Night of the Prog Festival 8 & 9 July - Germany

Πω ρε…αυτο το ειδατε; Αυτα ειναι. Οτι εχει ανακοινωθει προς το παρων το διαβαζεται παρακατω και επεται συνεχεια…8O. Οι ELOY θα παιξουν ζωντανα μετα απο 12 χρονια.8O8O


10.02.2011 - DREAM THEATER as Festival Headliner confirmed

09.02.2011 - ANATHEMA just confirmed their Debut at the Rock on July 9th.

01.02.2011 - IQ and RIVERSIDE - has been confirmed for the Festival.

15.01.2011 - Happy New Year! We are proud tp present the German Prog Legend ELOY to headline the friday evening of this years NOTP Festival.

17.12.2010 - The 6th Edition of the NOTP Festival is scheduled for the 8th and 9th of July 2011. We are negotiating with several headliners and hope that these news could be released by end of January 2011. Tickets are now available here. For worldwide orders (credit and debit cards) please order here=P~=P~

Ω ρε μανα μου. Αν κυμαινονται σε τετοια επιπεδα και τα αλλα γκρουπς, θα πρεπει να ειναι απο τα αχαστα.

πολύ Prog παίζει τον τελευταίο καιρό.!

Μέσα και οι THRESHOLD…