Sunday 27 Jan: The Edge of Excess. GLAM/AOR/HARD N HEAVY @ RAGNAROK CLUB

[B][I]Loud music, alcohol and the half-light, half-darkness. Been there, done that. Too many times. You catch your breath, you catch your drift and you think you’ve gone too far – too many times. And then you feel it was worth it cause it got you so far. You’ve reached the EDGE OF EXCESS and you keep pushing for more. As the song says - “Too much is never enough”.

On Sunday 27 January 2013, indulge in a fabulous overdose of music, spinning – and spanning – the best of Glam, AOR, Hard ‘n’ Heavy music, past and present.

At RAGNAROK Club of course, at the heart of town, at the heart of great rock-metal music. Kicking off at 10.00’. Free Entrance.[/I][/B]