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The Cruxshadows - Birthday

Following the smash success of Sophia, which went to #1 on the Billboard Dance Singles Sales Chart, The Cruxshadows are back with a second single from their latest album, DreamCypher. Birthday has proven to be a fan favorite all over the world (it went over especially well at the band’s concerts in China) and as always, the band is eager to please their fans. In addition to the title track there are two remixes (a radio edit and a club mix) plus a brand new song (“The Eighth Square”). To top it off, the band is including one of their fanbase’s top requests: a performance of the song White Rabbit, which was part of the Cruxshadows live show for several years but until now has never appeared on any of their recordings.

Hocico - About A Dead

Active Image"God is dead!" – when Erk Aicrag screams out these words in his typical blood-curdling manner, hardly anyone is going to doubt that this is intended as a full-frontal assault… and not just musically. The song is a merciless romp against religious fanatics and abuse within the confines of the Christian church, wrapped up in a smashing dance track that comes straight to the point.

Erk and Racso have returned to the raw, beat-laden power of their early releases, and stripped the track of anything that might inhibit their pure, aggressive energy. With a catchy sequencer lick and a mighty chorus part that is destined to burn into your skull, “About a Dead” combines all the strengths of the Mexican duo and is a mandatory spin for any Electro party. The b-side “The Last Warning” is a dark monumental soundscape building up to a furious finale – the ideal counterpart to the unleashed aggression of the title track. The CD also includes three remixes (by Proceed, Lola Angst and Cephalgy.)
This limited single is a grandiose appetizer for the upcoming new Hocico-album… one that will leave you longing for more. Released on Out Of Line.


In an interview in the latest issue of Zero Tolerance magazine, ULVER mainman Kristoffer Garm Rygg has revealed that the band has nearly completed work on its new album, entitled “Shadows of the Sun”. The group has been working on the CD for a year now, and will probably issue the effort in the fall.

Ολεεεεε!!!Θα ειναι δισκαρα!!!Και ο τιτλος μαμαει!!!:bounce: :bounce: :vibrate: :vibrate: :yahoo: :yahoo:


SLIPKNOT Drummer Promises ‘Heavy-As-F*ck’ New Album In 2008 - July 22, 2007 [SIZE=2]SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison has revealed to Britain’s Kerrang! magazine (web site) that the follow-up to the band’s 2004 effort “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)” will be the heaviest of its 12-year career.

“It’s going to be heavy as fuck!” promised Jordison. “It’s going to be heavier than ‘Vol. 3…’ but just as weird and as experimental. We have a whole bunch of song titles, but nothing I wanna say right now.”

The sticksman — currently filling in for KORN drummer David Silveria, who has been on hiatus from the Bakersfield nu-metallers since the beginning of the year — will be touring with the band until October.

“I’m having a blast out on the road,” Jordison told Kerrang!. “I’ll be on the whole Family Values run in the U.S. with KORN over the summer and we’ve got some Brazilian dates in August and September. The KORN guys are really laid back and the shows have been killer, but in October we’ll be starting a new SLIPKNOT chapter.”

Jordison will regroup with his SLIPKNOT bandmates to begin writing material for their fifth studio album with a view to recording in January.

“I’ve talked to the other guys a bunch of times over the last few months about the new album,” he explained to Kerrang!. “I’ve told them to demo whatever they can so we’ve got as much material to chose from as possible. So be warned 2008 is going to be all about SLIPKNOT!”

ελπιζουμε να ειναι οπως τα λεει…[/SIZE]


New Die Toten Hosen album “Zurück zum Glück” out since October 11!

No more waiting: nearly three years after their last album, “Auswärtsspiel”, the brand new album by the Die Toten Hosen, “Zurück zum Glück” (back to joy) was released on October 11. And the track listing has in the meantime also been settled:

  1. Kopf oder Zahl
  2. Wir sind der Weg
  3. Ich bin die Sehnsucht in dir
  4. Weißes Rauschen
  5. Alles wird vorübergehen
  6. Beten
  7. Wunder
  8. Herz brennt
  9. Zurück zum Glück
  10. Die Behauptung
  11. How do you feel?
  12. Freunde
  13. Walkampf
  14. Goldener Westen
  15. Am Ende

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Tι έγινε με τους θρυλικούς SYSTEM OF A DOWN ???
Άκουσα ότι διαλύθηκαν και ότι ο Μalakian ηχογραφεί solo δίσκο!Από πότε έχει γίνει αυτό?
Ισχύει???Έχει κανείς περισσότερες πληροφορίες???


Ηλέκτρα, είναι κοινό μυστικό ότι έχουν διαλυθεί οι System Of A Down…μέχρι που 1 βδομάδα πριν ο μπασίστας τους, έκανε δηλώσεις, λέγοντας ότι ο καθένας κάνει κάτι προσωπικό τώρα μεν, αλλά δεν έχουν διαλυθεί και πως κάποια στιγμή θα ξαναβγάλουν δίσκο…τώρα εάν και πότε θα γίνει αυτό…:-k

περισσότερα > http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=77124


Προσωπικα το αναμενω με αισιοδοξια.:smiley:


Ένα απρόοπτο είχε συναυλία των Kiss στο Σαν Τσασίντο της Καλιφόρνια. Το ιδρυτικό μέλος του θρυλικού συγκροτήματος, Paul Stanley ένιωσε πόνους στη καρδιά με αποτέλεσμα να διακομιστεί εσπευσμένα στο νοσοκομείο. Τελικά το πρόβλημα αποδείχτηκε επιπόλαιο.
Πιο συγκεκριμένα, κατά την διάρκεια του sound checking, o 55χρονος τραγουδιστής και κιθαρίστας, αισθάνθηκε την καρδιά του να χτυπά πιο γρήγορα από το φυσιολογικό και φυσικά όπως καταλαβαίνεται όλοι φοβήθηκαν για τα χειρότερα. Στο επίσημο site του συγκροτήματος ο Stanley έκανε την εξής δήλωση, «Η καρδιά μου έφτασε τους 190 χτύπους το λεπτό και αυτό κράτησε περίπου μία ώρα. Το γεγονός πως δεν ήξερε πόσο σοβαρό ήταν, το έκανε ακόμα πιο επίπονο». Πάντως, τ΄ άλλα τρία μέλη φέρθηκαν επαγγελματικά και ανέβηκαν στη σκηνή για την προγραμματισμένη συναυλία. Μάλιστα, ήταν το πρώτο live χωρίς τον Stanley στα 30 και πλέον χρόνια του συγκροτήματος.

Εν τω μεταξύ, μέσα στον Αύγουστο θα κυκλοφορήσει σε dvd το Kissology Volume 2 και θα αφορά την περίοδο από το 1978 ως το 1991. Από το 2006 κυκλοφορεί το Volume 1 με τα πρώτα χρόνια της μπάντας.
Οι Νεοϋορκέζοι Kiss ιδρύθηκαν στα μέσα της δεκαετίας του ΄70 και έγιναν γνωστοί όχι τόσο για την καλλιτεχνική τους πορεία αλλά για το εκκεντρικό τους ντύσιμο. Πάντως, ήταν αυτοί που δημιούργησαν το pop-metal που αργότερα υιοθέτησαν οι Bon Jovi, οι Def Leppard, οι Aerosmith και πολλοί άλλοι.

από: http://www.cosmo.gr/Music/162146.html


DeseretNews.com has issued the following report from Larry D. Curtis:

Somebody should check Gov. Huntsman’s iPod. When New York quintet DREAM THEATER took the stage at the Ford Theater Monday night in the E Center, it did so on its very own day, as designated by the governor.

To the approximately 2,000 fans gathered to hear the progressive-rock icons, the night would have been special anyway.

Playing inside the Beehive State for the first time since 2000, the group invaded the stage after a video montage that introduced more than 20 years of the band’s history with both images and music.

Kicking off the high-energy set was Richard Strauss’ dramatic classical selection ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’, which led right into ‘Constant Motion’ from the band’s latest album, Systematic Chaos.

While the new disc would figure prominently in the set list, the band didn’t ignore its old favorites, unleashing ‘Take The Time’ and the balled-turned-thumper ‘Endless Sacrifice’.

The latter tune featured some speedy and complex duet sections between bassist John Myung and guitarist John Petrucci ? with Jordan Rudess on keyboards, who was difficult to ignore as he lit up the scales.

Both songs, as with almost every tune in DT’s catalog, feature dizzying individual musical acrobatics that are difficult for a casual listener to fathom or appreciate. Few in attendance Monday were casual, however, as most anticipated every note of the lightning-quick finger work as evidenced by air guitars, air drums and fist pumps.

Meanwhile, band leader and drummer Mike Portnoy seemed to enjoy playing to the audience with enthusiastic gestures and facial expressions while leading the plentiful in-song time changes. Vocalist James LaBrie’s soaring operatic singing gave the performance a human element in an ocean of expertly played electronica.

Read the full story at DeseretNews.com.



There are many unofficial books about Judas Priest coming onto the market - some already out there - people making out that theirs is the ‘Official’ book on the Band etc - Please note that none of these books have been approved by the Band - the Band have not been involved in them at all so they are not official!! We will be doing an official book sometime in the not too distant future and when we do we will announce it so until then just know that these others are not the real thing!!


φολα. φαγαμε μεγαλη φολα. η αννεκε εβγαλε καποια νεα κομματια απο το προσωπικο της για streaming…

σιγουρα περιμενα κατι αλλο. ειναι πολυ mainstream. αλλη φαση απο gathering. χαλαρο alternative/art rock. κατι τρεχει στα γυφτικα δηλαδη. ωραια κομματια, αλλα αν δεν ηταν η φωνη της ουτε στη πλακα δε θα τα παιρνε κανεις…

τα εχω ακουσει μια δυο φορες μονο βεβαια…αλλα δε ξερω. εφαγα νιλα…

εντιτ: ισως δεν ειναι τοσο ασχημα. απλα εφαγα ξενερα και μπορει να ειμαι υπερβολικος. περιμενα κατι σε πιο σουβενιρς υφος…


Αναμενουμε συνεντευξη των Metallica απο το metal hammer τον Σεπτεμβριο αλλα δεν ξερουμε ακομα σε πιο μελος της μπαντας.Ελπιζω να μην ειναι αυτουσια η συνεντευξη που παραδωσε στον Περβανιδη ο Hetfied…


PRIMORDIAL: New Album Title, Release Date Announced - Aug. 16, 2007

Irish dark metal masters PRIMORDIAL have issued the following update:

"So we are finally finished the recording of our sixth album. After a few rain-sodden weeks locked up in Foel Studios in North Wales, ‘To The Nameless Dead’ is for all but mastering and final artwork completed.

This time far away from the chaos and negative influences of a big city the recording process was far smoother and more complete then we have ever known. We left at the end quietly satisfied as opposed to feeling like our nerves were shot and far more stressed then we began. Much of this we owe to Chris Fielding who engineered it and put many long hours into its creation and to Dave Anderson who has created something we can only call a ‘good vibe’ in the middle of nowhere far from the meddling influence of civilisation?.immense thanks.

"The sound is, of course, instantly recognisable as PRIMORDIAL but more powerful then before, heavier and richer with a much more rounded sound then before. Whereas ‘The Gathering Wilderness’ was a dark often impenetrably bleak work ‘To The Nameless Dead’ has found the fire in its veins to defy, to rebel, to stand up and oppose all. This is a vast and epic album, more pounding and full of rage than PRIMORDIAL has been for many a winter?

"It is defiantly at odds with a modern metal scene that often seems to place banality, mediocrity and safety above passion, honesty and truth. It does not sound like a computer recorded it, it does not sound like a procession of riffs simply poached from metals founding fathers, it is not a mindless exercise in musical masturbation. This is metal is it was meant to be played. With passion?

We play music because we have to?this is in our veins. This is our culture, our history, our folklore, our heritage. We make no apologies, we will not compromise. And now with our sixth album, ‘To The Nameless Dead’, we are about to make our strongest statement yet?

“To The Nameless Dead” will be released in Europe on November 24 via Metal Blade Records. The first edition will contain a limited live disc recorded at the Rock Hard Festival in a lavish book format.

α καλα. αν το gathering… ηταν δισκος του 10, αυτο τι θα ειναι;

σας παρακαλω, βγαλτε το δισκο της χρονιας. ετσι για να γουσταρουμε.


απιστευτο γκρουπ, μεσα στα κορυφαια μεταλ γκρουπ σημερα, οτι και να πω για αυτους ειναι λιγο…νορβηγοι και αλλοι κακουληδες, τα κουβαδακια τους και σε αλλη παραλια, γιατι στις 24 Νοεμβριου βγαινει το “To The Nameless Dead”, το ΕΠΟΣ!! (ειμαι σιγουρος :stuck_out_tongue: )


και 01/10 (δεν ξερω ανα αναφερθηκε) κυκλοφορουν οι ulver, φιλε ulver, το νεο τους πονημα Shadows of the Sun…παρε και εξωφυλλακι

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το ξερω, λες να μην το ξερω? τι το χω το νικ? :lol: :lol: :lol: καυτο φθινοπωρο, οχι αστεια!



According to ContactMusic.com, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE frontman Josh Homme has struck the latest blow in his battle with Sharon Osbourne — dubbing her a musical nobody. The rift began when Homme accused Sharon and her husband Ozzy Osbourne of treating bands like “shit” at their annual Ozzfest festival. Sharon hit back saying she hoped Homme “gets syphilis and dies.” Now Homme says, “I don’t know what she is or what she’s done. Has she ever made any music? No. I don’t know why her name is Sharon. She ain’t sharin’ anything.”

In a recent interview with KTVU.com, Homme offered the following his opinion on this year’s “free” Ozzfest: "You’ll pay, and there will be only one person who will make any dough. And with the music industry the way it is with downloading, to ask artists to play for free … I might as well skip through the English countryside with a flute. One of the things about my generation is that there’s this punk rock guilt where people don’t know what they’re worth and they’re embarrassed to ask for anything for what they do. And that’s something that we need to get over. I don’t need to be the Sultan of Brunei, but at the same time, would you get your hand out of my crotchpouch please?"

He added, "The question is, do I actually care if Sharon likes me? And the answer is no. It’s sort of like, ‘Hitler doesn’t like you.’ Big deal. What’s she going to do, breathe on me? The people that I’ve had troubles with are RANCID, THE DWARVES and Sharon Osbourne. I definitely feel OK about it all.

λολ. διαλογος επιπεδου.


According to Metalzone.gr, Finnish folk-influenced melodic death metal
band ENSIFERUM will kick off its upcoming European tour on November 29,
2007 at AN Club in Athens, Greece. More information will be made available soon.

Πηγή Blabbermouth.Για να δούμε…


πολυ ευχαριστο νεο…μακαρι:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Απο το site των Tankard:

Hello Metalheads!

We just finished the recordings of our new album.

Our Best of-Album “BEST CASE SCENARIO: 25 YEARS IN BEERS”(produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Classen, Coverartwork Thomas Ewerhard)will be releases at 31th of August on AFM Records. It contains these new versions of some old classic Tankard-Stuff:

  1. Zombie Attack
  2. Maniac Forces
  3. (Empty) Tankard
  4. Don`t Panic
  5. Chemical Invasion
  6. The Morning After
  7. Alien
  8. 666 Packs
  9. Beermuda
  10. Space Beer
  11. Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life)
  12. Freibier
  13. Nation Over Nation
  14. Two-Faced
  15. Minds On The Moon

The limited edition (5.000-6.000 pieces ) contains a tribute to Tankard"-bonus-CD with following bands:

  1. ABANDONED (�Face Of The Enemy")
  2. COURAGEOUS (�The Morning After")
  3. DOPPELBOCK (�Freibier fόr alle")
  4. FATAL EMBRACE (�Acid Death")
  5. FKά (�Space Beer")
  6. FREZEEBEE (�Poison")
  7. HATEWORK (�Live To Dive")
  8. HYADES (�Alien")
  9. IRREVERENCE (�Beermuda")
  10. MANTICORA (�Total Addiction")
  11. ODIUM (�Sunscars")
  12. PARADOX (�Zombie Attack")
  13. PARAGON (�Two-Faced")
  14. SACRED STEEL (�Empty Tankard")
  15. SCORNAGE (�Away")
  16. SOLICITUDE (�Planetwide Suicide")
  17. TASTE OF DOOM (�Rectifier")
  18. TORMENT (�Chemical Invasion")

There will be a very limited vinylbox too, including the pic-discs of �B-DAY", �BEAST OF BOURBON", �THE BEAUTY AND THE BEER" und �BEST CASE SCENARIO: 25 YEARS IN BEERS" together with a shirt, a 0.3 l-beerjug, a poster and sticker! So watch out!

Cheers Tankard

Το κάναν οι Destruction, κάναν και οι Sodom κάτι ανάλογο, τώρα είναι η σειρά των Tankard (λές να το κάνουν και οι ξέρετε-ποιοι?). Άκουσα κάποια κομμάτια και πραγματικά η διαφορά στον ήχο με τις κλασσικές ηχογραφήσεις είναι τεράστια.