Thrash+ vinylia

1 x Blood ?Second Strike? Gatefold LP/9 Tracks - Speed & Thrash Metal from Italy - 11
2 x Crucifier ?Cursed Cross? LP/9 Tracks - Pure Fucking old school Thrash Metal from Greece - 10,50
1 x Dreams Damnation ?Epic Tales Of Vengeance? LP red vinyl - Thrash Metal with aggressive female vox from USA - 10,50
2 x Fingernails ?Heavy Metal Forces? LP/12 Tracks - Legendary old school Thrash Metal Act from Italy - 10
1 x Insane ?Wait And Pray? LP/8 Tracks - Pure Fucking old school Thrash Metal from Italy - 10
1 x Steelpreacher ?Drinking With The Devil? LP/10 Tracks - Cult Heavy Speed Thrash from Germany - 12

kai ayta:kostizoun 10 euros to ena
FINGERNAILS - Destroy Western World
HAMMERHEAD - Will to survive
HELLKOMMANDER - Death to my Enemies blk
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner blk
RAZOR FIST - Metal Minds blk
VOLTAX - s/t blk
VOLTAX - s/t white/ red splatter


hammerhead ekraththei

merika vinylia akoma

Aerosmith - Nightin The Ruts, LP, Hard Rock5
Aerosmith - Draw The Line, LP, Hard Rock7
Aggelos Skordilhs - Egw Eimai Aytos… Eseis Poioi Eiste?, LP, Post Rock5
Alaska - The Pack, LP, Hard Rock7
Aldo Nova - Aldo Nova, LP, Hard Rock4
Alex Masi - Attack Of The Neon Shark, LP, Heavy Metal5
Amnion - Cryptic Wanderings, LP, Black Metal9
Anekdoten - Nucleus = Pic Lp = Lp, LP, Progressive Rock10
April Wine - Animal Grace, LP, Hard Rock5
Arkenstone - Arkenstone, LP, Black Metal9
Asgaia/pleurisy - Waves/unholy Sphres, LP, Death Metal7
Auktsyon - Bodun, LP, Hard Rock10
Austere (aus) - Only The Wind Remembers Lp, LP, Black Metal10
Black League (sentenced/impaled Nazarene) - Doomsday Sun,10’ LP, Gothic9
Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers Vinyl Lp, LP, Stoner/Rock12
Chastain - Voice Of The Cult, LP, Heavy Metal5
Cheap Trick - All Shook Up, LP, Hard Rock4
Dokken - Under Lock And Key, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Dweezil Zappa - My Guitar, LP, Hard Rock5
Ereshkigal - �the Raping Of The Divine� Lpgatefold Lp 1000 Numered Copies.purple Vinyl, LP, Black Metal10
Eternal Darkness - “total Darkness” Lpgatefold Lp Limited To 1000 Copies. White Vinyl, LP, Doom Metal12
1990 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: Sweden�s Legends of punishing Death Metal Doom return. �Total Darkness� discography LP contains unreleased and new remastered old tracks from 1990 - 1993. Expect pure Death Doom Metal with the genuine 90�s guitar sound and a really heavy and deep atmosphere. This will be the ultimate Eternal Darkness vinyl ever. Don�t miss this gem.
Execution - Execution Rare Lp, LP, Death/Thrash Metal12
1992 (FR)
Gumomaniacs - Priest Of Lucifer, LP, Thrash Metal9
2008 (D)
Comments/Notes: GUMOMANIACS “Priest Of Lucifer” LP/10 Tracks * pure fucking old school Thrash Metal from Bavaria —> lim. to 500 copies, blue/yellow splatter vinyl
[ Price: 18 ? ]

Helix - Walkin The Razors Edge, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
John Waite - Rover’s Return, LP, Hard Rock5

Jotunspor - Gleipnirs Smeder " Lp, LP, Black Metal12
2008 (NOR)
Comments/Notes: JOTUNSPOR (Norway) is a band formed in 2005 by King (Gorgoroth, Sahg etc.) and Kvitrafn (Sigfader, ex-Sahg ex-Gorgoroth, ). The album as a whole is dedicated to their Nordic forefathers and heritage. Jotunspor binds grim and primitive Black Metal together with elements of noisy Satanic Dark Ambient. The concept of Jotunspor is fundamentally rooted in the old Norse cults and beliefs.
Kingdom Come - Hands Of Time, LP, Hard Rock5
Krokus - Alive And Screamin", LP, Hard Rock5
Krokus - Change Of Adress, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Loits - Must Limited Gatefold Lp, LP, Atmospheric Metal12
Lord - Hell’s Fucking Metal", LP, Black/Thrash Metal9
Mantas - Deceiver X 12", LP, Heavy Metal5
Nethescerial-impaler-crossover-the Eternal Darkness - 4 Way Limited Split 10 Inch Vinyl, LP, Death/Black Metal8
Nightranger - Dawn Patrol, LP, Hard Rock5
Nunwhore Commando 666 - Home Sweet Home, LP, Grind6
Profundi - The Omega Rising Ltd.lp, LP, Black Metal11
2008 (NOR)
Comments/Notes: 12� black vinyl, black innersleeve, gatefold with uv spot details, poster The Omega Rising" the vicious and searing debut from Profundi, the sole vision of ex-Naglfar vocalist Jens Ryd�n, is a hateful plunge into an abysmal musical realm where waves of virulent rhythmic chaos, vicious melody, and unforgiving atmosphere bleed in a vengeful marriage of encompassing triumph.
Quireboys - A Bit Of What You Fancy, LP, Hard Rock4
Raven - The Murder Sessions, Lp, LP, Black Metal9
Rawradarwar/deer Creek - Split Lp, LP, Stoner/Doom11
Rodama - Katw Apo To Derma, LP, Post Rock6
Rough Cutt - Wants You, LP, Hard Rock6
Skinless - Foreshadowing Our Demise, LP, Death Metal8
Speedway69 - Back From El Ray!" 10"lp, LP, Stoner7
2000 (D)
Comments/Notes: 7 songs of high-energy Punkrock � la Gluecifer, purple/white splatter-vinyl, limited to 500 pieces, classic debut from �00
The Bottle Doom Lazy Band - The Beast Must Die"(lp, LP, Doom Metal 8
2007 (FR)
Comments/Notes: july 23th,2007.Lp format out in 500 copies hand numbered with cool artwork and inner sleeve.Excellent Dooom Metal:they play 4 tracks for 40�+of music.TBDLB was first inspired by creators of traditional doom(BLACK SABBATH,SAINT VITUS) mixed with pachydermic and psychedelic sounds from ELECTRIC WIZARD.You add to that a rock�n�roll attitude and you have a very personal result.
Ugly Kid Joe - America’s Least Wanted, LP, Hard Rock7
Vinnie Vincent - Invasion, LP, Hard Rock4
Virginia Wolf - Virginia Wolf, LP, Hard ‘n’ Heavy5
Warrant - Drfsr, LP, Hard Rock5
Zarach Baal Tharagh - Demo 42 The Final Chapter, LP, Black Metal9
[ 7" ]

Anima Morte - Viva Morte!, 7", Post Rock5
Asmodee - Black Drop Journey Ep, 7", Death/Black Metal5
Garden Of Worm - Summer´s Isle, 7", Doom Metal5
In Utero Cannibalism - Failure Of Christ, 7", Grind5
L Imperio Dell Ombre/but - Split 7 Inch, 7", Stoner/Rock5
Obsecration - Vault Of The Obscure Vortex, 7", Death Metal5
Ominous Sky - Limited Debut Seven Inch, 7", Doom Metal5

crucifier 1 telos

kai to allo crucifier telos

[ DVDs ]

Chronicles Of Doom - V/a - Chronicles Of Doom - Dvd, DVD, Doom Metal
2009 (VAR)
Comments/Notes: This DVD contains shows in Rotterdam/Holland 2006 featuring the bands who are playing doom and doom related genre . Multi-camara shooted pro quality DVD filmed and edited by Camisole(France). Saturnus, Ataraxie, Inborn Suffering, Doomraiser, Funeralium, Nymphea Aurora, Abysmal Darkening, Reverend Bizarre, The Prophecy, The Gates Of Slumber, Centurions Ghost, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Season’s End, and Mary Bell.10 EUROS

Dvd Miscreant - The Beyond Video, DVD, Death Metal
2006 (RUS)
Comments/Notes: BSP 01 DVD MISCREANT ( 2006 ) The Beyond Video. Two live shows. 80 min. Photogallery 7 EUROS

Killers - 1999-2004, DVD, Heavy Metal
1999 (FR)
Comments/Notes: Speed Metal10 EUROS

Metal Swamp No.28 - Dvd, DVD, Black Metal
2009 (CZ)
Comments/Notes: DVD - Metal Swamp no.28 - Record of chosen songs by bands from Metal Swamp no.28 festival. Stíny plamenù (4 songs), Panychida (5 songs), Solfernus (4 songs), Trollech (7 songs), Hromovlad (3 songs), Unclean (3 songs). Over 120 minutes of video materials + bonus text info about bands…Limit for 500 pieces. pagan/forrest/slavonic/fast ? black metal (LAST COPIES!!!)

The Damned - Final Damnation, DVD, Hardcore
1988 (UK)
Comments/Notes: punk rock plus extras + show

[ Official Demos ]

7th Angel - In Your Face, CD, Hard Rock 5
Ashes - Nihilist, CD, Black Metal 3
Black Alexxx - Underground, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy3
Bloodwritten - Everything Beautifull Dies, CD, Death Metal 2
2005 (USA)
Bloodwritten - We Live In Darkness, CD, Death Metal2
Crystal Tears - Promoworks, CD, Epic Metal 2
Damage Done - Stories Never Told, CD, Atmospheric Metal 3
2005 (GR)
Comments/Notes: includes buttons from rot a kind of atmospheric and melancholic /alternative music close to anathema!DOUBLE DEMO CD!!!
[ Price: 9 ? ]

Danger Avenue - Lookin’out … For That Neon Light, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy 3
Dead Poets Society - F’ Ait Accompli, CD, Progressive Metal 3
2001 (SLO)

Dilivium - From Always Cd, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 3
Duster 69 (featuring John Hermansen) - Demo Digipack Cd, CD, Stoner/Rock 3
2007 (D/S)
Comments/Notes: Digipack - EP Release date: 07 / July / 2007 4 Songs Running time: 15 minutes Germany / Sweden The title track GOING INTO RED (lyrics by John Hermansen) in 2 different versions: one did the MOTHER MISERY / STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA singer JOHN HERMANSEN alone, one version together with the DUSTER 69 singer! As bonus you will find 2 unreleased livetracks from 2003 (Schoolbus and Bring me down). Both will not appear on the forthcoming DUSTER 69 compilation called NOTHING LEFT! OX FANZINE GERMANY: “Going into Red” is the best song 2007! This is a mighty monolith of a song!
Eight Hands For Kali - Himalayan Necromantia, CD, Doom Metal 4
2008 (SP)
Comments/Notes: After scaling the mammoth peak of Mount Meru, their new EP will take you into the very depths of the Himalayas. It contains a single composition, clocking in at 55:22 minutes, which is vast, cold, daunting and overwhelming as the mystical mountain range that inspired it. One song. One trance. Many visions� This is the second recording by Eight Hands For Kali and the second to appear through Pariah Child. The band has explained that the �Himalayan Necromantia� EP was intended to be the successor to the song �Mount Meru� on their debut EP. They also brand this experiment as Space Doom. Keep an ear out for some special guest vocal appearances from Brant Bjork, and a host of international tattoo artists including Tim Lehi, Freddy Corbin, Jason McAfee and the folk from Underground Lab at the Gloom Lake�
Final Reign - Vortex Of Sin, CD, Stoner/Rock 4
2008 (USA)
Comments/Notes: well packaged christian stoner hard rock
Fugitive - F�el, CD, Heavy Metal 3
2005 (UK)
Giuseppe Silvestri - Demo 2006, CD, Neoclassical/Instrumental 3
2006 (I)
Comments/Notes: demo great neoclassical and fushion guitarist
Ice King - Second Sailing, CD, Epic Metal 3
2008 (BEL)
Comments/Notes: epic folk
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Iron Wolf - This You Cant Trust, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (USA)
Comments/Notes: self relseased cd like motorhead
[ Price: 10 ? ]

Kachana - The Plains Of Illyricum, CD, Epic Metal
2006 (GR/U)
Comments/Notes: great heavy stuff the main guitarist is a greek!
[ Price: 9 ? ]

Lousy Lout - Lousy Lout, CD, Hard Rock
2009 (I)
[ Price: 6 ? ]

Lunar Path - Broken World Four Track Demo Cd Digipack Edition, DEMO CDS, Power Metal
2009 (FIN)
Comments/Notes: super digipack demo power metal with female vocals.
[ Price: 9 ? ]

Malefica - Cold Blood, CD, Hard Rock
2008 (I)
[ Price: 4 ? ]

Manstrand - Hell(with)the King 12 Tracks Demo Cd, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2009 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: private release in the vein of rainbow and ufo from sweden --guitarist use to be original memmber on the countraven pre original line up.great hard rock great music!!1
[ Price: 10 ? ]

Mentor - Creeping Thoughts, CD, Black Metal
2005 (GR)
Comments/Notes: Eight songs clocking on more than half an hour of quality black metal make up this well beefed up demo. Mentor sprouted back in the early 00�s, releasing their first demo being �The Gate�. This being their second demo could well be a full-length release not only due to its quantity but also because of the beautiful packaging that it comes with, which could easily be part of a professional release. Musically the band exhibits a well played brand of Greek black metal intermingled with intricate and original melodies paying homage to the Hellenic black metal originators (Rotting Christ/Varathron/Necromantia). All eight compositions move on a satisfying scale, production (recorded at Nemesis Sound Studios) being one of the highlights especially taking into account the fact that this is a demo release. There is also a number of clean, atmospheric instrumental parts sprouting throughout the demo adding an extra feel to the whole sound. Unfortunately there are some blunt parts as well which decrease the whole interest level at points partly attributed to the drum work which is a few notches above mediocre. Definitely there is a need for maturing in terms of song composition and in developing their own musical identity but nonetheless the band does look promising. Band contact: Grimma Song listing: 1. Creeping Thoughts… 2. Liquid Face 3. Ritual Suicide 4. A Lifetime Away From Paradise 5. Requiem 6. Like A Dream 7. Eternal Darkness 8. …Beautiful Crimes Playing time: 33.06 review from tartarean desire webzine
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Metamorphosis - Creation In Reverse, CD, Death/Black Metal
2004 (D)
[ Price: 8 ? ]

Mister Bones - Hell In Montreal, CD, Stoner/Doom
2005 (CAN)
Comments/Notes: 10 dynamic tracks live.
[ Price: 7 ? ]

Moonlight - Meren Re, CD, Progressive Rock
200? (POL)
[ Price: 4 ? ]

Nardorn - Sons, CD, Death/Thrash Metal
2007 (D)
Comments/Notes: Nardorn were formed end of 2004 by Sascha and Christoph. Although the search for other musicians to share their ambitions with lasted for over a year, the two of them didn’t stop hoping to begin making music. At end of 2005, they finally found Dirk, who read an annoucement of them in a Magazine and the band finally had a man for the Bass. So they began starting at first songs, and soon they found the first guitar player. Who left them pretty soon. He said the sound of Nardorn had a lack of Structure, found it was to primitive. But Nardorn knew what they wanted and stayed faithful to their music. After a second and a third guitarist left the band for similar reasons like the first one, they had enough, and the first time, the idea of �Terrr Thrash� was born: They decided to go on without any guitarist. So they put a massive distortion to their bass sound and finally found the raw and primitive style they always longed for. Terror Thrash � A brutal, destructive form of Thrash/Death Metal which leaves no space for compromise. As soon as they sarted to play their first concerts, they parted the crowd in two different parts � Half of the people liked the experimental style of Nardorn, the other half hated what they did. Soon they decided to record a first demo record. In 2006, they entered the studio of �Marburg Records� and made their Demo �Terror Thrash� with producer Nico Rubner. Songs of Terror Thrash were played in a small German Radio Station and in a small Radio Station in Texas. After this, they played several more shows and won a small, but faithful group of fans. They also started organizing their own little concert series together with the black/death metal band Hyems (Restrain Records) called �Blood Feast�. In Summer 2007, Nardorn went back to the studio of �Marburg Records� to produce their second Demo with Nico Rubner. The Demo �Terrorcaust � Sons Of The Bleeding Nature� was produced with more experience and more patience. The sound got more brutal, with massive blast attacks and brutal drums and an advanced bass sound. This Demo was played in a radio station in Seattle and got a very positive critic from German Metal Hammer magazine. They also gave an two-hour interview to the German radio station �Radio Unerh�rt�. After playing several more gigs, Nardorn decided to make a small creative pause at the beginnig of 2008. Nowadays they are back in their rehearsal room and work on new songs. In July 2008, Nardorn went back to the studio again to record the song “Daemonen der Blasphemie”, which is a good preview of the upcoming things… Although they had many many problems to face and hard times to go through, Nardorn stays a band which is faithful to their music and a band out of three people who are more than friends. Three people who love doing what they do and noone can bring them down.
[ Price: 8 ? ]

Nordor - Mandattu, CD, Death Metal
2007 (GR)
Comments/Notes: prog death metal from greece
[ Price: 9 ? ]

Ophiura - Ancestral Whispers, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2007 (I)
Comments/Notes: OPHIURA � Ancestral Whispers � 2007 � Heavy Prog Italy
[ Price: 9 ? ]

Pleasure Addiction - Pleasure Addiction, CD, Hard ‘n’ Heavy
2006 (FR)
[ Price: 2 ? ]

Plutonium - Wind Of Change, CD, Death/Black Metal
2004 (SWE)
Comments/Notes: This three piece hails from Sweden & play a different style of Black Metal that is known from this area of the world. Their music has a lot of Black Metal in it, but it also split up with equal parts Death Metal & Industrial. There is a really grey coldness in their sound that stays through out the songs. They have an old mechanical Black Metal sound. There are some dark atmospheric parts as well. The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Black Metal style. It’s nice to hear something different & still as good as most stuff coming out of Sweden!!!
[ Price: 4 ? ]

Razor Rape - Deep Red, CD, Grind
200? (SWE)
Comments/Notes: RAZOR RAPE-Deep Red (Brutal gore grind/death from Sweden. Brand-new EP OUT NOW! 6 tracks!!RAZOR RAPE?Deep Red?killer sweden extreme gore grind demo!!
[ Price: 6 ? ]

Remorse - Zero, CD, Grind
2009 (F)
Comments/Notes: remorse zero 11 titles ( hxc/ grind (france) After two albums height of rabies(fury), the almighty at Remorse put back(hand) the place setting with this last opus named Zero ( record maximus). More directed to the violent hardcore of Converges and the technical metal of Mastodon.
[ Price: 5 ? ]

Rexor - Heavy Metal Forever–special Edition Demo, CD, Heavy Metal
2009 (BR)
Comments/Notes: nice edition on carton professional with nice small lyric booklet
[ Price: 4 ? ]

Scythe Of Orion - X-lives, CD, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
2009 (FIN)
Comments/Notes: female vocals-prog metal.
[ Price: 4 ? ]

[ Fanzines ]

Dark Moon #08
Comments: Interview with Ancient Rites, etc. Written in English

Guitar2001 #11
Comments: Interviews Steve Morse, Eric Johnson etc.

Guitar2001 Mag #09
Comments: Interviews with Dream Theater members, D. Sherinian, Translatlantic, written in English


Magic Starlight #01
Comments: Great Greek fanzine. 90 pages. Interviews with Y.J. Malmsteen, Impelliteri, Rivera/Bomma, DoomSword, Ark, Written in English 3 EUROS

Metal Hero #24 June 2007
Comments: greek written fanzine including numerous reviews plus interviews with inner wish, icarus witch,hybrid gr etc2 EUROS

Metal Hero Mag #25
Comments: many cds reviews, plus interviews from hotwire,released anger,metamorfosis,ivris, kanivaloi,enastron,written in hellenic language. 2EUROS

Metal Hero#20
Comments: written in greek many groups in heavy metal and in greek singing rock/hard rock/metal 2 EUROS

Metal Hero#23
Comments: new issue!written in greek many reviews interviews with:pisko,spuridoula,mortals fate,misery inc,poem 2EUROS

Sonic Splendour #4
Comments: great publication black and white written in engish,with many reviews many interviews most famous are:entombed,mike patton, behemoth , avulsed etc 3
[ T-shirts, Longsleeves ]
Arryan Path Tshirt - Black Colour ,xl,2 Sides Design 8
Pylon-sorrow And Doom Tshirt - Black-two Sides Of Designs In Colour Sizes M.l,xl 8
T-shirt The Symphonyx (the Symphonyx) - Sizes: , Xl Black 5

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ayta telos

Cradle Of Filth - Babalon Ad --dvd
Metal Swamp No.28 - Dvd
Eight Hands For Kali - Himalayan Necromantia, CD
Heruka - Leggenda, CD
Ice King - Second Sailing, CD
Kachana - The Plains Of Illyricum, CD
Lunar Path - Broken World Four Track Demo Cd Digipack Edition, DEMO CDS
Somewhere Beyond Echoes - A Whisper In The Garden, CD
Sonic Prophecy - 2009 Ep, CD

ayta telos
Blood ?Second Strike? Gatefold LP/9 Tracks - Speed & Thrash Metal from Italy - 11
Fingernails ?Heavy Metal Forces? LP/12 Tracks - Legendary old school Thrash Metal Act from Italy - 10
Insane ?Wait And Pray? LP/8 Tracks - Pure Fucking old school Thrash Metal from Italy - 10
Steelpreacher ?Drinking With The Devil? LP/10 Tracks - Cult Heavy Speed Thrash from Germany - 12

mantic ritual lp telos

tysondog telos

Ολα μια χαρα με τον φιλο 8)

Συμφωνω και επαυξάνω με Prosatanic! Αγοράστε αφοβα!

eyxaristw paides!!!

slade-the amazing kamikaze syndrome 5 euros
aerosmith-pump 6 euros
quiet riot-metal health 6 euros
fallen angels-s/t. 9 euros
nazareth-no mean city 6
meatloaf -dead ringer 6
amnion-cryptic wanderings -BLACK METAL + lyric book + flyer 11
nunwhore commando 666-home sweet home 7 euros
uranium 12’ 6 euros
meatloaf-bad attitude 5 euros
atman-l assassi de venus special edition cover—BLACK METAL + flyer 11
EMPRY-THE HOUSE OF FUNERARY HYMNS-black metal + lyric book 11
OMEN-eternal black dawn gatefold edition 11 euros
burning saviours-nymphs and weavers-gatefold -12 euros
vanexa-1979-80 11 euros
folkstone-s/t lp edition folk metal 11 euros
anekdoten -nucleus ,sweden prog rock picture lp 10 euros
darkestrah-embrace of memory-black metal 300 limited 11 euros
darkestrah-by order of decomation -black metal 300 limited 11 euros

Sand stone ?tides of opinion 7
Catastrofear-endless error ?sealed -5
Raging speedhorn-we will be dead tomorrow Japanese edition with obi 10
Hatchery-birth of a bomb ?sealed- 7
Signs of one-innerlands 8
Forgorren souls-nine syndromes 8
Abinaya-corps-digipack ?sealed .7
Wolfs gang-larmes fatale 5
Black raven-the day of the raven-sealed-7
Speedy Gonzales-electric stalker 6
Michael Orlando-sonic stomp 7
Gauntlet-path of nails + promo cd 8
Solemnity-reign in hel ?metaxeirismeno kalh kata stash.4
Dead man-s/t.sealed 8
Burn pilot-time machine 8
Motive-rock n roll terrorist 7
Canaan-a calling to weakness ?digi sealed-8
Aeon of fear-be afraid of your reality 8
7 seals ?mooncurse 8

solemnity cd telos!!!