Roadburn Fest 17-20 Απριλίου 2008 (Netherlands)

δε ξερω ποσους θα ενδιαφερει το παρων τοπικ. ειχα σκοπο να το κανω εδω και καμποσο καιρο. τεσπα. θα το κανω τωρα μιας και αυτες τις μερες αρχισαν να ανκοινωνονται τα καλα ονοματα.

Roadburn Festival - Europe’s leading festival for stonerrock & beyond. Thursday April 17th to Sunday April 20th, 2008, 013 Popcentrum, Tilburg, Holland.

το περσινο line up ηταν απλα τελειο. το 10 στα 10 ειναι λιγο. υπ’ οψην οτι τα εισιτηρια εγιναν sold out απο αρχες γεναρη ενω το φεστ γινοταν τον απριλιο.

last year’s line up:

The Friday Roadburn date, April 20th:
Orange Sunshine
Blue Cheer
Big Business / The Melvins

Green Room:
The Sword
Pharaoh Overlord
Sun Dial
Guru Guru
Causa Sui

Bat Cave:
On Trial
Earthling Society

The Saturday Roadburn date, April 21st:
Acid King
The Hidden Hand
Red Sparowes

Green Room:
Colour Haze

Bat Cave:
Monkey 3
Amen Ra
Stinking Lizaveta
Black Cobra

The Roadburn Afterburner, April 22nd:
Bohren und der Club of Gore
Fear Falls Burning
Sunn o)))

μιας και το περσινο ειχε τρελη επιτυχια φετος θα το κανουν απο 2ήμερο τετραήμερο. απο φετινα εχουν ανακοινωθει τα εξης:

Acid Mothers Guru is Kawabata Makato [guitar] and Tsuyama Atsushi [bass] from Acid Mothers Temple with Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru on drums. This potent trio will play a heavy, improvised set of krautrock bliss that will take everyone back to 1971.

Sweden’s Witchcraft is on the bill for April 18th. We are thinking of naming them the official Roadburn house band, as they will have graced our stages for 3 years running. All joking aside, their latest effort “The Alchemist” is a real stunner. We can’t get enough of it here at Roadburn HQ. The band has left behind their obvious Pentagram influences and crafted a soulful, psychedelic and proggy take on the heavy 70’s. This record has a sound that can only be described as 100% authentic Witchcraft!

We have also confirmed Japan’s favorite serial-killer-obsessed doomsters Church of Misery for Friday, April 18th. Texas power-trio extraordinaire Dixie Witch will be unleashing their raging stage show at roadburn on Saturday, April 19th. Anyone who has not yet seen either of these bands live is in for quite a treat.

On Friday, April 18th, it is our enormous pleasure to announce that Tony McPhee’s Groundhogs [w/ Dave Anderson of Hawkwind / Amon Duul II-fame on bass, and Mark Anderson, drums] will be headlining the Green Room. These heavy 70’s legends will be performing the material from their seminal albums “Split”, “Thank Christ for the Bomb”, “Scratch the Surface” and “Hogwash.”

We at Roadburn HQ could not be any happier about this. The Groundhogs have long been favorites here and we consider “Split” to be one of our favorite records of the 1970’s. After the amazing sets by Blue Cheer and Guru Guru this year, we are very excited about The Groundhogs.

Also on the bill [and not to be overlooked!] for Friday night are Baby Woodrose Gentleman’s Pistols, and Danava. Baby Woodrose offer up garage-psych with decidedly pop twist and their latest album, “Chasing Rainbows” showcases a more inwardly rocking heavy psych than their previous two releases.

Gentleman’s Pistols are on Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above label [instant cred!] and they deliver a truly compelling brand of heavy rock that sounds like an amalgamation of Free and Leafhound.

Danava’s sound harkens back to the heyday of mystical prog-rock, the early '70’s. However, unlike the unfortunate overlong 30 minute epics crammed with odd chopping time changes, and pompous concertos for group and orchestra, Danava favors a more direct and immediate approach on their forthcoming album, “Unounu”, pairing classic rock riffs with hallucinatory fervor and delivering them with an odd pop structure.

Confirmed for Saturday night are one of Roadburn’s all time favorite bands, The Heads! No more need be said about them except that if you have not seen them yet, shame on you. Also on tap are some great new bands like Sweden’s Kongh. Their debut record “Counting Heartbeats” has been [deservedly] getting rave reviews and their take on sludge / doom is nothing short of majestic.

There’s sure to be a krautrock vibe on Saturday with the presence of veterans Electric Orange and talented newcomers My Sleeping Karma.

Last but definitely not least, France’s excellent and epic Year of No light are also confirmed for the evening of April 19th.

We have also received confirmation of appearances from Blood of the Sun [Texas], Mos Generator [Washington state] and La Ira de Dios [Peru]. These bands will be finalizing their European tours in the next few months, and if it all works out, they will be coming to Roadburn.
We really look forward to having the organ-driven monster boogie sounds of Blood of The Sun, the Pink Floyd meets Sabbath rock of Mos Generator and super atmospheric space / psych of La Ira De Dios.

πιο πολυ ψηνομαι να δω τους Witchcraft, Church Of Misery, Acid Mothers Guru, Year of No light, The Heads, και Tony McPhee’s Groundhogs. το line up δεν εχει ακομα κατι να κοβεις φλεβες, αλλα ειναι νωρις ακομα. εχουμε πολυ δρομο μεχρι τον απριλη.

παραθετω τα site. let there be doom :stuck_out_tongue: :

Electric Wizard has been confirmed as the headliners of the Green Room on the Saturday Roadburn date, April 19th.

πω. :smiley:

βγαζουν και δισκο φετος ε (ναι κι αυτοι φετος βγαζουν)

Αν ειχε το περσινο lineup θα πηγαινα στανταρ! Ολλανδια κιολας! :wink:

για το περσινο λαιν-απ θα καναμε τρελες τουμπες. κατσε ομως να δουμε… ειναι οκτωβρης ακομα. τωρα μολις αρχισαν να ανακοινωνονται τα ‘καλα’…

θελω neurosis γμτ. κλειστε τους παλι.

Roadburn is pleased to report that legendary Chicago doomsters TROUBLE have been confirmed to play the Friday Roadburn date, April 18, 2008.

Hypersonic grindcore freaks Cephalic Carnage have been confirmed to play the Roadburn Festival on Saturday April 19, 2008. The band won’t perform their unusual and uncompromising marijuana-induced grind. Instead, Cephalic Carnage is going to drone out at Roadburn 2008, beckoning the festival attendees to enter the Halls of Amenti.

Indeed, the band is going to play the entirety of “Halls of Amenti”, their ultra doom-influenced record from 2002, as part of an entire set of drone and doom. Cephalic Carnage will be doing this special set only at Roadburn during their forthcoming European tour, and performing “Halls of Amenti” live for only the second time ever.

Lenzig van Stroking: “Cephalic Carnage is going to drone out with the droniest of the drone at Roadburn 2008, and be a mile high while doing it -playing Halls of Amenti, and plodding through the chaos with visuals that will bring tears, sighs, awes,smiles and joys…or sadness. It will be a complete honor to play such a prestigious event in an amazing country and city. In other words: Our live performance will be like Dillinger Escape Plan plodding through the La Brea Tar Pits.”

Swiss avantgarde/metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have been confirmed as the main headliner of the 13th annual Roadburn Festival, playing Saturday, April 19th, 2008. CELTIC FROST will perform a special one-off show at Roadburn, comprised of a repertoire which will be slightly different from the tour repertoire played in 2006 and 2007. Tom Gabriel Fischer: “We are very proud to have been invited to headline Roadburn. Much like Celtic Frost, Roadburn follows an artistic path which deviates slightly from the norm. We all think that Roadburn and Celtic Frost is a perfect combination, and we are looking forward very much to our concert there.”

Post-metal icons ISIS will be headlining the Friday Roadburn Festival date, Friday April 18, 2008. Currently celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band, the Boston-to-Los Angeles transplants will help fans take part in their milestone anniversary by releasing their entire catalog in one deluxe 12 vinyl-LP box set, and their headlining slot at Roadburn 2008.
Throughout the years, ISIS have maintained their position in the vanguard of post-metal by consistently exploding the idiomatic strictures that have defined heavy music with each successive release. Roadburn reveres ISIS and feel they warrant discussion alongside such established pioneers as Neurosis and Celtic Frost.

Also on the bill for Friday, April 18, 2008 are Earthless and The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound. Earthless are a powerhouse freakout trio from San Diego, California, playing long instrumental, partially structured improvised rock-n-roll, but with a lot of cosmic space-psych influences.

The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound deliver a truly mind-bending brand of space traveling rock that sounds like an amalgamation of Spirit, Crazy Horse, The 13th Floor Elevators and Blue Oyster Cult, alongside acoustic drones and soundtrack inspired soundscapes.

We are pleased to report that Swiss post-metallers Kruger will play the Saturday Roadburn date, April 19, 2008. Aslo scheduled to appear on the Saturday are Swedish prog metal stalwarts Cult of Luna, playing a one-off show at Roadburn’s main stage.

Dorset doomsters Electric Wizard will headline the Green Room on Saturday, April 19th, 2008. The band’s latest album, “Witchcult Today” is currently burning up the Roadburn CD players, and marks the return of Electric Wizard as the high priests of psychedelic doom, reclaiming their position on the Dopethrone!

Also on the bill for Saturday, April 19 are Lesbian, Nadja and Acid Mothers Guru. Lesbian’s debut album, “Power Hör” [on Holy Mountain records] is considered the birth of the New Wave of American Psychedelic Metal. “Power Hör” will be released on vinyl by Roadburn Records, in a limited edition on vinyl of 500 copies. The release is scheduled for February 1st, 2008.

Formed in 2003 as a solo project for Aidan Baker to explore his interest in heavier, noisier, more aggressive music, Nadja has since been augemented by bassist Leah Buckareff -in order to make the project more than just a studio endeavour, and allow Nadja [currently based in Toronto, Canada] to perform live. Both Baker and Buckareff are adept at creating some of the mesmerizing drone, ambient doom metal, along the lines of Jesu, Godflesh, Sunn 0))) & Skullflower.

ελεος. μας $#$#$αν :!: κριμα παντως επειδη το καλοκαιρι θα εχει καλα μεταλ φεστιβαλ, και πολλα απο οσα θελω να δω απο το φετικο λαιν-απ τα εχω ηδη δει. αν και ολα μαζι με ψηνουν βεβαια. εχει και earthless απο μικρα. #-o

ok prepei na paw…

Πιθανόν να είμαι κι εγώ εκεί [-o< (μιας και πέρσι έχασα τους Neurosis :cry: )

το περσινο γενικα ηταν καλυτερο ρε γμτ. οχι οτι αυτο δε λεει…

Ναι ρε συ! Άλλα που να φανταστούμε ότι θα εξαντληθούν τόσο γρήγορα τα εισητήρια γμτ…

Πάντως σίγουρα θα ανακοινωθούν κι άλλα ονόματα…ας προσευχηθούμε όλοι μαζί λοιπόν[-o< :stuck_out_tongue:

Saturday, April 19th, 2008 [Doors: 15.00hrs - Start: 16.00hrs]

Cult of Luna
Acid Mothers Guru
Cephalic Carnage

Electric Wizard
The Heads
Electric Orange
Dixie Witch
Tia Carrera

Year of No light
My Sleeping Karma

Friday, April 18th, 2008 [Doors: 15.00hrs - Start: 16.30hrs]

Blood of The Sun

Tony McPhee’s Groundhogs
Scott Kelly
Baby Woodrose
Mos Generator

Church of Misery
La Ira de Dios
The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Gentleman’s Pistols
Zone Six



Get there early [like, a day early! Thursday, April 17th] for Roadburn’s Rise Above Records 20th anniversary evening.

You’ll be wanting to stick around after the main festival to see The Glasspack, plus more on Sunday’s Afterburner party! Also on the Sunday [April 20th], David Tibet will curate a day-long event at the 013 main hall with a performance from CURRENT 93, OM & BABY DEE plus more to be announced.

Lee Dorrian comments: “As Rise Above Records approaches it’s 20th year in the ‘business’, it’s with great pleasure that I can announce the appearance of GRAND MAGUS, CAPRICORNS, LITMUS & TAINT, plus more TBA on our special Roadburn anniversary evening. It’s going to be a great way to start this great heavy festival – see you down the front.”

THE GLASSPACK will be headlining the 2008 Roadburn Festival Afterburner in the Green Room & Bat Cave, alongside, SOURVEIN, REPOMEN, DZJENGHIS KHAN, BEEHOOVER & GRAVEYARD [Doors 15.00hrs - Start 16.00hrs].

8O 8O 8O
Πρεπει ν’ αρχισω να μαζευω λεφτα!

Και γω θα αρχισω! Απο την Τρίτη! 8O


Εδιτ: Θα το ψαξω μεσα στη βδομαδα,μη παιχτει κανα περσινο σκηνικο και γελαμε…