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Darkthrone - Black Death And Beyond VINYL/BOOK BOX SET 55.00
΄΄Black Death and Beyond? is a special collector?s box-set featuring an in-depth book containing extensive accounts of the band?s history & philosophy from both Gylve ?Fenris? Nagell & Ted ?Nocturno Culto? Skjellum, as well as additional recollections from bass player Dag Nilsen. Numerous other artists & friends along the way give their thoughts on the legends too, plus the book contains a large amount of personal photos from the band archive.
Also included are 3 vinyls featuring Darkthrone?s own choice cuts from their illustrious collection of death/black/ & metal/punk classics, presented on white, black & transparent vinyl plus woven Darkthrone patch.
Released as a single pressing limited edition of 3,000 copies΄΄

Aura Noir - Deep Tracts of Hell LP 20.00
Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack LP (Bonus track) 20.00
Black Cilice - Summoning The Night LP 15.00
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral LP (Gatefold, heavyweight vinyl, digital download code) 22.00
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry LP (Gatefold LP glued-in 12x12" booklet + poster) 16.00
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk… And Her Embrace 2LP (Gatefold heavyweight vinyl, lim. 2000) 22.00
Mysticum - Planet Satan LP (180gm GATEFOLD VINYL WITH POSTER) 22.00
Mysticum - Lost Masters of the Universe 2LP (Gatefold, 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, poster)
Paradise Lost - Shades of God LP 20.00
Paradise Lost - Icon 2LP (Gatefold heavyweight vinyl, lim. 2000) 22.00
Paradise Lost - Draconian Times 2LP (Gatefold heavyweight vinyl) 22.00
Paradise Lost - One Second 2LP (Gatefold heavyweight vinyl, lim. 2000) 22.00
Satanize - Black Rotten Witchcraft LP 15.00
Shining - III Angst LP 20.00
Wulkanaz - Kaosnajd LP 15.00