Όλα είναι cd και αvταλλάσονται με cd


Unleashed ? Warrior
Unleashed ? victory
Sonic syndicate ? Love and othe disasters
Old man?s child ? In Defiance of existence
Dimmu Borgir ? Godlles Savage garden
The Mighty Nimbus ? The Mighty Nimbus
Cradle of filth ? thornography
Cradle of filth ? bitter suites to succubi
Opeth ? Deliverance
Opeth ? blackwater Park
Lacuna coil ? Karmacode
Dry kill logic ? the darker side of nosense
Nightrage ? Sweet vengeance
Hopesfall ? A types
Ecw ? Extreme music (collection)

Six Feet under ? Commandment (Ltd edition boxset version of 2007 album, with huge Blood Skull flag included)

The vision bleak ? The deathship has a new captain
Crematory ? Creed
Amon Amarth ? the crusher
Amen ? Amen
God fear none ? envy
Unleashed ? Viking Raids,Best of
Mnemic ? passenger
Puddle of mudd ? Come clean
Evereve ? E-mania
Evereve ? regret
Bright orchidia ? Red Riot
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter ? light
To die for ? jaded
God forbid ? Gone forever
Dark tranquility ? lost to apathy
Enshadowed ? Mesengers of the darkest down
Nine Inch nails - further down the spiral
fear factory - Remanufacture

Εαν κανείς θέλει να αγοράσει κάποιο ας μου στείλει Pm να του πω τιμές…