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Aerosmith Draw The Line VG 7
Aerosmith Toys In The Attic VG+ 13
Alice Cooper Greatest Hits EX 7
Animals Most Of The Animals EX 4
Animals The Animals Vol. 2 VG+ 4
Anne Clark Pressure Points NM 6
Anti-Nowhere League The Perfect Crime VG+ 8
Armored Saint Saints Will Conquer NM 8
At Last Trapped In Time NM 7
Attrition Something In My Eye NM 4
Ayers, Cale, Eno, Nico 01-Jun-74 VG+ 14
B-52s Mesopotamia NM 7
Baroques The Baroques NM 20
Beau Brummels Triangle EX 16
Beau Brummels The Best Of 1964-1968 NM 14
Blaine Reininger Byzantium EX 5
Blue Murder Energized EX 7
Blue Orchids Sleepy Town/Thirst EX 6
Blue Oyster Cult The Revolution By Night NM 13
Blue Oyster Cult Agents Of Fortune VG 8
Blue Up Now EX 4
Bob Dylan Knocked Out Loaded VG+ 6
Bob Dylan Saved VG+ 6
C.A. Quintet Trip Thru Hell VG 10
Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven EX 13
Can Inner Space NM 14
Canned Heat History NM 12
Cheepskates Songs Vol.1 Perry Como NM 6
Chills I Love My Leather Jacket / The Great Escape NM 11
Claw Hammer Claw Hammer NM 7
Cockney Rebel Face To Face 2LP VG 4
Coil Horse Rotorvator VG+ 20
Cop Shoot Cop Release EX 18
Country Joe & The Fish I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die NM 16
Crippled Pilgrims Head Down Hand Out VG 5
Damned The Black Album EX 13
Daniel Darc Sous Influence Divine VG 8
Danielle Dax Inky Bloaters EX 6
Danny & The Doorknobs Poison Summer NM 9
Das Damen Das Damen M 11
Dissection Night’s Blood NM 30
Divine Horsemen Snake Handler NM 8
Divine Horsemen Time Stands Still VG+ 5
Doctors Of Madness Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms VG 4
Doll By Doll Doll By Doll EX 5
Dreams So Real Father’s House NM 9
Easterhouse Contenders NM 5
Eddie & The Hot Rods Life On The Line G+ 3
Edgar Winter Best Of EX 12
Edward Ka-Spel AaΔzhyd China Doll EX 15
Eleventh Dream Day Lived To Tell NM 18
Exetix The Exetix NM 17
Fallen Angels Wheel Of Fortune NM 7
Fingerprintz Distinguishing Marks EX 6
Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World VG 7
Forgodsake Blasthead VG 6
Front 242 Never Stop VG 2
Giant Sand Giant Sandwich 2LP NM 20
Godfathers More Songs About Love & Hate NM 7
Heidi Berry Heidi Berry EX 20
Honeydrippers Volume One EX 2
Horslips The Man Who Built America NM 5
House Of Freaks Monkey On A Chain Gang NM 7
House Of Freaks Cakewalk VG+ 6
Humble Pie Greatest Hits VG+ 6
Ian Hunter Overnight Angels VG+ 10
Iggy Pop Zombie Birdhouse NM 13
Jean-Michel Jarre Rendez-Vous NM 7
Jeff Beck Truth / Beck-Ola 2LP NM 15
Jeff Beck Wired VG 7
Jefferson Airplane Early Flight EX 8
Jesus And Mary Chain Some Candy Talking NM 9
Judas Priest Ram It Down M 14
Julian Cope Fried VG+ 12
Julian Cope Saint Julian EX 6
Karl Biscuit Fatal Reverie EX 6
King Missile The Way To Salvation NM 16
Laibach Macbeth NM 13
Last Drive Blood Nirvana EX 20
Lene Lovich Stateless VG 3
Les Thugs Radical Hystery VG+ 17
Litter Distortions EX 15
Litter $ 100 Fine VG+ 10
Lollipop Shoppe Just Colour NM 15
Marc Almond Jacques VG+ 8
Marc Almond / Soft Cell Memorabilia / The Singles M 16
Marianne Faithfull Greatest Hits NM 8
Martyn Bates Stars Come Trembling VG+ 8
Martyn Bates The Return Of The Quiet NM 7
Massacre Corpse Grinder NM 30
MC5 High Time EX 20
Microdisney The Clock Comes Down The Stairs EX 4
Monochrome Set Dante’s Casino NM 14
Monochrome Set Jack EX 13
Moodists Engine Shudder EX 9
Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn VG+ 4
Mothers Of Invention We’re Only In It For The Money EX 15
Music Emporium Music Emporium VG+ 15
Nits Giant Normal Dwarf EX 6
Nits Hat VG+ 5
Pete Townshend Empty Glass VG 3
Pink Floyd A Nice Pair 2LP VG+ 14
Pink Floyd More VG+ 13
Pink Military Do Animals Believe In God? VG+ 14
Planning By Numbers 1 Catch The Beat VG+ 4
Pogues Poguetry In Motion NM 8
Procol Harum Grand Hotel VG+ 6
Procol Harum Rock Roots VG+ 6
Psycho Surgeons Panic On EX 4
Public Image Limited Paris Au Printemps / Paris In The Spring NM 8
Pussy Galore Right Now NM 14
Queens Of The Stone Age Queens Of The Stone Age EX 15
Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf 2LP VG+ 15
R.E.M. Chronic Town VG+ 14
Rain Parade Crashing Dream VG+ 3
Real Cool Killers Black And Wild EX 11
Residents George & James NM 16
Residents The King & Eye NM 14
Rising Storm Calm Before VG+ 18
Rogue Male Animal Man NM 5
Saints All Fools Day VG+ 5
Schmetterling Feeling Funny VG+ 12
Scientists Absolute VG+ 14
Scoria Scoria VG 10
Scoundrels Join Hands VG+ 6
Searchers When You Walk In The Room EX 5
Serpent Power Serpent Power VG+ 15
Sigh A Tribute To Venom NM 9
Silencers A Blues For Buddha NM 5
Silencers Dance To The Holy Man VG 3
Siouxsie & The Banshees Hyaena VG+ 10
Sister Ray To Spite My Face VG+ 3
Slickee Boys Uh Oh No Breaks VG 6
Spirit Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus VG+ 12
Spirit Clear VG 8
Spirit The Best Of Spirit VG+ 7
Strapps Strapps VG+ 7
Sugarcubes Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week NM 8
Surprize The Secret Lies In Rhythm VG 5
T. Rex The Slider EX 20
The Men They Couldn’t Hang The Domino Club VG 4
Them The Story Of Them EX 13
Three Johns A.W.O.L. EX 4
Three Johns The World Of The Workers VG+ 4
Tom Robinson Band Power In The Darkness VG+ 3
Tom Robinson Band TRB Two VG+ 3
Tom Verlaine Dreamtime EX 9
Tom Verlaine Cover NM 9
Tom Verlaine Flash Light VG 4
Trisomie 21 Works VG+ 13
True West Drifters NM 5
Tuxedomoon Scream With A View NM 12
Ultravox Vienna VG 4
Useless Eaters Temporary Mutilation NM 12
Vanilla Fudge Rock & Roll / The Beat Goes On 2LP NM 12
Vanilla Fudge Renaissance NM 9
Various Pebbles Vol. 5 NM 18
Various Pebbles Vol. 10 NM 18
Various Pebbles Vol. 9 NM 17
Various Metal Monsters M 15
Various The Train To Disaster NM 15
Various Boulders Volume 3 NM 15
Various Boulders Volume 4 NM 15
Various Seeds IV Punk NM 14
Various Labels Unlimited / The Second Record Collection EX 13
Various Murdered By The Music NM 12
Various Seeds I Pop NM 12
Various Seeds II Art NM 11
Various Seeds III Rock NM 11
Various Riot City EX 9
Various The British Invasion Vol. 1 EX 9
Various Hammer Rocks VG 4
Various Stars On Thrash VG 4
Vibrators Guilty NM 12
Wah Nah-Poo / The Art Of Bluff VG+ 5
Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams EX 15
Windbreakers Run NM 7
Winter’s Reign The Beginning VG 8
Yes 9012Live - The Solos VG 2
Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force VG 8
Ήταν Είναι Και Θα Είναι Μ’ Όλα Τα Χρώματα Στην Τσέπη NM 11
Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος Χωρίς Μακιγιάζ VG+ 13

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Blue Oyster Cult Agents Of Fortune
Blue Oyster Cult The Revolution By Night
Judas Priest Ram It Down
Laibach Macbeth
Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf
Queens Of The Stone Age Queens Of The Stone Age
Silencers Dance To The Holy Man
Ήταν Είναι Και Θα Είναι Μ’ Όλα Τα Χρώματα Στην Τσέπη