Various Artists: Doom All Over The World 2CD

Various Artists: Doom All Over The World 2CD

After years of delays and re-workings, in typical Game Two fashion, our latest release is finally. ?Doom All Over The World? features a diverse selection of inspired bands with both inventive and traditional takes on the Doom aesthetic. The compilation features exclusive material from Burn Heavy, Cold Mourning, Deer Creek and Smaug (USA), Mose (Belgium), Mr. Peter Hayden (Finland) and Pylon (Switzerland). This one is a heavy listen indeed!

Track Listing
Disc One
Artist Title Time
Deer Creek Panic 7:29
Mose The Levee Will Break 4:30
Pylon Ride The Pale Horse 6:08
Mr. Peter Hayden Majestic 5 8:03
Smaug When Charon Comes 5:19
Burn Heavy Motivator 12:10

Disc Two
Artist Title Time
Cold Mourning Driven To Reason 7:08
Mr. Peter Hayden Hitari 11:36
Mose How To Kill A Pig 6:11
Burn Heavy Situations 7:41
Smaug Nothing Is Forever 6:14
Pylon Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection (Vocal Version) 3:14
Deer Creek It Had Neither Fins Nor Wings 13:32

DAOTW is packaged tastefully and economically in eco-pak style gatefold cardboard sleeves with exclusive cover artwork by Paul Vismara.

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