Mono doommmmmmmmmmm cds tapes and vinyls CDS AND TAPES

Mono doommmmmmmmmmm cds tapes and vinyls

2 x ALTAR OF OBLIVION: ?Salvation? MCD 7 euros
2 x CARDINALS FOLLY : ?Such Power is Dangerous!? CD 9 euros
1 x GARDEN OF WORM - ?Garden of Worm? CD last copy reseved
1 x JAMESON RAID: ?Just as the Dust Settled? CD 9 euros
1 x OGRE: ?Plague of the Planet? CD 9 euros
1 x SINISTER REALM: ?Sinister Realm? CD ***last copy***9 euros
1 x SINISTER REALM: ?The Crystal Eye? CD ***last copy***9 euros
1 x WARDOM: “When Darkness Reigns” MCD ***last copy***9 euros
2 x WARFARE: ?Mayhem Fucking Mayhem? Original Neat Cassette
1 x WOLFBANE: ?Wolfbane? CD ***last copy***9 euros

X1Doom All Over The World 2CD The compilation features exclusive material from Burn Heavy, Cold Mourning, Deer Creek and Smaug (USA), Mose (Belgium), Mr. Peter Hayden (Finland) and Pylon (Switzerland). DAOTW is packaged tastefully and economically in eco-pak style gatefold cardboard sleeves with exclusive cover artwork by Paul Vismara.9 euros sealed

X1SEVEN THAT SPELLS: ?It Came From The Planet Of Love? CD9 euros
X1SEVEN THAT SPELLS: ?The Men From Dystopia? CD9 euros

X1 Ataraxie - Project X - 2CD French doom/death Ataraxie’s 10th anniversary album. This album contains re-arranged and re-recorded version of “The Other Path” demo, 2 exclusive tracks and live tracks recorded at “les festins sonores” festival in May 2008. On “Unholy Prayer”, Ende from Fatum Elisum is featured as guest vocal. All tracks(except live tracks) recorded by guitar player Fred and Julien Bous(Postghost recordings).Mixing and
mastering was done by Raphael Henry at Echoes Studio.10 euros.

X1Profetus - … To Open the Passages in Dusk- digi-CD(4.5 points) 2nd album of Finish funeral doom band. Funeral march with extremely
slow minimalistic drum, perfect blend of solemn organ sounds and layered 2 guitar melodies, and deep low growls. Total atmosphere is
something like monotone picture which represents majestic funeral. Following the path which is opened by the Fueral Doom master Skepticism, they deliver us pure form of Funeral Doom. 7

Vinyl Titles
1 x IRON HEARSE / LEATHER NUN: 7? 5 euros
1x deer creek/leather nunn usa spli 7 inch 5euros.
Get down with a double dose of American Doom from this pair of veteran heavyweight trios. Colorado down-tuned Sludgemeisters Deer Creek offer the desolate ?Light of the Blessed Sun,? a bitter reflection on a life wasted working a thankless job. Californians Leather Nun America play a more traditional brand of riffing Doom (think Sabbath, Vitus, and Earthride) and contribute ?Rat City,? a snapshot of life in the urban sewer, featuring an excellent organ jam. This nasty split 7? is a joint label release between Game Two Records and PsycheDoomelic Records of Hungary in a limited of only 500 copies on black vinyl. Features exclusive art from Paul Vismara.
1 x MIRROR OF DECEPTION / TEFRA: ?Katharsis / Natural Healer of Sin? Split 7" 6euros
1 x ABYSMAL GRIEF: “Foetor Funereus Mortuorum” 12" MLP 11 euros
1 x IRON HEARSE: ?Lunar Funeral? MLP w/MCD 10 euros.
2 x HEATHENDOM: ?Heathendom? LP 11euros
1 x UFO GESTAPO: ?UFO Gestapo? LP 12 euros
1 x UFO GESTAPO: ?Vatependr? LP 12 euros
2 x ARGUS: ?Sleeping Dogs? Gatefold 10? EP 9 euros.
2 x THE RIVER: ?Broken Window? 10? EP 10 euros.