Sevengates ? new cd out for free download!

The Italian Power Metal Band SevenGates has released ?The Good and the Evil? exclusively for online distribution.
The cd is available for download on the offical site
It?s a choice of the band, firmly convinced of the potentialities of online distribution.
We refused several contracts with labels, since they did not offer basic conditions for a good promotion and distribution of the cd, and we decided to undertake the hard way of online distribution, hoping for help and appreciation from webzines and magazines.
The new album already had many good reviews on a lot of webzines, and some ?top albums? scoring too, and this is only the beginning!
The successor, ?Betrayer?, will be out in late 2009, with amazing singer Eugent Bushpepa (check it on our site?s links!) on vocals, for free distribution online too, and in a limited press edition.
Check the site for more!

Please note : The cd is absolutely professional (we spent a lot of money to record, mix, master the cd, and for artwork and photos). You can enjoy or not with it, but it isn?t a ?demo?.
So please leave us a comment here let us know what do you think!
…or better, leave us a comment in our guest (!


Good work !