours comme sa
rotting christ dawn of the econoclast picture
saxon suzie hold on
st elmos fire
stryper isiah 53:5 picture disc
the stone roses made of stone
thor let the blood run red
twisted sister we re not gonna take it
vain beat the bullet
wasp forever free with patch
whitesnake white vinyl is this love

Γεια! Ενδιαφέρομαι για κάποια βινύλια…Μπορείς να μου πεις τιμές? Dickinson-Accident of birth, Megadeth-Cryptic writings και Iron maiden-best of the beast

έχεις PM :slight_smile:

πολλά έμειναν για όλα τα γούστα!
mainstream, underground,σπάνια, συνηθισμένα…:musical_note::musical_score:

έχεις PM

Tιμες και καταστασεις?

Καλησπέρα, είναι πάαρα πολλά και πρέπει να τα βγάλω ενα - ενα να τα δω ωστε να δω και τις καταστάσεις και να μπορέσω να αξιολογήσω την αξία, για την ωρα με εξυπηρετεί να μου στέλνετε ποιά θέλετε και μπορώ να σας στείλω καθαρές φωτογραφίες και καλή περιγραφή, γενικά οι τιμές είναι λογικές πρός τα κάτω για να “φεύγουν” οι δίσκοι, εχω δώσει ηδη αρκετούς και οι φίλοι ήταν ευχαριστημένοι, ευχαριστώ

Ισχύει τίποτα από αυτή τη λίστα φίλε μου;

Ναι είναι ακόμη διαθέσιμα

Πες μου ένα mail φίλε μου να συνεννοηθούμε εκεί. Στειλ το μου με pm.

Geia sou Taso. Ean exoun kapoia apo auta ta vinilia steile mou ena pm na sunenoeithoume. Euxaristw. Giannis