VINYLS Rock / Alternative / NewWave / Punk / Metal

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10cc|The Collection 2LP|8|
Alan Vega|Just A Million Dreams|5|
Alanis Morissette|Jagged Little Pill|20|
Alexandros Perros & The Lone Stars|Rockabilly Boogie|12|
Animals|The Twain Shall Meet|10|
Animals|Winds Of Change|9|
Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman|Songs From The Victorious City|10|
Anti-Nowhere League|The Perfect Crime|9|
Armored Saint|Saints Will Conquer|9|
Attrition|Something In My Eye|4|
B.B. King|The Best Of|5|
Band Of Holy Joy|Manic, Magic, Majestic|8|
Band Of Holy Joy|More Tales From The City|9|
Baroques|The Baroques|20|
Barry Adamson|Delusion|12|
Barry Adamson|The Taming Of The Shrewd|4|
Beatles|Magical Mystery Tour|15|
Bill Pritchard|Half A Million|10|
Birthday Party|The Friend Catcher|15|
Blaine Reininger|Byzantium|6|
Blancmange|Mange Tout|5|
Blue Murder|Energized|8|
Bob Dylan|Another Side Of Bob Dylan|9|
Bob Dylan|The Basement Tapes 2LP|15|
Bob Dylan|The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan|13|
Bob Dylan|The Times They Are A-Changin’|9|
Brian Eno / David Byrne|My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts|10|
Bruce Springsteen|The River 2LP|17|
Butthole Surfers|Butthole Surfers|17|
Butthole Surfers|Psychic Powerless Another Man’s Sac|14|
Buzzcocks|Love Bites|18|
Byrds|Fifth Dimension|13|
Byrds|Mr. Tambourine Man / Turn! Turn! Turn! 2LP|14|
C Cat Trance|Khamu|5|
Can|Inner Space|16|
Canned Heat|Living The Blues 2LP|15|
Carter|101 Damnations|15|
Carter|1992 The Love Album|15|
Carter|30 Something|10|
Cheepskates|Songs Vol.1 Perry Como|6|
Chrome|3rd From The Sun|13|
Cindy Lee Berryhill|Naked Movie Star|5|
Cindytalk|In This World|5|
Claw Hammer|Claw Hammer|8|
Clock DVA|Advantage|18|
Clock DVA|Thirst|17|
Coil|Horse Rotorvator|20|
Cop Shoot Cop|Release|20|
Cowboy Junkies|Black Eyed Man|9|
Cowboy Junkies|The Caution Horses|7|
Cowboy Junkies|Whites Off Earth Now|10|
Cream|Wheels Of Fire 2LP|19|
Crematory|Act Seven|18|
Crippled Pilgrims|Head Down Hand Out|6|
Crippled Pilgrims|Under Water|8|
D.O.A.|Bloodied But Unbowed|10|
David Bowie|Hunky Dory|18|
David Bowie|Space Oddity|17|
David Byrne|The Catherine Wheel|4|
David Byrne|The Forest|8|
David Gilmour|About Face|10|
David Sylvian|Gone To Earth 2LP|15|
Deacon Blue|Fellow Hoodlums|6|
Deicide|To Hell With God|22|
Depeche Mode|A Broken Frame|9|
Died Pretty|Every Brilliant Eye|4|
Died Pretty|Mirror Blues 7"|8|
Died Pretty|Out Of The Unknown|6|
Died Pretty|Towers Of Strength 7"|6|
Dissection|Night’s Blood|50|
Doll By Doll|Doll By Doll|5|
Doors|Strange Days|9|
Dream Syndicate|Ghost Stories|10|
Droogs|Mad Dog Dreams|8|
Edgar Broughton Band|Wasa Wasa|15|
Edward Ka-Spel|Laugh China Doll|20|
Electric Prunes|Long Day’s Flight|12|
Elvis Costello|Girls Girls Girls 2LP|7|
Elvis Presley|The King Elvis|3|
Elysian Fields|Adelain|18|
Eric Clapton|461 Ocean Boulevard|9|
Eric Clapton|Backless|6|
Eric Clapton|No Reason To Cry|6|
Eric Clapton|Slowhand|9|
Eric Clapton|There’s One In Every Crowd|6|
Eurythmics|In The Garden|8|
Everything But The Girl|Love Not Money|8|
Eyeless In Gaza|Back From The Rains|10|
Eyeless In Gaza|Caught In Flux|19|
Eyeless In Gaza|Pale Hands I Loved So Well|20|
Eyeless In Gaza|Photographs As Memories|15|
Fastway|On Target|10|
Fingerprintz|Beat Noir|7|
Fingerprintz|Distinguishing Marks|7|
Flamin’ Groovies|Sneakers|10|
Foetus|Calamity Crush|6|
Foetus|Sink 2LP|20|
Frank Zappa|200 Motels 2LP|15|
Frank Zappa|Chunga’s Revenge|13|
Frank Zappa|Lumpy Gravy|18|
Frank Zappa|Zappa In New York 2LP|9|
Frank Zappa|Zoot Allures|13|
Frank Zappa/Mothers|Cruising With Ruben & The Jets|19|
Frank Zappa/Mothers|One Size Fits All|15|
Frank Zappa/Mothers|We’re Only In It For The Money|18|
Frank Zappa/Mothers|Weasels Ripped My Flesh|20|
Gang Of Four|Hard|7|
Gang Of Four|Solid Gold|9|
Gang Of Four|Songs Of The Free|8|
Get Smart|Action Reaction|10|
Grateful Dead|Terrapin Station|9|
Grave Digger|The Dark Of The Sun|19|
Green On Red|Gravity Talks|9|
Green On Red|Here Come The Snakes|8|
Green On Red|Scapegoats|9|
Green On Red|The Killer Inside Me|9|
Gun Club|Danse Kalinda Boom|18|
Heart Throbs|Cleopatra Grip|10|
Heart Throbs|Jubilee Twist|20|
Heart Throbs|Vertical Smile|7|
Holger Czukay|Radio Wave Surfer|13|
Honeydrippers|Volume One|2|
Horslips|The Man Who Built America|6|
Horslips|The Tain|9|
Hunger|Strictly From Hunger|20|
Ian McCulloch|Candleland|7|
Iggy Pop|Brick By Brick|13|
Iggy Pop|Zombie Birdhouse|15|
In The Nursery|L’Esprit|14|
Inca Babies|Rumble|9|
James|Gold Mother|18|
Jean-Michel Jarre|Waiting For Cousteau|10|
Jefferson Airplane|Crown Of Creation|12|
Jefferson Airplane|Early Flight|9|
Jefferson Starship|Red Octopus|3|
Jesus And Mary Chain|Some Candy Talking EP|13|
Jesus Couldn’t Drum|Something About Cows|9|
Jethro Tull|A Passion Play|8|
Jethro Tull|War Child|8|
Jimi Hendrix|The Jimi Hendrix Concerts 2LP|20|
John Cale|Artificial Intelligence|9|
John Cale|Caribbean Sunset|8|
John Cale|Honi Soit|8|
John Cale|Words For The Dying|12|
Jonathan Richman|Jonathan Richman|17|
Joni Mitchell|Blue|9|
Joni Mitchell|Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm|9|
Joni Mitchell|Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter 2LP|9|
Joni Mitchell|Mingus|7|
Joni Mitchell|Wild Things Run Fast|6|
Judas Priest|Ram It Down|16|
Judas Priest|Unleashed In The East|9|
Killing Joke|Revelations|14|
Killing Joke|What’s This For|10|
King Crimson|Beat|10|
Kiss|Hot In The Shade|16|
Lake Of Tears|Illwill|22|
Legendary Pink Dots|Island Of Jewels|19|
Leonard Cohen|Songs From A Room|8|
Leonard Cohen|Songs Of Leonard Cohen|10|
Lightning Seeds|Cloudcuckooland|15|
Litter|$100 Fine|15|
Lollipop Shoppe|Just Colour|16|
Louis Tillett|A Cast Of Aspersions|9|
Love And Rockets|Earth-Sun-Moon|9|
Low|The Curtain Hits The Cast 2LP|33|
Lynyrd Skynyrd|Gimme Back My Bullets|9|
Mahavishnu Orchestra|Apocalypse|8|
Mahavishnu Orchestra|Birds Of Fire|8|
Mahavishnu Orchestra|Mahavishnu|4|
Mahavishnu Orchestra|The Inner Mounting Flame|13|
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band|Chance|8|
Manowar|Live In Athens 7"|20|
Marianne Faithfull|Blazing Away|10|
Massacre|Corpse Grinder|45|
MC5|Kick Out The Jams|18|
Meat Puppets|Mirage|18|
Medium Medium|The Glitterhouse|16|
Megadeth|Peace Sells But Who’s Buying|22|
Membranes|The Gift Of Life|9|
Minimal Compact|One By One|15|
Moby Grape|Live Grape|9|
Monochrome Set|Dante’s Casino|13|
Moody Blues|Seventh Sojourn|4|
Music Emporium|Music Emporium|17|
Nachtmystium|Reign Of The Malicious|18|
Neil Young|Trans|6|
New Model Army|Vengeance|15|
New Young Pony Club|Chaos 7"|5|
Nightwish|Century Child 2LP|37|
Nina Simone|Fine And Mellow|9|
Nina Simone|My Baby Just Cares For Me|9|
Nirvana|Come As You Are|4|
Nox Mortis|Im Schatten Des Hasses|9|
Ozzy Osbourne|Just Say Ozzy|9|
Pale Saints|Barging Into The Presence Of God|9|
Pale Saints|Half-Life|9|
Passage|For All And None|13|
Pere Ubu|Cloudland|9|
Pere Ubu|Datapanik In The Year Zero|9|
Pere Ubu|The Tenement Year|9|
Peter Paul & Mary|Late Again|4|
Phil Manzanera|Primitive Guitars|9|
Pink Floyd|A Nice Pair 2LP|20|
Pink Floyd|More|16|
Plan 9|Keep Your Cool And Read The Rules|7|
Plan 9|Sea Hunt|6|
Pogues|Poguetry In Motion|7|
Positive Noise|Change Of Heart|7|
Public Enemy|Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black 2LP|20|
Public Enemy|Fear Of A Black Planet|18|
Public Enemy|Yo! Bum Rush The Show|18|
Public Image Limited|Live In Tokyo 2LP|10|
Public Image Limited|Paris Au Printemps|9|
Public Image Limited|The Flowers Of Romance|13|
Punishment Of Luxury|7|13|
Queen|A Kind Of Magic|14|
Queen|News Of The World|8|
Queen|Queen II|8|
R.E.M.|Fables Of The Reconstruction|9|
Ramones|End Of The Century|13|
Ramones|Ramones Mania 2LP|19|
Redskins|Bring It Down|3|
Reinfection / Screaming Afterbirth|Grind - Live / Uncovered Brutality 7"|4|
Residents|Ralph Before '84 Vol.1|17|
Residents|Residue Of The Residents|15|
Rising Storm|Calm Before|25|
Robert Fripp|Exposure|8|
Robert Wyatt|Shipbuilding / Memories Of You / Round Midnight|9|
Roger Taylor|Strange Frontier|3|
Rogue Male|Animal Man|7|
Rolling Stones|Their Satanic Majesties Request|15|
Ruts DC|Animal Now |9|
Sacred Cowboys|Sacred Cowboys|9|
Saints|All Fools Day|7|
Savage Messiah|Plague Of Conscience|16|
Savage Republic|Trudge|14|
Saxon|Strong Arm Metal|6|
Schmetterling|Feeling Funny|15|
Screaming Blue Messiahs|Good And Gone|6|
Screaming Tribesmen|Blood Lust|9|
Screaming Tribesmen|Move A Little Closer|7|
Scritti Politti|Songs To Remember|8|
Seen|Under The Sun / In The Rain|9|
Sex Pistols|Kiss This 2LP|7|
Shockabilly|Earth vs. Shockabilly|9|
Sigh|A Tribute To Venom|10|
Silencers|A Blues For Buddha|5|
Silencers|Dance To The Holy Man|3|
Siouxsie & The Banshees|A Kiss In The Dreamhouse|13|
Siouxsie & The Banshees|Peepshow|12|
Siouxsie & The Banshees|The Scream|9|
Sister Ray|To Spite My Face|5|
Skids|Scared To Dance|6|
Skids|The Absolute Game|6|
Soul Asylum|And The Horse They Rode In On|10|
Soup Dragons|Lovegod|7|
Spin Doctors|Turn It Upside Down|7|
Spirit|Spirit Of '76 2LP|10|
Spirit|The Best Of Spirit|8|
Spirit|The First Album|9|
Spooky Tooth|Ceremony|13|
Spooky Tooth|The Last Puff|9|
Squeeze|Cool For Cats|5|
Squeeze|East Side Story|5|
Squeeze|Sweets From A Stranger|5|
Steppes|Drop Of The Creature|10|
Steppes|Harps & Hammers|10|
Steve Miro|Second Sentence|9|
Steve Miro|Trilemna|16|
Stiff Little Fingers|Nobody’s Heroes|13|
Sugarcubes|Here Today Tomorrow Next Week|9|
Sugarcubes|Life’s Too Good|9|
Syd Barrett|Opel|20|
T. Rex|The Collection 2LP|9|
Talking Heads|Talking Heads 77|10|
Tangerine Dream|Phaedra|6|
Teardrop Explodes|Kilimanjaro|10|
Teardrop Explodes|Wilder|7|
Television Personalities|Privilege|14|
Test Dept.|Pax Britannica|7|
Test Dept.|Terra Firma|7|
Theatre Of Hate|Westworld|8|
Them|The Collection 2LP|9|
They Might Be Giants|Flood|9|
Times|E For Edward|7|
TKO|Below The Belt|6|
Tom Waits|Swordfishtrombones|17|
Tones On Tail|Tones On Tail|15|
Toxic Reasons|Anything For Money|7|
Traffic|When The Eagle Flies|7|
Triffids|Field Of Glass|9|
True West|Drifters|7|
True West|Hollywood Holiday|6|
Tuxedomoon|Scream With A View|11|
Ultra Vivid Scene|Joy 1967-1990|8|
Ultravox|Systems Of Romance|9|
Undertones|Positive Touch|7|
Urban Dance Squad|Mental Floss For The Globe|8|
Van Der Graaf Generator|Pawn Hearts|14|
Vandals|Fear Of A Punk Planet|15|
Vandals|When In Rome Do As The Vandals|9|
Various|Ashes And Diamonds|7|
Various|Devil’s Jukebox 10x7"|39|
Various|Don’t Shoot|6|
Various|Hammer Rocks|4|
Various|Heavy Duty|5|
Various|Jesus Christ Superstar 2LP|9|
Various|Knee Deep In Shit|8|
Various|Metal Monsters|18|
Various|Riot City|10|
Various|River’s Edge|8|
Various|Rock 80’s Vol. 3|6|
Various|Stars On Thrash|4|
Various|Sub Pop Employee Of The Month|5|
Velvet Underground|Another View|18|
Velvet Underground|Loaded|16|
Velvet Underground|VU|15|
Vic Caesar|Bare Knuckles|30|
Victory|Hungry Hearts|7|
Violent Femmes|Hallowed Ground|9|
Violent Femmes|Why Do Birds Sing|20|
Wasted Youth|Wild And Wandering|13|
Wasted Youth|Wildlife 7"|3|
Waterboys|This Is The Sea|13|
Weekend|La Varieté|8|
Who|Odds & Sods|9|
Wim Mertens|A Man Of No Fortune & With A Name To Come|10|
Wim Mertens|Maximizing The Audience 2LP|15|
Wipers|Over The Edge|25|
Wipers|The Circle|20|
Wizzard|Introducing Eddy And The Falcons|8|
Wizzard|Wizzard Brew|7|
XTC|Black Sea|13|
XTC|Go 2|13|
Yardbirds|Little Games|12|
Yello|One Second|6|
Yo |Charm World|10|
Yo |Once In A Blue Moon|6|
Young Black Teenagers|Young Black Teenagers|7|
Young Gods|L’Eau Rouge - Red Water|7|
Young Gods|The Young Gods|9|
Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος|Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος 2LP|16|

OMD Junk Culture
Tom Waits Franks Wild Years
Tom Waits Blue Valentine
Positive Noise Heart Of Darkness
Thee Oh Sees The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth…
Barry Adamson The Negro Inside Me
Royksopp Junior

Camel The Single Factor
Fatima Mansions Viva Dead Ponies
Fatima Mansions Valhalla Avenue
Gary Numan Outland
Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane
Miss Kittin & The Hacker First Album
Pussy Galore Sugarshit Sharp
Siouxsie & The Banshees Once Upon A Time/The Singles
Triffids In The Pines
Triffids Present The Black Swan
White Stripes White Stripes
XTC English Settlement
XTC Beeswax - Some B-Sides 1977-1982
XTC Waxworks - Some Singles 1977-1982
XTC The Big Express

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