Πouλάω την συλλογή μου: Black-Death Metal LPs, 7"s, CDs, Κασσέτες, 'zines κ.α

Οι τιμές είναι ενδεικτικές, γίνεται μείωση στις τιμές, ειδικά στα βινύλια.


Dark Throne- Transilvania hunger 750?
Burzum- Aske 530?
Burzum- Burzum 550?
Burzum- Det som engang var 350-399?
Mayhem- Live in Leipzig 200?
Abruptum- Obscuritatem advoco amplectere me 265?
Marduk- Those of the unlight 250?
Moonblood- Blut & Krieg 150?
Beherit- Drawing down the moon 140?
Dark Throne- A blaze in the northern sky 140?
Carnage- Dark recollections 130?
Moonblood/Deathspell Omega- Sob A Lua Do Bode/Demoniac Vengeance 120?
Bathory- Bathory 80-100?
Emperor- Emperor
Immolation- Dawn of possession 75?
Blasphemy- Gods of war 70?
Vital Remains- Let us pray 70?
Asphyx- The rack 50-60?
Bathory- Under the sign of the black mark 60-70?
Impaled Nazarene- Tol cormpt norz norz norz 65-40?
Varathron- His majesty at the swamp 80?
Necromantia- Crossing the fiery path 90?
Mortuary Drape- Into the drape 100?(scratch)
Emperor- Anthems to the welkin at dusk 50?
Urgehal- Arma Christ 45?
Infernal Majesty- None shall defy 50?
Dark Funeral- Vobiscum Satanas 39?
Acheron- Anti-God, Anti-christ 50?
Sarcofago- Rotting 20-25?
Burzum- Demo’91 20?
Obituary- Cause of death 25-30?
Dark Throne- Transilvania hunger 20?
Celtic Frost- To mega therion 30-60?
Nergal- The wizard of nerath 27?
Morgoth- Ressurection Absurd 10?
Obituary- Slowly we rot 18?
Septicemia- Sabbath conventions 32?
Destruction- Infernal overkill 45?
King Diamond- Consiracy 20?
King Diamond- The eye 25?
Slayer- Show no mercy 25?
Dismember- Indecent & obscene(under 78?)
Viogression- Expound & exhort(under 39?)
Protector- Misanthropy(under 25?)
Sodom- In the sign of evil(under 65?)

Vinyls 7-inch:

Dark Tranquillity- A moonclad reflection 40?
Rotting Christ- The iconoclast 35?
Ancient Rites/Renaissance- Split 30?
Nergal- De vermis Mysteriis 30?
Moοnspell- Goat on fire 35?
Warloghe- Unlighted 35-40?
Eisenwinter- Tyrannendunkel 45?
Necromass- His eyes 35?
Rotting Christ- Αποκαθήλωσις 15?
Thou Art Lord- Diabolou archaes legeones 20?
Tou Art Lord/Ancient Rites- Split 20?
Acheron- Alla xul 20?
Legion of Doom/Bestial Wrath- Split 10?
Decayed- Behold the wrath 10?
Darkest Oath- Paradise of the infernal torment 10?
Medieval Demon/Invocation- Split 10?
Disharmony- The gate of deeper sleep 10?
Macabre Omen/Godblood- Split
Vorphalack- Under the sight of dragon 10?
Lemegethon- Demonic hellhounds 13?
Nihilocus- Sub hyerosolyma
Dead Christ- Satans hunger 16?
Impiety- Salve the Goat 15?
Liar of Golgotha- The seventh winter 10?
Maniac Butcher- Black Horns of Saaz 10?
Aske- Ausrottung 20?
Vilkates- The heritage of the old wolf 10?
Grim- The domains of Spirits 15?
Puritas Virginum/antus Bestiae- The Cult of Sterility- Split 15?
Lucifer- The dark christ 17?


Mayhem- De mysteries dom sathanas 65?
Sacrilegium- Wicher 40?
Blessed in Sin- Live & inedits 50?
Blessed in Sin/Kristallnacht/Seigneur Voland- Gathered Under The Banner Of Concilium 30?
Negura Bunget- Maiastru sfetnic 20-45?
Osculum Infame- Do nu fauglith(promo) κανονικό 75?
Burzum- Ragnarock(A new beginning)
Graveland- In the glare of the burning churches 10?
Enthroned- Towards the skullthrone of satan 10?
Rottιng Christ- Thy mighty contract 10?
Acheron- Those who have risen 15?
Sarcofago- INRI 10?
Absu- The sun of tiphareth 10?
Necromantia- Ancient pride 10?
Hellhammer- Satanic rites 13?
Mortuary Drape- Mourn path 10?
Mjolnir- Ljimneg uber tore der zeir
Sacrilegium/North- Jesienne szepty 10?
Equimanthorn- Nindinugga nimshimshargal enllilara 8?
Equimanthorn- Lectionum antiquarum 10?
Darkness Enshround- Totentanz 15?
Twilight- …and with the twilight, they return 10?
Blessed in Sin- Melancholia 25?
Therion- Time shall tell 10?
Flames- Made in hell 10?
Anwyl- Bloody mary 10?
Hyperion- Cor in therion 10?
Negura Bunget- Sala Molksa 10?
Nocturnal Mortum- Nechrist 10-20?
Nocturnal Mortum- To the gates of blasphemous fire 15?
Obsidian- Niederkunft des chaos 10?
Nastrond- Toteslaut 27?
Juvenes- Empire of Juvenes 10?
Thor’s Hammer- Fidelity shall triumph
Nazgul- When the wolves return to the forest
Shub-Niggurath- Evilness and darkness prevails 15?
Destruction- Eternal devastation 10?
Conqueror- War cult supremacy 20?
Necromass- Abyss calls life 10?
Entirety- The moth of hate 10?
Sacricola Ordonis Priski- Germanic compilation
Freundeskreis- Germanic compilation 10?
Hemlock- Lust for fire 10?
Oscorei #2- Compilation
Nosferatu 1922- Nosferatu A Symphony Of Horrors (1922) - Original Soundtrack Recording 20?
…και άλλα.

Death Metal original tapes:

Dark Throne- Soulside Journey 30?
Deicide- Amon:Feasting the beast 30?
Death- Leprosy 10?
Death- Spiritual Healing 10?
Death- Human 13?
Deicide- Legion 10?
Morbid Angel- Blessed are the sick 10?
Morbid Angel- Covenant 10?
Sepultura- Morbid visions & Bestial devastation EP 8?
Sepultura- Beneath the remains 10?
Sepultura- Arise 10?
Entombed- Left hand path
Entombed- Clandestine 10?
Dismember- Like an ever flowing stream
Dismember- Piece 10?
Obituary- Cause of death 10?
Obituary- Slowly we rot 10?
Obituary- The end complete 10?
Unleashed- Where no life dwells
Unleashed- Shadows in the deep 10?
Paradise Lost- Lost paradise 13?
Paradise Lost- Gothic 10?
Morgoth- The eternal fall & Resurrection absurd 10?
Morgoth- Cursed 10?
Morgoth- Odium 10?
Asphyx- The rack 10?
Asphyx- Last one on earth 10-15?
Incubus- Beyond the unknown 10?
Nocturnus- The key 17-18?
Massacre- From beyond 10?
Therion- Of darkness 15?
Grave- You’ll never see… 14?
Pestilence- Testimony of the ancients 10?
cemetery- An evil shad of grey 23?
Tiamat- The astral sleep 10?
Deceased- Luck of the corpse 10?
Protector- Urm the mad
Protector- A shedding of skin
Vader- The ultimate incantation 10?
Sentenced- North from here 13?
Hypocrisy- Penetralia 23?
Malevolent Creation- The ten commandments
Edge of Sanity- Nothing but death remains
Necrodeath- Fragments of insanity
Samael- Blood ritual
Monstrocity- Imperial doom 18?
Sarcofago- The law of scourge
Autopsy- Mental funeral 18?
Autopsy- Acts of the unspeakable 10?
Pungent Stench- For god your soul…for me your flesh 10?
Pungent Stench- Been caught buttering 20?
Benediction- Subconscious terror 10?
Benediction- The grand level 10?
Benediction- Transcend the Rubicon 10?
Messhiah- Chor of horrors 10?
Messhiah- Rotten perish 35?
Suffocation- Effigy of the forgotten 23?
Agressor- Neverending destiny 10?
Agressor- Towards beyond 10?
Master- Master 10?
Master- On the seventh day god created…Master 10?
Incantation- Onward to golgotha
Terrorizer- World downfall 10?
Napalm Death- Scum 110?(ebay)
Napalm Death- Harmony corruption 10?
Naplam Death- Utopia banished 10?
Carcass- Symphonies of sickness 10?
Defecation- Purity delution 10?
Brutal Truth- Extreme conditions demand extreme responses 10?

Black Metal εταιρειακά tapes:

Dark Throne- A blaze in the northern sky 35?
Behemoth- …From the pagan vastlands 15?
North- Thorns on the black rose 10?
Negura Bunget- Zirnindu-sa 10?
Capricornus- Aryan blood
Thunderbolt- Black cloudsover dark majesty 14?
Gontyna Kry- Na pohybel chrzescijanstwu 10?
Ohtar- Wolfschanze 40?
Osculum Infame- I’a aem’nh s’ha-t’n
Draugwath/Celestia- Spit 666
De Occulta Philosophia- Obscura Simphonia 10?
Os Metodos do Pentagrama- Filii nigratium infernalium 20?
Veles- Night on the bare mountain 25?
Kataxu- Roots thunder 10?

…Και πολλά Demos με εταιρειακό εξώφυλλο και εγχρωμο εξώφυλλο. Μεγάλη ποσότητα απο original Demos απο '89/'90 μέχρι '00, γύρω στα 200 και γενικά όλα τα tapes είναι γύρω στα 800.



Hellflame #5
Radogost 88
Shadow gate #1
Dead #1
The horde of wolves #1
Aenaon skotos anosion
Savage garden #2
Franang #4
Deo occidi #3
I return to darkness #6
Runenblut #1
Pagan witchcraft #5
Meatl noir 32
Oskorei #2, #3
Dark blaze(2 τεύχοι)
The black cult
Into the pentagram #7
Dark poetry of nature
Northern heritage #2
Black book of damned
Whispers from darkness
Black goat
Oblivion’s circle #1
666(2 τεύχοι)
Exstinctio sensus
Pagan & proud #1, #2
Black rites
Ledotakas #6
Moondance #3
Unholiness #2
War monger #2
Black path #1
As wolfs among sheeps #1
Psicoterror #VI
Sempiternal sadness
The black plague #1
Ancient ceremonies #2
The forest #12
Black light #1
Atrocious bloom #1
Sub terra #0
Iron #1, #2


The philospher’s stone
Order of the evil eye #2, #5, #6(του Vincent Crowley των Acheron)
Satan’s sweet slavery


Burzum Filosophem, Aske, Filosophem
Sabbath stone #1
Muspellzheimr journal

…και διάφορα τεύχοι Metal Hammer, Metal Invader και Seventh Sign.


Necronomicon 7?
Al Azif the Necronomicon 22?
The satanic bible(A.S. Lavey) 10?
The satanic rituals(A.S. Lavey) 5?
The satanic witch(A.S.Lavey) 12?
The book of the law(A. Crowley) 12?
The book of lies(A. Crowley) 12?
The conqueror Manifesto(P.G. Helmkamp)
Countess Bathory(Tony Thorne) 20?

και διάφορα ελληνικά βιβλία μαγείας και αποκρυφισμού.

Videotapes VHS:

Mortuary Drape- Live at palace
Diabolos Rising- Blood Vampirism & Sadism

25 4ωρες με παλιά Lives και rehearsals από:

Deicide, Acheron, Dark Throne, Mayhem, Immortal, Rotting Christ, Absu, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Behemoth, Ancient Rites, Samael, Profanatica, Morbid Angel, Dismember, incantation, Nocturnus, Slayer, King Diamond, Mercyfull Fate κτλ.

Και γύρω στις 40 βίντεοκασσέτες με Horror movies, πολλά της Hammer films. Μερικά DVDs me Horror movies κτλ.

Τηλ: 2104963544, απόγευμα.

pm 8)




Profanatica- As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ 7" 40?
To Ancient- Det glemte riket 7" 10?
Morgoth- Ressurection Absurd LP 10?


Painkiller #4 8?
Key of alocer #3 5?
Key of alocer #5 6?
Metal agression #3 5?
Metal darkness #9, #10, #11, #12 όλα 20?
Master of brutality #5 6?
Tales of the macabre #4 5?

The Lords of Chaos book 15?