SHIVA ? ?Continuance?

SHIVA ? ?Continuance?
(Majestic Rock)
Running time : 54:59

For years and years, ?Firedance?, the bands debut and only album was highly revered, as one of the best records that came during the NWOBHM era. Although the band, distances it self by sounding more rocky than metal, what cannot be denied is the bands ability to pen a catchy tune. Imagine a cross between a tamer RUSH and insert vocals that distantly would echo the melody of acts such PERSIAN RISK or SARACEN, in their mellower moments and SHIVA is the result. This was intended to be the bands second release, but the record company didn?t back them up and eventually, the band broke up. 20 years down the line, the original tapes and some material that survived only on cassette, gets a re mastering and finally a release. The band missed the train and they do not seem willing to take another stab, but the fact, that the record company didn?t want to put out this album back then, really left me scratching my head. Songs like the superbly melodic and catchy ?Power of Persuasion?, ?Ring of Fire?, ?Eden?, the stompy but poppy ?Thief? and ?The gallery? do not lack the hooks. It?s such a shame really that the band disbanded back then and it makes me wonder if the record company AR guys ears were full of strawberry jam or something?.. The sound is clear (even the cassette sourced songs are ok), the music quite refined but nonetheless sparkling and magical. Ah, if only?.


Ps. Somebody please RE RELEASE the OOP firedance album?cherry red ???

Ίδια ιστορία με άλμπουμ των Hush (που παρεπιμπτόντως είχαν παίξει support στους Rush κάποτε) που κανονικά έπρεπε να είχε κυκλοφορήσει το 1979, και τελικά κυκλοφόρησε σχεδόν 2 δεκαετίες αργότερα, το 1997!
Όμως καλύτερα αργά παρά ποτέ…