Slipknot Live @ Athens!

Κι άλλο ένα μεγάλο live για φέτος! Οι Αμερικανοί Slipknot θα έρθουν στη χώρα μας στις 30 Μαϊου. Ο χώρος δεν έχει ανακοινωθεί ακόμα. Διοργανωτής, DIDI MUSIC

Theatro Lykavitou lene oi fimes. ETSI, ETSI!!! :smiley:

[size=7]ΣΕΞ ΚΑΙ ΑΙΜΑ[/size]


Kαι ολα αυτα στον Λυκαβητο

Mesa sto site tis didi music leei oti to live tha ginei sto TBA.
Kserei kanenas ti einai ayto to pragma?Stoys Slipknot pantos leei ontos gia likabetous Hill.

TBA σημαίνει Το Βe Announced- δηλαδή Θα Ανακοινωθεί!


Νομιζω παντως πως θα γινει στην Μαλακασα

O ομορφάντρας χθες έτσι είπε πάντως.

O ομορφάντρας χθες έτσι είπε πάντως.[/quote]

Όντως αυτό είπα… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Λυκαβηττός - ανακοινώσιμο πλέον. 30/5 κανονικά η ημερομηνία…
Όχι Μαλακάσα

38 ευρώπουλα… πουλιά για μάδημα καταντήσαμε!

na dwsw 38 eurw gia slipknot, (oso kai an thathela na einai tzaba!) kapou to katalavainw gia ena group pou einai sxedon sta forte tou kai kanei pagosmia epituxia twra.

Μωρέ το πρόβλημα δεν είναι η τιμή αυτού του live αυτη καθαυτή, το πρόβλημα είναι όταν τα βάλεις κάτω και υπολογίσεις όλα αυτά που θέλεις να δεις φέτο… Έτσι κι αλλιώς οι τιμές στο Ελλάντα είναι τσιμπημένες (και αυτή των Slipknot θα μπορούσε να είναι και πιο πολύ) αλλά όταν σκάνε πολλά τέτοια καλά live, πονάει.

giauto egw eipa se allo topic oti an den meiwsoun tis times stis sunaulies, tha pathoun megalh zhmia oi etairies…h aplhstia plhrwnetai…

Ξερεται γιατι μ’αρεσει πολυ ο Λυκαβιτος ? Εχει πολυ χωρο στα βραχια, και ομορφη θεα… :wink:

38 euro para polla nomizw gia tous slipknot opws kai gia tous archive otan eixan erthei.den tha tous timhsw…

Gia koita omos ena review apo to Subliminal Verses tour pou arxise edo kai kamia vdomada kai mallon tha deis oti aksizei:

The Risers:

Craig and Sid-
The risers were like umm. 15/20 ft up. Had a big screen on each side. A top of them were Craig on the left, Sid on the right, and steps leading to the stage. They met in the middle with the timpanis, and the steps went down from there to each side of Joey’s kit, which was in the middle as opposed to the back. All of it it aside from the screens were metalish.

Chris and Shawn-
Shawn and Chris’s drums had hydrolics from IOWA, And they had two kegs on each.

Same pentagram riser as use din the Disasterpiece DVD and Pledge of Allegiance Tour

Shawn and Sids New Masks:

Sid uses the mask he wore on Conan Obrien March 1st, 2005 (Click For Picture)

Shawn’s mask looked black. As if his other one got burnt and the remains where what he were wearing.

Screen Displays:

Vermilion Part 2 video was played on a big screen thing that came down that was on top of Joey’s kit. It was circular.

Before vermilion part 1. On the screens there was like this crazy sequence of colors and what looked like a death mask on the screen that was spinning.

During Disaster Piece there was a video of a person cutting there finger off edited with some spinning shit.

During pulse of the maggots. The screens had one something like. Pulse and the M for maggots.

The Heretic Anthem had fire on the screens.

Other Information:

The backdrop for most of the show was the cover of Volume three. However, the last three songs (get this, wait and bleed, surfacing) it was the same backdrop they used on disasterpieces dvd during (sic) and surfacing.

The crowd helped Corey sing Duality. We did Jumpdafuckup during Spit it Out. Corey began Wait and Bleed acapella.

The last chorus of The Nameless Chris had a mic stand to do his backup vocals.

Corey’s voice was as good as ever and sid was using his kaoss pad to mess it up

2 hour long set

The Setlist:

Setlist(may be off)
The Blister Exists
Disaster Piece
Before I Forget
Left Behind
Pulse of the Maggots
Joey’s Drum Solo
Vermilion Pt 2(PA)
The Nameless
Heretic Anthem
Everything Ends(Introduced as ‘song we’ve never played live before’, obvisously any dorky maggot will tell you otherwise)
Spit It Out
Get This
Wait And Bleed
Danger Keep Away(PA)

Allo tora an edo stin Ellada den ta kanoun ayta giati os gnoston ena pragma sosto edo den ginetai.

EDIT: Kai ena akoma an den bariesai:

Amazing night. Everyone who is anyone who hates on this band are a bunch of fucking idiots. They put on such an amazing show, EVERYTIME.

I just got back from the Jersey show(about an hour ago).
Gizmachi was very good. It wasn’t the usual ‘metal’ band where as it takes you in the same direction that is ALWAYS expected.

Shadows Fall was awesome. It was the first time seeing them live and the time was well spent. Their setlist was short but very good. They made a shout out to Dime and the entire, and I mean the entire stadium went nuts.
Overall, good set.

Lamb of God, this was about the 4th time seeing them, and as always a very good show. Even though one of the guitars wasn’t coming out that well over one side they came back towards the end and made up for it. Mosh pit as always was a great, fantastic pleasure. Some people maybe about 4 did the wall of death. No one else caught on quick enough. Of course the band didn’t call for it, but some people are just devoted like that.

Before Slipknot came on, I don’t think anyone mentioned this but, or maybe because it was the first time; they played this movie type thing with this jamaican guy playing on some street(call me ignorant for not knowing the name of the instrument) playing one of those instruments, whatever the fuck they are called. After him, they started showing what seemed like home video footage of them on the road. different concerts and behind the stage shit. But they kicked it off with one of their crew guys kicking what seemed to be a drunk guy talking shit behind a building by the tour buses. The dude gets pissed of moves the barricade out of his way and fucks the shit out of the pissed off drunk guy.
After that they started playing , Prelude and well the rest you all know already.

Such an amazing setlist. I kept it a surprise since I decided not to look in here or anywhere to see it. The solo for Pulse sounded right on the money. Corey’s voice was ‘fresh’ and with Craig’s samples backing him up just sounded amazing.
I was amazed that the majority of the stadium were actually singing along to every song. Since you usually have the dickwads who are ‘too cool’ to like that shit.

Clown also started out with his mask covered with the bandage but removed it by the 4 song, it seemed for far, like a ‘over done clown face’.

Everyone was right on their cues. Sid kicked ass with his scratches, Craig same, Paul, Jim and Mick were great. Shawn, Joey and Chris kicked ass, all together for Iowa, Blister, Nameless they great.

In between one of the songs Corey came out and showed everyone, their achivements. Platinum Vol.3, Double Platinum s/t. and triple platinum Disasterpieces. He also said, and I quote; " fuck mtv, fuck the radio", which everyone responded wiith a huge WOOOOHOOOOO!!!, which I believe means Hell Yeah which probably meant that they were agreeing with him.

Their were mosh pits all over the place. You had your hardcore dancers, straight-up metal drunk’s, the we fucking kick ass and the the one where everyone just stands around and do the ‘old-school’ headbang.

That’s all I can say for now, which isn’t much. Lips Sealed

Peace and for those of you who are going to go see them because they wear ‘cool’ masks, be prepared to get punched in the face for wearing your hot topic outfit, well at least that’s how it seemed up here.

Sorry gia ton poly xoro aytou tou post mou.