Until rain - prog metal από ελλάδα

website : www.myspace.com/untilrain
contact: until.rain@gmail.com

Until Rain is a progressive metal band which was formed back in 2004, in Thessaloniki Greece, by 14-year old schoolmates, Orestis Fikos (Bass), Lefteris Germenlis (Keyboards) and Alex Hughes (Drums). Soon after, Stavros Voutsas (ex-Vocalist) joined in.

The band started under the name ?Delirium? and kept jamming and rehearsing until it became a full line-up in 2006, when Theodore Amaxopoulos (Guitars) joined the band. In September 2006 they recorded their first demo entitled ?Season IX?. A few months later, a second demo, entitled ?Hopes Forever? was recorded with the purpose of promoting the band. In the meantime, they started performing at festivals and gigs throughout Greece. By the end of 2008 they had completed the song writing process for their debut concept album, ??The Reign of Dreams??. Its concept has to do with dreams but its scenario could be a real and adventurous life story. The album was recorded during the first months of 2009 at Fragile Studios in Athens, with producer Vangelis Yalamas. At this time Stavros Voutsas left the band and was replaced by Damianos-Cosmas Roussos on vocals. It was then, that the band changed its name to ?Until Rain?. The recording of the vocals was done at RunDevilRun Studios in Thessaloniki, with producer Stealth.

In July 2009 Until Rain signed with Steel Gallery Records for their album ??The Reign of Dreams??. The album is OUT IN STORES!! At the present,Bill is the new bass player of the band,he is with them the last 4 months.Until Rain is already working on new material for their next album, as well as seeking for live opportunities to promote their work on ?The Reign of Dreams?.