METALLICA vinyl collection!

METALLICA only for true collectors!!

Beyond magnetic ep-20e
Death magnetic -15e
St anger-30e
Live shit double vinyl ? 150e
One picture disc 1993 12?? ? 25e
Wherever we may roam boodleg x2lp?s 1992 tour ? 30e
The unforgiven 12?? uk ? 15e
The unforgiven 7?? uk ? 10e
The unforgiven 7??picture disc ? 15e
Wherever I may roam uk 12??gatefold-15e (SOLD)
Wherever I may roam uk 7??-10e
Sad but true picture disc-40e
Sad but true 12??uk-15e
Sad but true 7??uk-10e
Nothing else matters12??uk-15e (SOLD)
Nothing else matters7??uk-10e
Enter sandman 12??uk-15e
Enter sandman 7??uk picture disc-15e
Enter sandman 7??france with sticker-20e
Enter sandman limited edition box set ? 20e
Black album picture disc ? 40e (SOLD)
Black album demos ? 25e
Black album rare equador press with different cover ? 70e
Black album rare Russian g/f press with different cover ? 60e
Black album usa press rare with sticker ? 120e
Black album rare Colombian press g/f with different cover-70e (SOLD)
Live for all double live bootleg-40e
One picture disc 10??-20e
One 12??-10e
One gatefold black cober ?89-20e
One 7??uk-10e
One 7??usa different back picture-10e
One 7?? japan press-60e (SOLD)
Harvester of sorrow uk 12??-10e
Harvester of sorrow Holland 12??-10e
Harvester of sorrow white cober 12??-15e
Harvester of sorrow white cover 7??promo only -50e (SOLD)
Eye of the beholder picture disc-25e
Eye of the beholder 7??-15e
Eye of the beholder 12??promo only- 70e
And justice for all 12??white cover promo only-50e
And justice for all picture disc uk-25e (SOLD)
And justice for all picture disc brazil-35e
And justice for all double colour blue vinyl-50e
And justice for all the demos-40e
And justice for all usa with green sticker-25e
And justice for all brazil gatefold press-40e (SOLD)
Garage days picture disc -25e
Garage days Holland blue vinyl-30e
The monster at the meadowlands 7??bootleg -15e
Killing time 7?? green vinyl-15e
Damage inc live bootleg ? 40e
Master of puppets picture disc-30e
Master of puppets picture disc with barcode-25e
Master of puppets red vinyl-25e
Master of puppets orange vinyl-25e
Master of puppets the demos-25e
Master of puppets gatefold+poster-40e (SOLD)
Master of puppets warner bros colour purple 1000copies only!!!-150e
Master of puppets universal-20e (SOLD)
Master of puppets 7??france press remaster-20e
Master of puppets picture disc 7??-25e
Cliff em all 12??-40e
Cliff em all 7??-20e
Creeping death clear vinyl 12??-100e (SOLD)
Creeping death green vinyl 12??-60e
Creeping death gold vinyl 12??-30e
Creeping death remaster blue vinyl 12??-20e
Creeping death jump in the fire 12??-10e
Creeping death picture disc-25e
Creeping death 12??-15e
Creeping death 7??-15e
Fade to black green vinyl rare!!12??-180e(small crack on the record)
Ride the lightning picture disc blue-25e
Ride the lightning picture disc green-35e
Ride the lightning picture disc red-35e
Ride the lightning green cover white vinyl-50e
Ride the lightning the demos-25e
Ride the lightning green cover france press-80e
Ride the lightning gatefold uk press 84-25e (SOLD)
Ride the lightning warner bros 1000 copies only rare!!!-150e
Ride the lightning universal press gatefold-20e (SOLD)
Whiplash picture disc 12??-50e
Whiplash 12??-20e
Jump in the fire shaped disc-30e
Jump in the fire red vinyl 12??-15e
Kill em all picture disc blue letters-25e
Kill em all picture disc red letters-35e
Kill em all red vinyl -25e
Kill em all orange vinyl-25e
Kill em all the demos-25e
Metal up your ass clear vinyl-30e
Kill em all gatefold uk press 83-30e (SOLD)
Kill em all warner bros red vinyl 1000 copies only!!!-150e
Kill em all universal gatefold-20e (SOLD)

metallica box? the good,the bad & the live box set (λείπει το poster αλλά οι δίσκοι σε άριστη κατάσταση) 60e
metallica box? limited edition big box set of 6 vinyls rare (copy 3478/5000 άπαιχτο) 200e
metallica box? and justice for all box set universal (άπαιχτο) 40e
metallica box? and justice for all box set warner bros (άπαιχτο) 50e
metallica box? black album box set universal (άπαιχτο) 40e
metallica box? black album box set warner bros (άπαιχτο) 50e