Trade: Mortuary Drape, CoF, Mystifier..LPs/CDs/7''

Κυρίως για trade. Προσφέρω περισσότερα του ενός για τα want μου, όπως και extra cash.

Επικοινωνία μόνο μέσω mail:


Mortuary Drape-All the witches dance Unisound 013 (original first press in EX condition)

Cradle Of Filth-The principle of evil made flesh Nihil 1LP (Original black vinyl, cover with frame-ASK) (Cover(VG+)/Insert(EX)/LP(EX-))

Epidemic-Industrial MLP 060 (Cover(VG-)/Insert(EX)/LP(M))

7? EPs

Phlebotomy-Dawn of grief MLR-SP-011 (Cover(VG-)/Blue 7?(EX-))

Legion Of Doom/Bestial Wrath split 7’’ (Cover(VG-)/White 7?(EX-))

Vorphalack-Under the sign of dragon (Cover(VG-)/Red 7?(EX-))


Mystifier-Goetia & Wicca 2CD OPCD116 (Condition EX+)

Mortuary Drape-Into the drape DEC005 (Original in EX condition apart from a small defunct in the back cover-ASK)


Most wanted at the moment

Alcest-Ecailles de Lune LP
Arcturus-La Masquerade Infernale LP
Arcturus-Sham mirrors LP
Arcturus-My angel (only blue cover)
Dimmu Borgir-Inn evighentens morke 7?? (necromantic gallery)
Funeral Mist-Salvation LP
Ildjran-Nidhogg-Norse 7?? (nocturnal art)
Mayhem-Live in Leipzig (obsure plasma), Out from the dark pic LP, Ancient Skin promo cd
Ulver/Mysticum 7?? (necromantic gallery)
Ved Buens Ende-Written in waters LP (mistanthropy purple)
Virus-Demo 2000 (luchtrat)
Watain-Sworn to the dark LP

Other wants

Dodheimsgard-Kronet til konge & Monumental Possession LPs only
Darkthrone-Under a funeral moon LP (first pressing)
Emperor-Wrath of the tyrant & Emperor LPs (first pressings)
Katatonia/Primordial split 10? (misanthropy)
Marduk-Heaven shall burn, Panzer division, Those of the unlight, Dark endless LPs (first pressings)
Satyricon-Dark Medieval Times, Shadowthrone, The forest is my throne LPs
Thou Shalt Suffer-Open the mysteries (Distorted harmony)
Ulver-Roadburn (gold only)
Wolves in the throne room-wolves in the throne room cdr