Sacred Reich

Θα καταφερει ο χοντρος να βγαλει 1+ μηνα λαιβ καθε μερα επι 1,5 ωρα περιπου το καθενα???Στο assault σε σετ 50 λεπτων 3 φορες εβγαλε λογο ενδιαμεσα στα τραγουδια

Εμεις πουλο τελικα

Γιατί δεν τους φέρνει κανείς , έλεος

αλλά τι ρωτάω, περιμένουν πρώτα να δουν αν είναι καλός ο δίσκος οι διοργανωτές, στανταρ :grin:

It is with deep sadness and broken hearts that we must announce that our friend, guitarist and founding member of Sacred Reich, Jason Rainey has passed away.

Jason started the band after only playing guitar for six months. With sheer determination and will, he lead us through the early years of the band. He worked tirelessly. Sacred Reich was his life.

In recent years he faced some serious medical issues. He ultimately succembed to a heart attack on Monday, March 16. He was 53 years old.

Jason, we wish you peace and love.

Jason Wesley Rainey

February 14, 1967 - March 16, 2020



Κρίμα νέος άνθρωπος :frowning: