Tapes for sale

Tapes for sale
Abba- super trouper.
Above all- domain , promo tape.1996.
Ahma- 98 demo tape.
Arkona/moontower- w szponach.
Armed death- mortis domini.
Chaos theory- anger bi proxy,tape 97.
Court jester- ancient tales
Crystal darkness ? somber , blackmetal.
Davidian- s/t , greek demo tape.
Dizorderz- machine , Czech thrash death , sealed.
Electric ligt orchestra- time.greek edition.
Eyector-la espada, arg , epic metal.
Imagen putrefacta- ave satanas, Puerto rico , black.
Infernal boozer- Saturday night disaster.
Kentro dierxomenwn- psarianos , arvanitakh , sealed.
Metal crusaders ?98- Japanese heavy metal compilation.
Moravska jima/ slavigrom-split tape.
Pinkfloyd- the wall
Ressurecturis-nocturnal , tape
Ressurecturis-corpses forever , tape
Revans- o.st. mousikh d.papadhmhtrioy , sealed.
Saltus-symbols of forefathers.
Stamaths spanoudakhs ?spousied ?sealed,
Thanos mikroutsikos ? fouente ovehouna, sealed.
Thanos mikroutsikos-evripidhs iv, sealed.
Tungsten axe- s/t. Swedish heavy metal .+ patch with logo