Tapes for passion, not for fashion

Our latest defiant tape releases are still available.
-ARCANA 13 (Ita) - Danza Macabra tape
Italy-based occult doom legion ARCANA 13, harvests the seeds of terror planted by the masters of Italian cult horror movies from the ‘60s and ‘70s, digging deep down to the roots of heavy, powerful and magical atmospheres to manifest a truly spellbinding musical and visual experience.
-FIRTAN (Ger) - Niedergang tape
Firtan from Southern Germany have been combining influences from a variety of musical genres into a raw, driving and yet cinematic sound. Influenced by bands such as Thyrfing,Agalloch and Emperor their music is composed of elements ranging from Black and Pagan Metal to Progressive- and Post-Rock alongside orchestral sounds which are supported by intense vocal performances.
-GOD ENSLAVEMENT (Ger) - Consuming The Divine tape
One of the best oldschool death/grind debut albums for 2016, now in limited tape edition!God Enslavement was founded to worship old school Death-Grind like it is hardly played anymore.Definitely worthy of blasting. Agressive , catchy and brutal!
-CORROSIVE CARCASS (Swe) - Composition of flesh tape
Composition of Flesh feels like being thrown head first into the good old days of Swedish death metal, back when Dismember, Edge of Sanity and Entombed were ruling the scene. Riffs flying all over the place, a few melodies and grooves thrown in for good measure, a hurtful guitar sound, painfully hissing cymbals and the trademark meaty bass guitar sound are stitched together by a drum sound from another era.
Coming soon:
-VELD (Pol/Belarus) - Daemonic-The Art of Dantalian tape.Killer blackened death, one of the best extreme albums for 2015.
-GRAVEBOMB (Swe) - Rot in putrid filth tape. Debut album from the newborn beast of Swedish old school death metal.
Tapes for passion, not for fashion!
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