Some final vinyls

my dying bride-symphonaire 12" 30e
my dying bride-as the flower withers lp 35e
my dying bride-the thrash of naked limbs 35e
my dying bride-i am the bloody earth 12" 30e
hellhammer-apocalyptic raids pic disc 333 copies 50e
iron maiden-brave new world dlp pic disc 40e
dillinger escape plan-miss machine lp 40e
ulver-nattens madrigal original lp 40e
arcturus-aspera hiems symfonia dlp 50e
Sonic youth-bad moon rising lp 15e
Agnostic front-live at cbgbs lp 15e
mayhem-grand declaration of war pic disc original 35e
mayhem-chimera pic disc original 35e
dissection-storm of the lights bane lp original press 70e
in the woods-heart of the ages dlp original misanthrope press-OFFER.
Candlemass-tales of creation pc disc 25e
Darkthrone-Return to ultima thule lp 45e
Darkthrone-Hate them lp 45e
Darkthrone-plagueweilder lp 45e
Mastodon-the wolf is loose 12 pic disc 15e

όποιος ενδιαφερεται για κατασταση κτλ,pm.:slight_smile: τιμές συζητίσιμες.

προστέθηκαν μερικά ακόμη.


το dissection εφυγε.:slight_smile:

dissection,iron maiden εφυγαν