Pwlountai lp ,cd

Πωλουνται τα παρακατω cd kai diskoi.Einai ola se aristh katastash.An parete arketa tha ginei kalyterh timh.Otidhope thelete mporeite na steilete email.
Ta demata tha stelnontai systhmena.

AKERCOCKE-Words That Go Unspoken (sealed) CD/DVD 13 euros

Limited edition with bonus DVD.New/sealed!

ANIMUS-Homo Homini Deus 7" EP 5 euros

The 1997 demo of this German black metal horde on vinyl.
Limited and hand numbered to 500 copies,this is copy no. 301/500

BLASPHEMY-Fallen angel of doom cd (sealed) 30 euros

NWN!,long out of print, cd reissue of this monumental record.Still sealed!
Usually sells for more!

BRODEQUIN-Festival of death LP 30 euros

Rare,limited to 500 copies version of this ultimate brutality.
A cooperation between Restrain Records and Perveted Taste .Includes bonus tracks.Played 2-3 times and it’s like new!

CLANDESTINE BLAZE-Below the surface of the cold earth MC 20 euro

Original 2002 demo of this well known black metal act.Procover/Protape.
Very rare!

DENIAL OF GOD-A Night in Transylvania 7" EP (sealed) 10 euro

Long since sold out 7"ep.New and sealed!!!

DESECRATION-Murder in mind LP 20 euros

Hells Headbangers Records 2004 vinyl release,contains “Mangled Remains” demo as bonus.
Deluxe vinyl, limited and hand numbered to 300 copies (this is copy no.216/300)!!!

GOATMOON/RIDE FOR REVENGE-In the Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice MC 20 euro

Tape version of this magnificent split album released by Bestial Burst. Although the number of the tapes pressed is not written,it is believed that 252 copies were made.This is copy no.166. Absolutely “like new” item.

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS-Realm of the damned LP 22 euro

Finest black/thrash from Australia.Gatefold vinyl version on Black Ace Records including poster and limited to 725 copies (this is copy 701/725)
Played only a couple of times and looks like new!

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS-The satanist’s dream pic.LP 14 euros

Their great demo on beautiful pic.vinyl plus poster.Like new!

HEATHEN-Victims of deception (sealed) CD 10 euros

Classic thrash metal album.Metal Mind reissue including one bonus track.

HELLKOMMANDER-Death to my enemies lim.col.LP 20 euros

Old school deathrash from those Brazillian bangers.Released on Iron Bonehead/High Roller Records.This is the limited (100 copies!) red/black splatter vinyl and it is absolutely like new!!!

HORNA-Ääniä Yössä A5 CD 12 euros

Finnish black metal gods! Limited A5 edition.Played just a couple of times.

IMPALED NAZARENE-Ugra Karma pic.LP 13 euros

Official pic.LP (+ cut out sleeve) edition of this black metal classic.Already hard to find! Condition is NM


Black metal from both bands.Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies, this is copy no. 017/500.Condition is NM.

LETHAL-Deliverance 7" EP 9 euros

Fine Swedish thrash metal on Blood Harvest records.Long since sold out!
Condition is NM.

MASTEMA-Blasphemous Incantations MC 8 euros

Hateful French black metal from 2001
Xerox Cover/Tape (Decayed Raven 001). Rare!

MOONBLOOD/INFERNO split 7" EP 50 euro

Almost impossible to find 7" ep released by Sombre Records in 1999.Limited edition of 500 copies,this is copy no.394
A magnificent collector’s item,usually sells for more!
Condition is NM.

MORD-Christendom Perished MC 4 euros

Norwegian black metal!Tape version on Kampf Records,limited to 500 copies.Procover/Protape.

NECROPHAGIA-Black blood vomitorium 10" pic.EP 15 euros

The original vinyl release of this great EP from the masters of gore NECROPHAGIA.Released on Red Stream in 2000,this is very hard to find nowdays.A must-have collector’s item for every death metal maniac!!!

NOCTURNAL FEAR-Pagan rites MC 4 euros

Great US thrash metal.Pro cover/tape released on Fistbang productions.
Limited to 500 hand numbered copies, this is copy no.205/500

OBSCURE ANACHRONISM- Transcending Mundane Obstacles MC 4 euros

Tape version of this fine black metal release! Limited to 200 hand numbered copies,this is copy no.96/200

PHARAOH-The longest night DLP (sealed) 17 euros

Amazing US heavy/power metal released by Pure Steel records on double heavy vinyl.500 copies.New and still sealed!

PRIMORDIAL-Dark Romanticism pic.LP 18 euro

Official reissue of this classic demo by No Sign Of Life Records,limited to 500 copies! Sold out almost from everywhere. Unplayed!


Released on Nuclear War Now!,only 250 copies made…Great death metal from Costa Rica!The record and cover is absolutely like new!!

SATANIC WARMASTER-Of the night…10"EP 30 euro

Original No Colours edition on vinyl.Very hard to find!
Condition is NM.

SENTENCED-The Glow of 1000 Suns / Amok Run 7" 8 euros

Official 7" which includes these 2 tracks recorded in 1994.Limited to 1000 copies.

This has been played just once,it has a slightly bent corner and some minimal signs of wear due to the packaging of the sender but nothing really serious.

SHADOWBREED-Only shadows remain LP 9 euros

Extreme Dutch Metal released by Painkiller Records on heavy vinyl! Condition is NM

SLAYER-Eyes of the insane 7" EP 8 euros

Official single.Red vinyl.Like new!

TOMB OF…-Those dismal moments MC 4 euros

Deepresive ambient music.Pro tape on Tour de Garde,limited and hand numbered to 500 copies.

TOMB OF…-The rotting break MC 4 euros

Deepresive ambient music.Pro tape on Tour de Garde,limited and hand numbered to 333 copies.

TSATTHOGGUA-Hosanna Bizarre CD 17 euros

Rare and long out of press cd on Osmose Productions.Played only a couple of times,this is absolutely like new!

TSATTHOGGUA-Trans cunt whip CD 17euros

Rare and long out of press cd on Osmose Productions.Played only a couple of times,this is absolutely like new!

-TYPE O NEGATIVE-Bloody kisses DLP 20 euro

Double heavy vinyl reissue of this classic album. Like new!

-WORSHIP-Dooom MC 12euro

Tape version of this great funeral doom album featuring alternate artwork.Procover/Protape!
Released on Bubonic Productions,hand numbered edition of 200 copies,this is copy no.73/200