What is the best way to entertain your Partner?

Hi Friends,
What is the best way to entertain your Partner?
Besides the unspoken…

  • Ask her what she wants to do!
  • Find out her favorite band and surprise her with tickets, or to a concert with a similar kind of music
  • Cook dinner together
  • Sing her a song and do a funny dance
  • Take her to a movie
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Surprise her with a picnic that you made
  • Take her shopping
  • Go to a planetarium show

buy her a nice present

Sex is not an option?

What has our world come to? [-X

A step towards the correct direction. Serious approach.

Although - the truth be told - what’s with the “unspoken” thing. GIVE HER ORGASMS DUDE. All the rest pretty much revolve around the elementary.

Read a little more carefully, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I went straight to the options.
I stand corrected.

Fine then… umm… well, singing her a song is definitly not entertaining. Not in MY case at least, lol.
I’d say take her shopping. If of course you can endure that. Girls love that.

you can give her your credit card. she’ll love that.

or you can tell her that she can spend all your money if she’ll let you enter through the back door. what the hell you should also gain something from shopping.

Τrue. You’re going bankrupt anyway since you’re giving her your credit card.
You can at least go down with pleasure

Buy her a dildo.

Your weener sucks, sir

dont you have a bird?
or a mouth?

My penis gets bored after having sex with the same chick in approximately one week. After that period, I search and bang a fresh pussy. Go cry now in your tiny boxes, join the concrete nation and fuck the same girl all your life. Losers.

Έχω πεθάνει στο γέλιο μαλάκες…

F.U.B.A.R :thumbup:

χαχα φουμπαρ :lol::stuck_out_tongue:

OK, now explain me two plain, simple things:

a) By F.U.B.A.R. you mean fucked up beyond all repair, or fucked up beyond all recognition?

b) Why in the name of sweet fuck didn’t you use the legendary Wishbone Ash song F.U.B.B. (aka fucked up beyond belief)?


Speed weed birthcontrol

Life is a bitch and you die
So fuck life and lets get high!!! (:*